Eye Treatments on The Roll

Over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to be given several eye treatment products from various brands for me to try. I don’t usually go out and buy different ones because A, they are mostly expensive. B, my experience in the past isn’t exactly a swell as my eyes often felt stung or got watery when I wore them. So when I found the ones that work for me, I stick to them (e.g. Sunday Riley Start Over and Kahina Eye Serum).

Thank goodness these three that I’m about to share happen to be friendly on my eyes (and skin). I have no trouble using them on a daily basis.

As always, eye treatments are always a hit and miss with people. I can’t promise you anything other than my honest opinion based on my own experience.



Kahina Eye Serum – Done Deal

After a face serum, another form of serums started to come along. It’s natural, I guess. Years ago, I was one of those skeptics doubting the efficacy of serums. I thought it’s one of those marketing gimmicks, trying to make us spend more. You do realize serums are usually on the expensive side, right?

Enter an eye serum. I wasn’t intrigued until I came across this product. It sounds.. believable. I know it promises the many things any other eye treatment products do. I kept thinking to myself, “Do I need this? What are the different ways can I use it for?”. The curiosity just got to me. If I never try it, I’ll never know. The price point was still within my budget. At that time, I saw my friend Nic used this too and she likes it a lot (read her review here). So into the cart it went.

Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum.



My Japan Holiday Trip – Skincare Routine

I thought I should share what skincare products I brought and used during my recent Japan trip. This particular one is special because I’ve yet traveled in any winter weather since I started my skincare journey few years ago. So let’s just say this is sort of an educated experiment that turned successful.

Obviously, I researched and visualized the weather conditions and temperature. It was the end of winter, coming into spring. With that in mind, I had a general idea of a set of products that I want to bring with me. Of course, they have to fit into my skincare bag. I had to negotiate here and there to make sure the bag isn’t too heavy. The total weight overall came to around 1 – 1.5 kg, I think. Or probably more *HA*. The bag did feel heavy.

Another info you need to know is I got sick a couple days before my departure. Sore throat, fatigue, headache. All escalated into one nasty cold, congestion with frequent coughing within the first few days of my trip. Thank goodness, I was prepared.

Without further adieu, let’s get to it!


Lip Care Routine – Night & Day

As much as I love wearing lipsticks, taking care of the vessel, a.k.a. the lips comes first. Because honey, no matter how phenomenal a lipstick is, there is no way I’m going to wear it with dry and chapped lips. OK, maybe I could, but it sure does feel more comfortable when I prep them well.

My lips are naturally dry. It’s even drier when I don’t have enough sleep, don’t drink enough water and the whole shebang. So I do need a good regime to keep them in tip-top condition. Not just because it’ll help with the lipstick application and increase the wear time, but first and foremost, who likes the feel of dry lips and the look of chapped lips? Ew. The thought of it cringes me.

Heads up, this is a long one.