Kate Spade

7 Best Holiday Red Lipsticks 2014

It all started when @caroleinne tagged me to do a #redlipstickweek on Instagram. Basically, just choose and post 7 best red lipsticks that we have. Because it was done in December 2014, I thought it’s quite appropriate to have a holiday theme in mind.

This post will be a recap of all the 7 lipsticks that I chose. I am aware it’s probably counter-productive; it’s been more than 2 months ago since I did the tag. But, hopefully this post will help people who are looking for some good reds for their lips.



LoTW: Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick! in Fanciful Merlot

Who doesn’t know Kate Spade, the brand where all things are pretty, preppy, vibrant and occasionally cheeky with its wordings. From just selling handbags, it has become a full-blown lifestyle brand with its offerings in fashion, stationery, home decor and now branching out to beauty.

It was just a harmless browsing session to Kate Spade’s website after I got an email about one of its quite-regular sales. The website is just well designed, very attractive and easy to navigate around. So, it wasn’t that long for me to browse everything. Until, I glanced over at this lipstick, got inquisitive and then proceeded to do a little bit of investigation on Google *where else*

In short, I snatched one up.

Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick! in Fanciful Merlot.