LoTW: Givenchy Le Rouge 313 Fruit Défendu

When there’s a chance of getting a bright lipstick, I’ll raise an eyebrow. When there’s a chance of getting another Givenchy Le Rouge, I’ll take it anytime of the day. Without a doubt, the formula is one of my all-time favorites. The color selection is STUNNING, perfect for me who like that punch of colors.

Presenting, my new addition to the collection, Givenchy Le Rouge #313 Fruit Défendu.


Fruit Défendu is french for “forbidden fruit”, very fitting for this blog, don’t you think? ;)
This shade is released as part of Givenchy Croisière Summer 2014 Collection and I believe it is limited edition. Unlike other limited edition Le Rouges, this one doesn’t have a different packaging. But hey, who cares, the regular black lambskin is already luxurious at its best.

For the packaging details, no explanation needed anymore. You can just observe and gawk at the photos or read my previous reviews about these at FemaleDaily.com. It is and will always be a joy receiving and opening a fresh new Le Rouge. The way that the engraved bullet is encased, the cut of it, the scent (bullet and leather), the proportion as a whole, oh, perfection.


I got this through a dear friend of mine, Attika, on her recent travels. And believe me, she was literally screaming on LINE telling me that I should get it. The blazing hot shade and how the shade would suit me. Well, being the weak-kneed that I am for Le Rouge and the fact that I trust her judgement, needless to say, take my moolah away already!

I know I am going to love it.


It is always nerve-wracking whenever I do swatch for the first time from an untouched bullet. The anticipation. The fact that I had to be patient, to endure that “you can look but you can’t touch” before this gets photographed, which wasn’t until a few weeks later. Argh, the agony, the suspense.

I remember very well that I squealed swore when I swiped Fruit Défendu for the first time. I literally went hysterical the moment it hit my skin. It glided on.. strong. Full of determination and it’s tenacious. It has a life on its own. Waiting, no, mandating me to administer its eminence on my lips.

givenchy-le-rouge-313-fruit-defendu-4Step aside, Mandarine Boléro, you got yourself a heavy competitor.

I gotta say, being a ‘forbidden fruit’, this is undeniably magnetic. THAT ORANGE. Take a bite of this and I’m forever hooked. And with that confounding formula, there is no way I will be able to resist the temptation it gives me.

Fruit Défendu is so resonant that sometimes I feel I’m not worthy of its greatness. Which is why I always try my best to do it justice by really prepping everything else right. Simple, because it deserves the spotlight.

I am going to enjoy and cherish Fruit Défendu, probably more on the cherishing side of it. Save it for special occasions. The feisty orange shade is truly exceptional and I don’t want to get bored of it too soon; not that I will anyway ;)


  1. All your lipstick reviews are immediately on my wishlist – ugh!! Givenchy Le Rouge, I shall own a tube of you soon! why does every lipstick shade look so good on you?!?!


    1. Aw thanks, Shari! You should at least own one or three Givenchy Le Rouge! I think something like Fruit Defendu or Grenat Initie would look great on your complexion. Don’t forget to try the signature shade Fuchsia Irresistible! :D


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