Adding Davines For The Benefit of My Scalp

Determined for a healthier scalp and hair, I’m committed to make better choices in my hair treatment. I came across Davines first at Sociolla and then led me browsing around the brand’s website. Of course, being my luck (or lack there of), the ones that I wanted to try aren’t available locally.

So that was it, until my trip to Japan. I saw the products that caught my eye. I got the shampoo and it led me to other purchases as well.


Davines, from what I can assess from the website and the other information, is an Italian hair care brand that prides itself on being green and sustainable. I won’t dwell into it and you can find out yourself in the website. The products are sold mostly in salons, spas and specialty stores. The brand has different lines to suit different hair conditions and functions.

The ones that I tried are from NaturalTech line and it offers quite an extensive different products to nourish, detoxify, energize and so on. I actually came across Davines NaturalTech in several salons and a hair care store in Toronto. The packaging and labels are distinctive so it’s not hard to spot them. I went for the Calming Shampoo and Well-Being Massage Oil. Funny thing is, I got these first before I purchased THREE Scalp & Hair products, but I ended up using the latter first :p


Davines NaturalTech Calming Shampoo.

With the havoc that’s happening in my scalp, I went straight for the Calming Shampoo. It said to “gently cleanses the hair, soothes and calms sensitive and sensitized scalp”. I started incorporate it about two months after I tried THREE because the shampoo is running out fast and I need to try the Davines one to see if it works.

It’s beautiful and I love everything about it! The gentle formula cleanses the scalp without it being too stripped and doesn’t leave me scratching my head afterwards. I only need to one wash and that is it. I rarely need a second wash. If I do, it’s usually when I feel my hair is really filthy and greasy :p The soothing herbal scent ughh <3. It’s so unique and I’ve gotten compliments on it because it just smells so nice!

I love it so much that I bought the second bottle for stock right away. The one that I have is 250 ml and there’s a 1000 ml bottle available. Too bad ordering the large size would be most likely impossible. It takes so much space and the shipping will be a nightmare. Not to mention the risk of leaking. This bottle is lightweight and quite easy to be carried around. I actually took this with me on my last holiday to Toronto.

The plus point is that it is SLS/SLES-free (all Davines products are). I think this definitely confirms my suspicion on SLS/SLES being the culprit on the breakout in my scalp.


Davines NaturalTech Well-Being Massage Oil.

This one was the surprise purchase. I read the name and got intrigued. I wasn’t sure what it does at the time because the description on the bottle was written in Japanese. I couldn’t browse at the website because I didn’t took the WiFi with me. It does have the word “hydrating” on the bottle so I took a leap of faith.

I asked the kind sales lady about the direction of use and she said to use after shampoo. Mind you, she tried her best to answer my questions with her limitations in English, so there could be some misunderstandings here. Despite the name, the consistency is actually a watery gel lotion, absorbs quite easily into the scalp and doesn’t leave that greasy, oily feel like a normal oil does. But, it leaves my hair limp. Therefore, I use this before shampoo. I took about 1 1/2 pipettes and distribute it on the scalp as evenly as I could. Then massage it in and left it on for at least 15 minutes (up to an hour) before proceeding to washing.

The Well-Being Massage Oil is used “for a deep relaxing and purifying action. Ideal as a base for hair massage it improves scalp elasticity, nourishment and micro-circulation, at the same time generating pleasant relaxation”. The concept may be similar to THREE Cleansing Oil A/C but this one offers more on the experience. It honestly feels great and relaxing having this massaged on the head, even better when there’s someone else do it for me :D There’s a cooling sensation that lasted for a few minutes and I enjoy it to bits.

Because it is somewhat similar, I interchange using this and the THREE. I’d use Well-Being Massage Oil 1 – 2 times a week and it helps to cleanse the scalp and make the hair tonic or serum to absorb better.


Please don’t ask me to choose between these or THREE; which one is better yada yada. I am at the starting point of trying out different healthier hair care options and my experience is still very limited. I’m just happy that my scalp is doing so much better!

My interest in Davines doesn’t just end there. I bought several different items and can’t wait to dive into them! There’s a scalp serum that I’m loving and I hope I can share it (and the rest) with you soon.

In Japan, I found these in Beauty Apothecary in Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo. While Davines seems to be more exclusive, it’s actually rather easier to find these online or in salons (overseas). There is a limited selection available at Sociolla and Sephora Indonesia (online-only). Because I couldn’t find the ones that I want, I purchased my stock and other Davines products through Instagram

Any Thoughts or Comments?

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