What’s Coming

Well, I’ve accumulated a few goodies lately so I will be reviewing them one at a time.

Obviously, someone’s got a problem…

I don’t like to rush when it comes to making reviews, especially when doing skincare. I like to really use them for quite a bit first, finding the nook and crannies of the formula, trying to fit them into the regime and see how they perform.

It’s mind-boggling really when I see a ‘review’ of a product from someone who’ve just used it for a day, or two. Nope, you will never see such here. OK, if I do, then it will be called a first impression :)

Of course, not every product that I got will always end up being reviewed. It will go into the bowl as I see fit. Watch out for nail art posts too, and food.

In the mean time, please do check out FemaleDaily.com for my previous writings.

Stay tuned!


Any Thoughts or Comments?

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