More Lip Balm Loves

You know, lip balms are those easy things to buy (and try) and yet, they can be trivial. Their purpose is to moisturize the lips and sometimes, more often than not, they do the opposite. I can see why this can be frustrating. When I found the one that I really love (NUXE Rêve de Miel Lip Balm), there’s no doubt I would use it until the last dip. However, it took a really long time and I started to get the itch to try new ones.

This is a problem for beauty junkies. But if we don’t try new products every now and then, we’ll never know where they could take us. We’ll wonder and I can’t handle it.

In this post, I’m going to share some of the lip balms in my repertoire that I’ve been enjoying in the past few months.



LOTW – Rollover Reaction SUEDED!

This is a very long overdue review. This brand, shall I say, sparked a fire in the Indonesian beauty scene. It has also become one of the pioneers to inspire the local beauty industry to up the game. Everything about it is very different than the usual local selection. Finally. A brand that I can proudly wear and tell.

Rollover Reaction, a catchy name for a brand, with a tagline of “cosmetics for the creatively inclined”. launched earlier this year on March 2016. Since its inception, the brand is already breaking different doors and filling the yearning of a cool, indie local beauty brand.



TATCHA Soothing Silk Body Butter – Life Saver

I rarely share my body care rituals because.. I don’t really have one. I mean, not an extensive routine like my skincare one. There are products that I use but not consistently. You know, I’ll only use them when I feel the need to. I’m sure some of you can relate.

However, there is one particular product that I keep going back to. It’s also a family’s favorite.

TATCHA Indigo Soothing Silk Body Butter.



All Three Bravura Acid Toners in One Bowl

So, aside from buying Bravura Acid Peels, I also went on getting all the three acid toners as well. I figured I can further tailoring the exfoliating routine down to the T with these.

In the beginning, I thought they would be more less the same but I actually can notice the difference between all three. Without further adieu, let’s get to them.



Adding Davines For The Benefit of My Scalp

Determined for a healthier scalp and hair, I’m committed to make better choices in my hair treatment. I came across Davines first at Sociolla and then led me browsing around the brand’s website. Of course, being my luck (or lack there of), the ones that I wanted to try aren’t available locally.

So that was it, until my trip to Japan. I saw the products that caught my eye. I got the shampoo and it led me to other purchases as well.



Yoshimomo Foaming Facial Scrub – A Guilty Pleasure

In the midst and fame of chemical exfoliants, regardless of how efficient and great they are, deep inside, I still miss that good old scrubbing. After two rounds of KORRES Wild Rose Buff Cleanser, I was out finding something else to fill the void. Not that the product wasn’t good, I just felt it’s time to move on from it.

Then, I came across this product when I was out e-shopping in Yoshimomo‘s website. I got intrigued by the name and clearly it’s enough for me to put it into the shopping cart.
It’s a scrub, y’all.

Yoshimomo Alpha Beta AHA + BHA Foaming Facial Scrub.



Odacité Bl+C – Handy Little Helper

After Pa+G, Odacité Bl + C (Black Cumin + Cajeput) is my second pick from its Serum Concentrate line. I specifically wanted this because God knows I suffer breakout once in a while and I need to be prepared.

It was a little bit tricky at first but I found the leeway into it.

Odacité Bl + C Serum Concentrate.