Crisscross Holo Nails

I was just going to wear a plain polish that day. Well, not that plain, it’s a hologram polish. It’s Cirque Vesuvius. However, every time I tried to wear this, there’s always something missing. Not quite right. I just feel the need to add something. The polish is beautiful, no doubt about that. But, I find it sort of blends in with my skin tone a little too well.

I tried to pair it with black polish, but it was okay, nothing too special. Paired it with a light blue (Essie Mint Candy Apple) and it didn’t go the way I had visualized.

Then, it came to me, something incredibly simple and yet effective: striping tape.



Wine-soaked Nails

I had an idea of doing gradient nails where the colors are contrasting. But then, any common contrast combination won’t be that much of a fun either, don’t you think? So I thought, why not mix a nude shade with something really dark :)



I have TATCHA on My Nails

If you happen to follow my writings (here and here) and Instagram, you’ll know that I have an affinity to TATCHA, a US-based, Japanese skincare brand that’s created based on the ancient geisha beauty rituals, found in a 200 year-old manuscript. The packaging and the presentation of the brand is breathtaking. And it’s not just some marketing gimmick, the products are actually wonderful.

Speaking of inspiration, this nail art post will be inspired by none other than TATCHA. I’ve acquired quite a few of the products recently and they are just beyond words, so beautiful. And I wanted to do something as a tribute to the brand. A nail art was the first thing that came to my mind.

The image below is one of the TATCHA’s promotional images that became the base of my inspiration.



Glitter Gradient with Cirque

My first encounter with Cirque polishes was around last year. Well actually, I’ve never even heard of indie polishes before, nor dabbed around with glitters. I’ve always thought they were a pain to remove, until I read the foil technique (I was itching to try this!). Based on the gorgeous swatches across the nail blogs, I decided to go ahead and purchased 6 of them, at once. Boy, Cirque really changed my mind about glitters. Soon enough, my collection is now twice the size.

This particular nail art was one of my first ventures dabbling with gradients. And to date, this is still one of my favorite looks.



Polka Dot Festival Nails

Polka dots are quite possibly the easiest nail art that anyone can master, even if you’re just a novice. You don’t have to use dotting tools, you can just use items around the house as substitute e.g. end of a bobby pin, toothpick, an unused ballpoint pen, round head pin.. Basically anything that has a round end to it, that you can make a dot with.

That being said though, I found having an actual set of dotting tools makes my nail-art life easier. It’s super affordable and an investment in itself.

For this polka dot nail art, I wanted to have something super colorful. In any nail art session, selecting color combination is always fun (sometimes stressful because I’m indecisive like that) and crucial in my book. This is the color palette I came up with:



Marc Jacobs Daisy-Inspired Nails

While I don’t own the actual Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, for sure I can try to emulate the look! The nail art based on the eau de parfum is inspired by the ever-so-lovely Elle & ish. I love her tutorials! And this one turned to be pretty easy to do. Not to mention, the overall result is so pretty!