Jack Black

On The Go – Touch Ups and Essentials

Carrying a small bag is a challenge. I used to carry a LOT of stuff in my bag. The bags alone can weigh quite substantially. Adding a wallet, keys, charger, myriad of lipsticks.. I got myself a potato sack.

Earlier this year, I change things up by getting a small bag, Céline Trio. For the better, because I didn’t regret it at all and actually should’ve done it sooner. Alas, I was picky about which bag to choose. A smaller bag means downsizing and prioritizing, something that I was very excited about.

This post will cover beauty products I carry on a daily basis and when I go to a special occasion.



Lip Care Routine – Night & Day

As much as I love wearing lipsticks, taking care of the vessel, a.k.a. the lips comes first. Because honey, no matter how phenomenal a lipstick is, there is no way I’m going to wear it with dry and chapped lips. OK, maybe I could, but it sure does feel more comfortable when I prep them well.

My lips are naturally dry. It’s even drier when I don’t have enough sleep, don’t drink enough water and the whole shebang. So I do need a good regime to keep them in tip-top condition. Not just because it’ll help with the lipstick application and increase the wear time, but first and foremost, who likes the feel of dry lips and the look of chapped lips? Ew. The thought of it cringes me.

Heads up, this is a long one.