My Eyebrow Essentials

When it comes to eyebrows, I’m pretty sure we all went several phases before finding the right one for us. Even so, it’s still evolving because we’ll find different ways to improve it or adjust it every now and then. Moreover, finding the products that suit the skin and the color of the brows can be quite challenging on its own. One thing for sure, there are times when I look back and say “what was I thinking with these brows?!”.

After passing a few of awkward periods, I’m finally happy with the brow routine that I’m in. The product selections are right for my skin tone and work well with the natural condition of my brows; fairly thin, but dark hair and a little sparse.

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LOTW – Rollover Reaction SUEDED!

This is a very long overdue review. This brand, shall I say, sparked a fire in the Indonesian beauty scene. It has also become one of the pioneers to inspire the local beauty industry to up the game. Everything about it is very different than the usual local selection. Finally. A brand that I can proudly wear and tell.

Rollover Reaction, a catchy name for a brand, with a tagline of “cosmetics for the creatively inclined”. launched earlier this year on March 2016. Since its inception, the brand is already breaking different doors and filling the yearning of a cool, indie local beauty brand.



My Picks for Easy Contour and Subtle Shadows

It’s true. Makeup are there to make us look prettier. It’s there to enhance our features. To make us more confident. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

As for myself, I feel my face lacks the definition, stronger lines. I opt for contour powders to make up what’s missing. Below, I’m going to share you the products that I use to achieve it.



The Anti Fleek Highlighter – ADDICTION Cheek Polish Reflection

Hopefully, the title won’t offend anyone who likes the super shiny, right-in-your-face highlighters. There’s nothing wrong. It’s just not my thing and I prefer the understated, low-key makeup look in general.

Just so it’s clear, I rarely wear highlighters. I know for sure I do not master the art of highlighting. So for me to get a highlighter, in no less of a liquid formula, that’s like being obnoxious. But when I saw it on Noodles’ Instagram, I knew I can pull this off.

ADDICTION by Ayako Cheek Polish Reflection 08.



The Effortless ADDICTION Cheek Stick Rose Bar

This is clearly an overdue review. I should’ve reviewed this long ago but managed to being ignorant about it. That alone should tell you how much I love this product. However, realizing that I only have half of this left, it’s about time to do the deets :D

Long time followers would know that I’m obsessed with ADDICTION by Ayako (here and here). The Japanese brand has an extensive, yet still well curated selection of products. It oozes simplicity with a modern edge. Its biggest charm for me are the cheek items. I find them to be very unique and incredibly versatile. Obviously, they left me wanting more. And more.

Meet the one product that has been in my constant makeup routine for months, ADDICTION by Ayako Cheek Stick in Rose Bar.



LoTW: TATCHA Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick

More than a year ago, TATCHA posted a photo of Chloë Sevigny wearing a red lipstick and saying they’re coming out with one. I was head over heels and immediately put it on my wishlist.

How can I not?

The brand, as we know, is heavily inspired by the ancient geisha beauty rituals and their skincare line is built around the precious ancient book that Victoria Tsai, TATCHA‘s founder, came across on her travels to Japan. It was a brilliant move from TATCHA creating this piece because geisha and their signature red pouts are unquestionably inseparable.

TATCHA aptly named it Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick.



LoTW: Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope – Star System

Lo and behold.

I fall into the nude lip, deeply.

Who knew, the girl who wears the brights and bold on a daily basis could fall for something that’s “flat”? I think it’s ought to change. It’s surprisingly inevitable.

Because deep inside, I was longing for the other spectrum.

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope in Star System.