7 Best Holiday Red Lipsticks 2014

It all started when @caroleinne tagged me to do a #redlipstickweek on Instagram. Basically, just choose and post 7 best red lipsticks that we have. Because it was done in December 2014, I thought it’s quite appropriate to have a holiday theme in mind.

This post will be a recap of all the 7 lipsticks that I chose. I am aware it’s probably counter-productive; it’s been more than 2 months ago since I did the tag. But, hopefully this post will help people who are looking for some good reds for their lips.


Please keep in mind that it is NOT an easy task to choose these. I prefer not to do “which one is the fairest of them all” on my lipsticks, simply because if I decided to make a review of them, that means I like them in their own ways.

Although the title is “holiday”, there’s no necessary correlation between my picks and why they suit the occasion. It’s just a ruse so that I can use my other reds for other tags *HA!*

Of course, there are certain favorites that I would pick in a heartbeat, which you will see in just a bit :D Also, please refer to the link provided for the complete review of each lipstick.


1. Tom Ford Lip Color Diabolique – hands down, this is probably the best of them all. I knew the moment I saw it on Dizzy Makeup blog, I HAVE to have it. It is limited edition, which is why I reserve it for special occasions only. Even so, I think I must sift through “special occasions” more and make the strictest, highest priority before I decide to wear this again.

2. Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick Scarlett – the semi matte finish with the deep cranberry tone in the midst of blueness of the red makes this lipstick has its own special place in my collection. I like it best when worn with blue outfits.

3. SUQQU Creamy Glow Karakurenai – this is one very intimidating, slaying classic red. The incredibly creamy, buttery formula with intense pigment is best applied when I’m not in a hurry. One slip and I’m screwed. So yes, a fidgety hand might need a lip brush as a helper.

4. AERIN Lipstick Red Velvet – this came as a huge surprise because I was taken aback by how amazingly pigmented and saturated this is. The deep berry red (actually darkest of all 7) looks sophisticated and perfect for a night out. It stains the lips beautifully too.

5. Burberry Lip Velvet Military Red – this formula is TDF! It glides on so beautifully on the lips with solid red pigment, leaving a velvety matte finish. It stands through greasy meals! It may be broken now, but I’m glad to say that I can apply this with a lip brush with no trouble.

6. ADDICTION Lipstick Monroe Walk – it’s not the most pigmented lipstick at one-go, but layering it 2-3 times will get me that full color that will stay for long hours. The cherry coolness and the vividness are something that I always enjoy whenever I take this out.

7. Kate Spade Supercalifraglipstick Fanciful Merlot – the mouthful lipstick with a gorgeous, lush formula and a high shine finish without compromising on the pigmentation has gotten me addicted to it. It’s even better that it’s long-wearing too. This is probably one of my best finds yet.

Time for some swatches. All three photos have the same order. Please do click on them to get a more detailed view.

best-holiday-red-lipsticks-review-swatch-photos-3L-R: Tom Ford Diabolique, Dolce & Gabbana Scarlett, SUQQU Karakurenai, AERIN Red Velvet, Burberry Military Red, ADDICTION Monroe Walk, Kate Spade Fanciful Merlot



And that’s a wrap!


P.S. I ended up with 7 stains on my arm if anyone’s wondering :)

Any Thoughts or Comments?

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