Pizza Saran Wrap Nails

I know, I know, the name is not exactly enticing. But, that was what le boyfriend called it. The look is created by using saran wrap. There are two ways to use this unseemly material. You can cut a piece of it, crumple it a little and use it as a sponge substitute, dabbing motion included. Second, by actually wrapping your nails in it.

I did the latter.

I was aiming for something summery and bright. Color palette for this one:



Polka Dot Festival Nails

Polka dots are quite possibly the easiest nail art that anyone can master, even if you’re just a novice. You don’t have to use dotting tools, you can just use items around the house as substitute e.g. end of a bobby pin, toothpick, an unused ballpoint pen, round head pin.. Basically anything that has a round end to it, that you can make a dot with.

That being said though, I found having an actual set of dotting tools makes my nail-art life easier. It’s super affordable and an investment in itself.

For this polka dot nail art, I wanted to have something super colorful. In any nail art session, selecting color combination is always fun (sometimes stressful because I’m indecisive like that) and crucial in my book. This is the color palette I came up with: