LoTW: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets

I finally decided to do a review on this super sought-after liquid lipstick. It all started with my friend, Attika, raving about this and she somehow managed to convince me to buy one.

I usually don’t go for drugstore brands, but what the heck, there was a promotion on the drugstore. So I took a chance.

Apparently, my first FOTD post wearing it on my Instagram was noticed by big names like Andra Alodita and Lizzie Parra. Before we know it, people were practically go to different ends of the city to find this. It is sold out almost everywhere in Indonesia***.

No need to guess further more, it’s the epic Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet.


I had swatched them previously but wasn’t convinced then. But I knew exactly which one to get when I came back: 05 Olé Flamingo!. The true fuchsia shade is truly captivating! It stands out the most than the rest shades in the lineup. Hey, if any, when I’m trying a new formula, I make sure I go for the colors that I will wear.

I tried it right away, didn’t even think of saving it before taking any pictures for documentary purposes. It’s definitely a unique experience, can’t quite put my finger on it. It coats the lips like Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait does, but it feels a lot thinner and lighter. What I did not expect was that it dries to a dry, powdery matte finish. It’s also dry to the touch and won’t transfer once it sets.

It’s a strange feeling going through the transformation from liquid sheeny texture to that matte result. My lips felt like they’ve been shrunken just a little bit. It’s on-point with the current dead-matte lip trend. It reflects little to no light so what you get is this flat finish. It’s like.. paper.


The sponge applicator is quite fantastic too, though not as soft and squishy as I had thought. But it gets the job done. It’s slanted with a flat tip and it’s great not just for applying the product, but also lining the lips. I can get a perfect cupid’s bow in no time. It has a scent, one that I best described as Chinese sour candied fruits. It might be unnatural to some (my sister’s face cringed instantly when she took a whiff) but thank goodness it doesn’t bother me that much. She kinda agrees with the candy scent though.

I was quite impressed with the performance that I decided to get two more in 03 Hot Pepper and 07 Pink Pong. By this time, it seemed everyone was on a hunt for these babies. I luckily got mine in Bali courtesy of my significant other. I was curious about the formula that I was willing to try the *surprise surprise* nude shade called Nude-ist. Or course, it was out of stock. I haven’t spent the extra effort to find this shade though. Maybe, someday.

Short rundown on the three shades I got:

  • Hot Pepper is a bright warm red. I didn’t get the other red 01 Personne ne Rouge because it seems just like an okay shade. Hot Pepper looks more interesting. The pigmentation on this one is slightly sheerer than the other two, but it builds up easily. You can see me wore this here.
  • Olé Flamingo!, my first one and it’s still my favorite out of the bunch. I love how it brightens my complexion and my face just lit up instantly. It’s the one shade that started all of this craze. Needless to say more, it was love at first swipe. Here’s how it looks on me.
  • Pink Pong becomes the unexpected. After Olé Flamingo!, I was like “Do I need this?” I swatched it in the counter before and felt it’s a little too blue-toned for my liking. But my curiosity got into me and I’m glad I did. It’s definitely a statement shade! I wore it here.

bourjois-rouge-edition-velvet-review-swatch-photos-3L-R: 03 Hot Pepper, 05 Olé Flamingo!, 06 Pink Pong

I’d say all three have the same staying power on me. Geez, I went through some serious meals every time I wear one; creamy pasta with steak, a full steak, fried rice with salted fish, dim sum, Japanese BBQ, Soto Betawi, and many others yummy sinful food. Reapplying is almost unnecessary and even if needed, they don’t go clumpy on me. I don’t know what’s the magic behind the formula, but they just refuse to go away. Even after some serious wipe-off with my trusty Bioré, there’s bound to be some stain.

I’d be lying if I say they’re not drying. Yeah no, they are drying. I couldn’t handle it for more than two hours without proper preparation. If I don’t do this, I’ll start to lick my lips and the lip color would disintegrate in no time. One of the major plus points though, is that I can apply my trusty Jack Black Lip Balm under and over the lipstick. I don’t find any trouble applying it after the balm and it doesn’t go patchy on me. When things are going south (read: drying), I could just take a bit of the balm and apply over it. Sure, the finish might not be full-on flat matte again, but the intensity stays the same.

For those of you who are wondering how do these compare to Lime Crime Velvetines, I’m sorry-definitely-not-sorry to say that I have never tried anything from the brand and never will due to the previous controversies.

To sum it up, for the price and every other stellar aspects on these, it’s a no-wonder that Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet hit home-runs to many people out there.


***Now I did mention earlier about how these lipsticks are selling faster than hotcakes. Nothing is wrong with that, but my biggest gripe is probably the fact that so many people are taking advantage of this situation. Not just local online shops who are selling these with outrageous prices. I’ve heard people were saying that even the salesperson/beauty assistants are trying to sell these under the table to the customers. They’re keeping the goods to themselves, asking the customers to pay for a higher price and pay the money to them directly off-cashier. I saw one person posted a comment (spamming) on my Instagram before, saying that he’s selling these lipsticks and when I checked his account, he is one of the brand’s salespersons. I deleted his comment and blocked him right away.

Are you effing kidding me? I bet he’s not the only salesperson who opens up an online shop just to do this shitty business. Bourjois Indonesia, I hope you take notice and do something about these opportunists. They’re stealing right under your nose.

And to all, please don’t support this behavior by refusing to buy from them.


  1. At first I thought this was Magnum-ice-cream-marketing-strategy all over again when it was relaunched and so hard to find. But I got mine after waiting for a month, the staying power is unquestionable, so good! But it took times to get dry tho, it’s not dry right away after I put it on :(


  2. These are my faves from the lip cream bandwagon ^^
    I have the shade Nude-ist and Peach Club which both I love very much!
    Pingpong is on my next list, but fuchsia toned make up products don’t usually look flattering against my complexion :/


    1. I think the shades in the lineup are mostly nice, I wouldn’t mind collecting them all LOL.

      If Pink Pong looks too intimidating to you, try Ole Flamingo! On a day to day basis, I prefer this one hands down :)


  3. I loove the structure of this Bourjois line, and my favorite color is 08 Grand Cru (at least that’s the way it’s called in Europe), when I put it on my lips I do not have to think of it fading away for hours. The only thing I hate a bit is that sometimes it’s hard to put it evenly on the lip borders, it gets a bit smudgy, but nothing a good lip liner can’t fix. Love, love Velvet Rouge Edition :)



    1. I’ve just got Grand Cru. I heard the formula on this one is different than the rest, it’s not as.. even. I tried to swatch it on my hand and it was very sheer and won’t stick on my skin. The texture was kind of crumbly.

      But, my friend said that it’s a different story once it’s on the lips. She says it takes a little more effort but the result is worth it.

      I shall find out soon! :)


        1. I won’t lie about them being drying, but it’s great that I can layer it with my lip balm without having to see the formula falls apart, crumbles, flakes or such. The scent is definitely a preference thing LOL. You should try them if you have the chance ;)

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