#TFCBeautyTalk: Is It Worth The Effort?

Most of the time, people are surprised to find out that I have such complicated skincare routine. Of course, they’ll still ask for the obvious “how to get a clear skin, get rid of my acne, yada yada?”. The quick answer for this-clearly-a-newbie question is Double Cleansing. Then they’d be like, “OMG what’s that, do I have to wash my face twice?! I don’t have the time!”. And from there on, I’d inspect whether I should elaborate more or walk away and not wasting my time with people who refuse to listen and open up their minds.

I don’t mind sharing my knowledge, but it does get tiring at times. Especially when I feel like repeating myself over and over again with people being incredibly lazy to find out, even the most basic information. What’s the point of having a swag smartphone, a browser and internet? *doh* I will entertain a discussion where the other person is willing to meet me halfway. So I am writing it here to vent out and hopefully reaches out to some who’s looking for an answer.

There are people underestimating the power of having a solid skincare routine because it’s a waste of time. Leave it to the dermatologists, they say. But once those bills started to pile up, changing to different doctors with yoyo results and they finally want a change (let go), they come straight asking for advice. A lot of them don’t even know the basic skincare routine. They just put on whatever the derms gave them without questions and expect results. If you want to start taking care of your skin on your own, you better mean it and actually be in charge. If you’re asking every minute detail to someone, what’s the best product or even had the balls to ask the person to create a skincare routine for this/that skin, what’s the difference than going to the derms? I’m not saying that doing it yourself will be cheaper, but it feels a lot better when we’re in charge of our own skin, not on somebody else’s. The experience and knowledge, oh, worth more than what we paid for!

By any means, I’m not in the slightest discrediting dermatologists because I’m well aware there are deeper problems that require professional help and products with higher level of potency that aren’t available OTC (over-the-counter). But if you think you can do it on your own, then why not? Give it a try.

Also, people who think their skin is good enough and don’t need any treatment. I know, some lucky ones are born with good genes. But that might not last forever, especially when you hit a certain age. Eck. The minute they encounter problems, they’ll come running and panicking. In my experience, I’ve seen this more and more often. People who used to have amazing skin, and years later after neglect, the quality of their skin started to go downhill. It’s such a shame, but better late than never. Then I’ve also seen the reason behind their good skin is because of a diligent skincare routine. So that’s the proof that I needed. We’re not immortals, you know.

If you’re just getting started, know this.

Surprise! There is NO one miracle, do-it-all product that will cure every skin problems. There is NO one product that will cure everyone’s acne, hyperpigmentation and others for that matter. That’s why it’s called a routine, comprised of different steps and products. It is a trial and error process and we all HAVE to go through it. After a million of questions and answers, you will still have to try the product yourself to see if it works for you. Everyone’s skin is different, even if we have a similar type. With that, we all bear the same risk of having adverse effects. But we can reduce the risk by READ and RESEARCH. And after a while, we build a certain instinct that make things easier. Still, the learning process never ends.

Taking care of the skin isn’t like a one-off thing in the occasion when you have problems. It’s a long-term investment supported by serious amount of commitment because without it, you’ll get nowhere. Sorry, can’t help you if the first thing you want is instant results. Don’t sit with me, we will not go along together. It may be a chore in the beginning, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll enjoy every minute of it. When you start seeing results, you’ll be elated. More often that not, the result is more obvious when you’re wearing makeup. You start seeing how your complexion product is sticking better and gives you a smoother finish. How you notice you don’t need as much to even out the skin. And of course, the compliments, no matter how little it is. From there on, you’ll realize that it is not impossible to achieve a healthy skin (not flawless, because it’s a completely different matter). There’s that sense of proud and accomplishment and that feeling it’s multiplied because you’re doing the work yourself. You’ll cherish it even more because you know it’s hard work.

But like a wheel, everything keeps turning. There is no guarantee that taking care of the skin will free us from problems. Simply because the body is complex and we can’t control it 100%. Lifestyle, hormones, food intakes, environment play a big part in the way our skin behave. So when that happens, don’t give up. Seriously, don’t. Heck, I suffered from breakouts from time to time, especially when I am under a lot of stress and pressure. Or when I eat too much greasy foods or being under the sun for too long. And afterwards, I still have to deal with the post-acne spots that take months and years to fade. Upset? Definitely. But that never stops me from doing what I do.
This too shall pass – a good mantra. Why give up on something that you work on so hard just because you hit a bump on the road? Find a way to cross it or go around it or eliminate it. Either way, keep moving. This particular paragraph is inspired by Fika who struggled with her hormonal acne. Big hug to her and everyone else who is dealing the same.

Positivity is also a powerful element. It’s probably naive and very vague (or fake, to some), but for me, it’s the force that keeps me going. It’s better to cultivate on the goodness than having negative vibes all the time, right? Having a calm, supportive energy truly helps to make everything better. Radiate that thoughts through the body and you’ll see the magic. I always meditate on this every time I do my skincare routine. I’m speaking to my body and soul. Whispering to them to work together in harmony. There’s a reason why my skincare routine is my sanctuary. Doing a routine in the morning with good intentions and close the night with appreciation, gratefulness and hopes for the better next day. It’s a beautiful cycle.

In the past 4 years I have taken proper care of my skin, being through all the high ups and crappy downs, looking at my old photos back then and the present, helping other people along the way with their skincare journey, receiving thank you notes (even from my own cousins) because their skins have gotten much better, and my beloved SO whose skin has shown soooo much improvements (especially in the past year) since the first time we get together, the answer to the title above is HECK YES.

Again and again.


  1. Your post perfectly summed up everything about skin care routine :). Yes, it’s a never ending journey, but it’s all worth it when we found the holy grail products for our skin. Even the heartbreaking moment when I found out that the products that people been raving about didn’t work on me, made me learn that I’m sensitive towards a particular ingredients, and makes me more careful to choose products in the future.

    Nevertheless, in the end it’s all worth it because along the journey, we learn more about our skin and I didn’t regret one bit to jumped into this wonderful world that is the skin care world, because of you, Miss Kae :).

    Thank you for inspiring me in many ways. <3

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    1. Hi Amanda,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m very happy and humbled to see that I can inspire and help people in their skincare journey. I know it’s probably just “skincare” to some, but it is so much more than that.

      There’s always going to be ups and downs. That’s just how life goes anyway, right? But with every stumbles and successes, we learn something new and that really is priceless.

      Thank you :)

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  2. This is so true Tik!! 100% agree.
    Kadang suka kesel sama orang2 yg suka nyinyir kalau liat skincare routine kita yg lumayan complicated dan ‘ribet’. Katanya mereka 20 thn lebih cuci pake air sama baby soap aja ga bermasalah :-D

    Atau yang paling kesel kalau nanya rahasia kulit bagus tp nggakmau ribet :-D

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    1. Pammm

      Gapapa klo mereka nyinyir, biarkan saja. Mungkin memang kulit mereka gak banyak masalah and that’s fine. Namanya juga manusia ya kan beda2. Although I know how annoying it must be to have been compared and undermined like such :(

      But trust me, even the most “perfect” person will still have his/her own insecurities.

      Gak mau ribet? Berdoa aja LOL! Jawabanku sih gampang aja: RAJIN dan committed. There’s no other way. Whether they want to accept it or not, not quite my problem :p


  3. baca ini senyum2 sendiri dan rasanya pengen quote semua kata2nya :D

    well aku gak jago dalam hal skincare dan masih banyak yang harrus diperbaiki. tapi setuju banget, awalnya mank mikir kok jadi panjang yah tapi lama2 malah nagih pengen nambah ini itu dan aku jadi tau yang sering disebut ritual me time 💛 dan upside down trial error sendiri itu bisa jadi cerita tersendiri tapiii begitu hasilnya mulai keliatan gak bisa lebih bangga lagi ke diri sendiri ngeliat hasil usaha dan sabar liat muka breakout 😁

    i love every words in your post. thank you for inspiring me.

    btw i always read your post but this is the first time i wrote a comment 😊

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    1. Hi Lynn,

      Thank you so much for reading and enjoying this post.

      There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Whether newbie or a pro (though I don’t consider myself as such), we’re all still learning and it never ends. I’m still surprised to find new things day by day and I’m grateful for it. The moment we stop learning is the moment we lose ourselves. Mistakes are there because they teach us to be better, so just embrace it.

      Aduh iya banget trial and error itu banyak banget ceritanya :D Everyone has their own stories! But once you see results (no matter how small it is) and look back at those hardships, you’ll know it’s worth it :)

      Thank you :)


  4. Mamaku umurnya taun ini 55 tahun and sometimes people still mistakes her for a 40 years old. Dari jaman aku SMP beliau sudah wanti-wanti untuk bersihin muka segala macem, kadang males sih tapi gak bisa komplain kalau nanti bakal dapet result yang sama kayak mamaku.

    Hard work will never betray, termasuk kerja keras kita untuk menjaga kulit sendiri. I’ve been following your instagram and blog for almost two years now, but this is my first time leaving a comment. I just love this post so much I feel like spreading it to the world lol.

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    1. Hi Pingkan,

      Thank you for sharing your story. You gave me another proof that taking care of the skin will pay off not just now but in the years later. Mamaku gak pernah ajarin aku cara merawat kulit, cuma sekadar cuci muka dan pakai moisturizer. But she never enforced it. Dulu klo ada masalah, suruh aku ke derm aja but I refused. So I did start kinda late and had to to the extra length of finding out everything on my own. But better be late than never karena hasilnya selama beberapa tahun ini aja udah keliatan banget and there’s no going back for me.

      I’m glad we can share the same view on this particular piece. Thank you so much for your support! <3


  5. Post iniii love bgtttt. Aku silent reader dan ngikutin instagram km bgt. Aku sndiri udah jerawatan dr umur 10tahun, bolak balik ke banyak dokter muka.
    Tp ga pernah berhenti beraniin coba coba selingin skincare routine yg akhirnya bikin tambah banyak jerawatan bgt besar besar dan bikin ga PD smp akhirnya pasrah.
    Tahun 2013 puncaknya pasrah aja akhirnya masuk ke Kiehls beli banyak produknya dan ternyataa cocok setengah mati. Dan skin care junkie sekalinya cocok langsung beli serangkaian produknya.
    Sehabis mandi bs lebih dr 6steps, mau tidur jg banyak bgt tahapannya.
    Skrng kondisi muka jauh lebih baik, ga pernah jerawatan besar, ga bs dibilang mulus lus tp bersyukur bgttt dibanding dulu. Dan yesss dapat banyak pujian dibanding dulu lirikan.
    Dan kalau berhasil itu jadinya sering share dan setelah kasih tahu rangkaiannya jadinya mereka agak nyinyir dengan bilang mahal semua, ribet, ga ada waktu, gue cm sabun ponds aja uda oke, lengket dll dll.
    Bener bgt aku ga peduli si, aku akan tetap rajin skin care karena my skin will thank me later.
    Dan post ini bikin seneng bgt karena ternyata bukan aku aja yg ngerasain.

    Btw ini bukan post iklan Kiehls hahaha sama sekali enggak, temenku jg banyak pake kiehls karena ngeliat hasilya di aku. Ada yg cocok ada yg enggak. Tergantung masing2 orang. Akupun ada kemarin ga cocok pake salah satu produk kiehls, dan beruntusan buanyak bgt. Awalnya stres tp didiemin makin parah, sembuhnya ya karena tetap pakai skincare seperti biasa.

    Dulu anti makeup bgt karena kalau makeupan ada bentol2 jerawat dan malu.
    Skrng bekas jerawat si masih ada dan aku gamasalah karena bs ditutup foundie, dan yang penting kulitnya sehat terawat.

    astaga ini komen terpanjang yg pernah aku tulis hahahaha.

    Terumakasih yaaa untuk post ini yg makin encourage aku untuk selalu pakai skincare 🌸

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    1. Hi Maria,

      Thank you for sharing your story! Aku ngerti banget perasaanmu, terutama komen2 nyinyir yang kamu terima hehe. True, some people memang beruntung aja punya gen kulit yang bagus dan “hanya” membutuhkan sabun ponds. Tapi itu kan mereka yah, bukan kita. Tiap kulit berbeda2 dan needs different care and attention. No need to be discouraged by these comments. Just keep focusing on yourself and what you’re trying to achieve.

      I always tell myself that these people will never understand or relate to what we go through UNTIL they experience this themselves. Dan benar aja kan, klo ada masalah, biasanya langsung buru2 nanya kesana kemari ngibrit atas bawah kiri kanan. But between asking and actually doing the deed, that’s a completely different story :p

      Keep doing what you’re doing. Semangat terus ya! Dan jangan malu2 dong untuk sering2 komen di IG or blog :)


  6. This too shall pass~ ini jadi quote favorit dehh. Makasih kak kae udah share ini, very inspiring. Aku jadi makin berpikir positif dan tambah semangat ngerawat kulit.

    Aku tahu double cleansing and toning juga dari kakak. Awalnya ga percaya kak masak iya ngaruh sih, dulu juga cuci muka rasanya udah bersih aja. Tapi ternyataaa, iyaa ngaruh banget. Kulit jadi lebih baik. Dan iya bener banget, make up juga lebih alus gitu. Pantesan dulu kok pakai make up gimana2 juga keliatan kayak ada sesuatu yg salah, ga nyatu, ga alus.

    Makasiih banyak kak kae.. aku tunggu terus posting and sharing nya :)

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    1. Hi Muti,

      Thank you so much for leaving such nice comment. Aku senang sekali bacanya kalau apa yang aku share bisa membantu kamu dan orang lain :)

      Percayalah dulu aku juga skeptic dengan double cleansing but it truly changed my skin and I never look back ever since!

      Keep the spirit up and here’s to healthier skin :D


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