KORRES Wild Rose Daily Brightening & Refinishing Buff Cleanser

That’s one heck of a name. Seriously though, what is up with the long names? Let’s just call it KORRES Wild Rose Buff Cleanser, shall we? Or Buff Cleanser. I got this in a set with KORRES Wild Rose Sleeping Facial. Amazing set, amazing deal, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Ever since I saw this showed up on Sephora, I wanted to grab it right away. Good thing that I waited, otherwise I would kick myself hard when I see the set being sold.


KORRES Wild Rose Buff Cleanser, to simply put it, is a face scrub or exfoliant.

The promises it made:

Uncover luminous skin with this daily dual-action, creamy, exfoliating cleanser. Natural exfoliants rice grain, cherry stone, and sugar-citrus extracts blend with wild rose oil—a natural source of vitamin C that is clinically proven to improve skin’s overall radiance and texture—to leave skin cleansed and fresh. Gentle enough for daily use and all skin types including dry skin, it instantly brightens the complexion, creating smooth, luminous, healthy-looking skin. -from Sephora.com

Alright, let me put this out there first. As far as the “instant” promises, I’d say it doesn’t live up to these. Then, why do I still use this? Because it’s a wonderful product, nonetheless.

You see, I have a problem with face cleansers. I have the urge to find and get cleansers for every use and purpose. It’s crazy, I know, or not. But after trying out different ones in the past, I realize that a good cleanser will make a difference to the skin. And among this ‘collection’, I leave a room for exfoliants too.

I’ve experienced the amazing world of chemical exfoliant (read: Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment) and while I love it to death, for some reason, I still miss an actual physical exfoliant. I feel the need to get it in there. To feel that gritty goodness. This is where KORRES Wild Rose Buff Cleanser comes in to fill that void.


KORRES is a Greek, natural skincare brand and I’m glad that for this product they use rice grain, cherry stone, and sugar extracts as the natural exfoliant instead of micro plastic beads. After reading this article, I’m trying to avoid polyethylene in my skincare products.

The texture is a creamy paste with visible flecks. When using this, it has that do-it-yourself type of feeling. It smells really nice! I can’t describe the scent but again, that DIY feeling. For every use, I squirt about two and a half times the amount on the photo above and apply it to wet face. The usual light massage on the face, concentrating a little more on the nose crevices, pores and not forget to bringing it down onto the neck and chest as well. Rinse clean.

I use this strictly in the morning when I take my shower, never at night because I feel with the amount of gazillion steps I do at nighttime skincare routine, I think adding this will be too much. I have to admit, after a while of not using physical exfoliants (my last one was Origins Never A Dull Moment Face Polisher), it does feel somewhat rougher on my face. Nothing uncomfortable though. I think it’s the size irregularity of the scrub particles that gives me this sensation. They’re natural, after all.

korres-wild-rose-daily-brightening-refining-buff-cleanser-3Gritty goodness

It’s a perfect cleansing companion to the KORRES Wild Rose Sleeping Facial. In the review, I mentioned that the sleeping facial doesn’t get absorbed fully into the skin so there’s still something sitting on my skin. The Buff Cleanser will definitely get rid of that (along with the dead skin cells) in the morning, leaving me with a fresh canvas for my morning regime.

Despite it being a physical exfoliant, it doesn’t strip my skin’s moisture though and I love that about it. I think it’s due to the creamy texture fulfilled with lovely nutrients for the skin. While it’s exfoliating, it also gives back to the skin. I also find that it gets rid of any dry flakes that I might have nicely, for example, the dry bits around a zit, or around the nose area.

I’m running out of it and you can be sure that I will repurchase this.

A little note: I think it’s very weird how KORRES named this “Refinishing” on the label, yet Sephora.com and Korresusa.com named this “Refining” on the description link. Hmm.


Any Thoughts or Comments?

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