#TFCBeautyTalk: I Don’t Strive for Perfection

As we all know, beauty industry has a high standard in defining “beautiful” that is impossible for us to reach. I’m saying impossible because there’s always going to be something new, even harder to get and it’s limitless. We can’t follow it all the time. It’s an endless battle and it’s exhausting.

The industry set what pretty faces look like and what doesn’t. Even if there are some changes today, with people saying that “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes”, sadly, those images and standards are already instilled in us. We are vanity beings and it’s hard to ignore that. There’s always going to be that self-consciousness in all of us in any aspect of our lives. And that’s normal. But what makes a difference is how we handle these insecurities so we don’t succumb into it.


#TFCBeautyTalk: Is It Worth The Effort?

Most of the time, people are surprised to find out that I have such complicated skincare routine. Of course, they’ll still ask for the obvious “how to get a clear skin, get rid of my acne, yada yada?”. The quick answer for this-clearly-a-newbie question is Double Cleansing. Then they’d be like, “OMG what’s that, do I have to wash my face twice?! I don’t have the time!”. And from there on, I’d inspect whether I should elaborate more or walk away and not wasting my time with people who refuse to listen and open up their minds.

I don’t mind sharing my knowledge, but it does get tiring at times. Especially when I feel like repeating myself over and over again with people being incredibly lazy to find out, even the most basic information. What’s the point of having a swag smartphone, a browser and internet? *doh* I will entertain a discussion where the other person is willing to meet me halfway. So I am writing it here to vent out and hopefully reaches out to some who’s looking for an answer.


Leahlani Masks – Even Ants Love Them!

So, this is the review that so many people have been waiting for.

I first came across Leahlani Skincare through Nic from Organic Obsessions. sometime last year. She’s always praising (and wearing) Mermaid Mask and from there on I get to know more about Leah and her work. I knew something is very special here. I have to try it for myself and boy, I certainly get more than just a skincare.

Leahlani Skincare is a mix of organic botanicals and clays, delicious tropical fruits, and pure organic Hawaiian nectars blended in intimate, aloha-infused batches on the lush north shore of Kauai.

There is a reason why it took very long for me to write the review. I have used her products for a year now and I enjoy it very much. Maybe too much that I don’t feel I have the capability on describing the way they make my skin look and the whole experience. I want to express and do her products justice. Somehow I didn’t feel I was able to. It’s like I am out of the league here.

But let me just try.



The Reformulated Shiseido White Lucent Series

Years ago, when I first started my skincare journey, one of the first things I wanted to tackle was hyperpigmentation. I developed these dark spots during my younger days not wearing sunscreen and found out I am prone to it anyway thanks to my dad’s genes. I am also aware that they don’t go easily so I never hoped for anything miraculous. It’s a long term journey and I’m up for it.

The first skincare products that I tried that specifically target this issue is Shiseido White Lucent, the old one with the white and pale pink packaging. I used three products: the lotion, serum and emulsion. I used this set in the morning until I finished my second bottle of the serum. Not many knows but I don’t play much with my morning skincare routine. I usually stick with the same products over and over again with very few rotations. I keep the big guns at night, that’s why. But having a brightening set was something I always try to have in the routine and morning time is the perfect allocation for it. So after the old Shiseido White Lucent, I moved on to a different brand but with similar functions. Then after seeing results I figured I’d lay off and try the usual mash of different brands à la Kae.

Then suddenly, Shiseido revamped the whole thing.



More Lip Balm Loves

You know, lip balms are those easy things to buy (and try) and yet, they can be trivial. Their purpose is to moisturize the lips and sometimes, more often than not, they do the opposite. I can see why this can be frustrating. When I found the one that I really love (NUXE Rêve de Miel Lip Balm), there’s no doubt I would use it until the last dip. However, it took a really long time and I started to get the itch to try new ones.

This is a problem for beauty junkies. But if we don’t try new products every now and then, we’ll never know where they could take us. We’ll wonder and I can’t handle it.

In this post, I’m going to share some of the lip balms in my repertoire that I’ve been enjoying in the past few months.



LOTW – Rollover Reaction SUEDED!

This is a very long overdue review. This brand, shall I say, sparked a fire in the Indonesian beauty scene. It has also become one of the pioneers to inspire the local beauty industry to up the game. Everything about it is very different than the usual local selection. Finally. A brand that I can proudly wear and tell.

Rollover Reaction, a catchy name for a brand, with a tagline of “cosmetics for the creatively inclined”. launched earlier this year on March 2016. Since its inception, the brand is already breaking different doors and filling the yearning of a cool, indie local beauty brand.



TATCHA Soothing Silk Body Butter – Life Saver

I rarely share my body care rituals because.. I don’t really have one. I mean, not an extensive routine like my skincare one. There are products that I use but not consistently. You know, I’ll only use them when I feel the need to. I’m sure some of you can relate.

However, there is one particular product that I keep going back to. It’s also a family’s favorite.

TATCHA Indigo Soothing Silk Body Butter.