Scalp & Hair

Adding Davines For The Benefit of My Scalp

Determined for a healthier scalp and hair, I’m committed to make better choices in my hair treatment. I came across Davines first at Sociolla and then led me browsing around the brand’s website. Of course, being my luck (or lack there of), the ones that I wanted to try aren’t available locally.

So that was it, until my trip to Japan. I saw the products that caught my eye. I got the shampoo and it led me to other purchases as well.



Venturing Into THREE Scalp & Hair Treatment

So, if you haven’t read the story, I suggest you do that first. The post will explain a little bit about my condition and the struggle I’m in.

When I was in Japan not too long ago (see the skincare I brought with me), I made it a mission to find different hair products that might help me. I bought several items from one of my favorite Japanese brands, THREE. I went to the flagship store in Tokyo where I knew I’d get the full experience. The sales lady who served me was extremely kind. She tried to help me as much as she can despite the language barrier. She knew I was a foreigner and she offered me an iPad with THREE catalog in English for me to look at. That definitely saved time rather than me trying to search via my small-screened iPhone.

So I took her kind gesture by asking her several questions, using my best ability to convey. I scratched my head endlessly; an effort to show her that my scalp is itchy. She noted it and from there forward she can give her opinion whether the particular product I pointed out might suit me or not. Keyword: gesture. Those years in drama classes finally paid off.

I’ve been using these products ever since I got back to Jakarta (around 6 weeks now) and I’m ready to share my thoughts.

Let’s start with the first one.


My Scalp & Hair History

I have a lot of requests on how I take care of my hair. Well.. Truth is, I don’t.
Not necessarily at least.

Here’s a little background story. For the longest time, I knew I have sensitive scalp. I’ve tried quite a few different products in the past with a low success rate. The major fails for me were Pantene (sorry, I tried but you gave me massive dandruff with terrible itches every single time).

There were a lot of misunderstandings. I thought I had dandruff, so I went to use Head & Shoulders for a few years, even tried the different variety (the mint/menthol one was the best).  It worked fine until it didn’t anymore. So this is where I was starting to have a hard time.