Yoshimomo Alpha Beta Toner – Low Key

Here’s another hidden gem in the form of exfoliating toner, though I never really talk about it often. Perhaps because I enjoyed it a little too much that I don’t want to share it, just yet *smirk*

Yoshimomo Alpha Beta AHA + BHA Toner.



Yoshimomo Foaming Facial Scrub – A Guilty Pleasure

In the midst and fame of chemical exfoliants, regardless of how efficient and great they are, deep inside, I still miss that good old scrubbing. After two rounds of KORRES Wild Rose Buff Cleanser, I was out finding something else to fill the void. Not that the product wasn’t good, I just felt it’s time to move on from it.

Then, I came across this product when I was out e-shopping in Yoshimomo‘s website. I got intrigued by the name and clearly it’s enough for me to put it into the shopping cart.
It’s a scrub, y’all.

Yoshimomo Alpha Beta AHA + BHA Foaming Facial Scrub.



There’s Some Fine Hoodoo in Yoshimomo Black Magic Cleanser

It looks intimidating. It’s BLACK for goodness sake. Sometimes I wonder why I do this but I felt very challenged back then. I really wanted to try this black stuff.

I did wait a while before I finally did. Within a week of use, this product has shot right up into one of my favorite face cleansers.

Yoshimomo Black Magic Bamboo Charcoal Cleanser.