LoTW: BECCA Ultimate Matte Lip Colour Antoinette

Sometimes, just sometimes, the best purchases are the ones that we never planned. I think most of you might agree to this, don’t you?

Even better, when we get them at a bargain. Combining with the power of quick of Google-ing (for swatches and reviews) and hot-slashed prices, we got ourselves into one guilty-pleasure, impulse shopping.

Introducing, one of my ‘best’ purchases, BECCA Ultimate Matte Lip Colour Antoinette.


Believe me, I was like “huh?” at the packaging when I first hold it in my hands. There is nothing interesting let alone worthy-to-rave about it. Just a plain long and slim silver tube, that reminds me of the discontinued MAC Slimshine Lipsticks.

Frankly, the mechanism could be better. The twist tube section is a little loose and I (always) have the fear that the tube might detach from the whole thing every time I twist it *knocks on wood*

If there’s anything good, it’s slim and lightweight. Very easy to just slip in the bag, carry it around and adds practically no weight.

becca-ultimate-matte-lip-colour-antoinette-review-swatch-photos-2Minor detailing with the raised, stamped logo.


I’d probably never get this at full price though. It sells for USD 24 or EUR 25 or AUD 40. I’m having a WTH moment at the two latter price tags. I think for the price, the brand ought to give more effort in dressing up the lipstick. That being said, with all the rambles and considering the price I paid for this, I almost have no right to complain, really.

Because, I suppose, at the end of the day, what matters is what’s inside.

becca-ultimate-matte-lip-colour-antoinette-review-swatch-photos-7And what’s inside is magnetic.

BECCA Ultimate Matte Lip Colour Antoinette is pretty much everything that I ever hoped for in a darker-colored lipstick. As some of you might know, shades like this can be a b*tch to work with. To be fair, it’s not as dark as other lipsticks in my collection; it’s lighter than Burberry Lip Velvet Bright Poppy by the way. Nevertheless, there’s a potential this could turn out to be a disappointment or, a chore in my book.

The initial swatch on the hand turned out to be just alright. The true test is of course, testing it over my finicky lips. And this is what blew Antoinette out of the water.

It doesn’t offer a lot of pigment on the first layer. Sure, it’s definitely buildable. However, to me, the most beautiful aspect of Antoinette is that it has the ability to be layered over and over again and every single layer will add more depth to the finished look. You might say, “of course, when you layer it several times, it will become more opaque.” But that’s not the case with Antoinette. As I layer it, it becomes more melded with my lips, as if we’re belong together. It never goes patchy on me, it’s always been smooth from the start (see my first FOTD here) and this is a HUGE plus point for me. It doesn’t go completely opaque, I’d best describe the result as if I’ve been blotting my lips several times, leaving a heavy stain with a soft matte finish.

Because of this attribute, the result will vary depending on one’s natural lip color. Mine’s being quite the inconsistent one; sometimes it’s mauve, rose and other times, purple. Whatever the case, it’s more on the pigmented side, which ultimately, the result will be darker on me and the dominant undertone will be slightly different from time to time.

As far as wear time after all that layering process, it’s more than acceptable although it still depends on what I eat. It wears down quite nicely but as with other dark lipsticks, it tends to wear off more in the center and inner part of my lips. Reapplying is not a hassle, making sure that I blot the grease or residue after the meal beforehand.

Another notable aspect is I never feel the weight accumulating on my lips, ever. Did I say it’s very comfortable too?


Antoinette is described as merlot in BECCA’s website. It’s quite appropriate. I love it more because it’s the deep berry shade that I’ve been searching for. It doesn’t lean too red, too pink or brown. Just a good ol’ berry.

I’ve been enjoying BECCA Antoinette a lot more than my other dark lipsticks as of late. If you ever see me walking down the street (read: mall) wearing a dark lip, I’d probably be wearing this.
I LOVE the effortlessness it gives me. It’s insanely addictive layering this on my lips!

The perfect blush pairing for this lipstick is the sadly-discontinued NARS Crazed. I only need the littlest amount of this blush to show up on my skin. Apply Antoinette and I’m down for that full-on winter look.

Now, I better hunt a brand new Antoinette, because I have a feeling I might need a back up ;)


P.S. Of course this lipstick won’t apply properly over scruffy lips. Maintaining a proper lip care routine is always important.


  1. wow!! the shade is so pretty ^^ You literally can wear any lip color!
    I have never tried anything from Becca , but have been interested to try the blush souffle and the famous highlighter.. it’s about time before I cave in.. :p
    Too bad the packaging is not really nice, it’s annoying when high end brands didn’t put enough effort in that area..


    1. Haha thanks but I can’t wear all shades though, things like nudes, browns, mauves, rose shades don’t suit my skin tone. They seem to either make my face really pale (nudes) or drag it down :/

      I think BECCA has quite a few nice products the Beach Tints are famous too!


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