Warm Eyes with Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye Con No.3 – The Glam

Here I am, back again with yet another effort in jazzing up my eye makeup. I can honestly say I’m having quite a lot of fun experimenting. Nothing advanced though like a lot of people out there. Just something to push me a little bit more to the edge.

The eye shadows that I’ve been playing around with lately are from Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye Con No.3 – 108 The Glam; which I received during the brand’s official launch in Sephora Indonesia (thank you!).

Shall we take a look?


I appreciate the fact that the eyeshadow palette comes in a black pouch with a snap closure. Considering the shape and the material of the palette itself, I’d definitely carry it in its pouch if I have to take it with me somewhere.

It comes with an applicator that I’d rather not take a picture of, because it is just a black sponge tip applicator. Albeit, it’s quite flexible and it has a Marc Jacobs logo print on it (if you care for that sort of stuff). The applicator is NOT inside the palette, so in order to carry it, I have to keep it in the pouch. Personally, I don’t really care much because I almost never use these anyway; I prefer to use my brushes or fingertips. That being said, it’d be nicer if it comes with a double-tip applicator (say, a small brush on the other end).


Taking it off from the pouch, there’s this supah sleek and supah slim palette in a fingerprint-magnet black, glossy packaging. The brand’s name is raised in silver and it has a silver button to open it.

It feels nice and proportional when I hold it in my hands. It’s not that lightweight but definitely nowhere heavy either, feels quite balanced for the shape. The more I play around with it, the more it reminds me of my long-gone Nokia 8310 :D

I really like the shape, it’s different and refreshing. It’s not too block-y or square-ish with the other palettes I’ve came across previously. Its rounded edges makes the palette very ergonomic.


Style Eye Con No.3 – 108 The Glam consists of three complementing eyeshadow in warm shades in different sizes of round pans.

The largest pan is a yellow-toned cream, which I use as a base and highlight. The smallest pan, the middle one, is a warm bronze-y chocolate with shimmer that I use for the crease and sometimes eyeliner. And the last one is a peachy copper with a lot of pizzazz for the eyelid and lower lash line.

I actually like the different sizes because it fits my need and suits the frequency of usage. I definitely use the cream shade a lot! The yellow tone neutralizes the redness on my eyelids, so this comes handy whenever I need it. Not just the name, but the texture is soft and creamy as well. The warm bronze shade isn’t as smooth as the other two, possibly because of the shimmers. But it applies quite nicely and blends easily too, so not an issue here.

The star of Style Eye Con No.3 – 108 The Glam is that peachy coppery goodness. This shade packs a lot of punch and gives such a beautiful sheen to my eyes. The texture is heavenly too. I’m digging it! It’s definitely not my usual play-it-safe neutral shade, but the warmth and the finish are still manageable and within my comfort-zone level.


marc-jacobs-beauty-style-eye-con-no-3-the-glam-108-palette-review-swatch-photos-4That peachy copper shade is zing!

Here’s one of the looks that I came up with. Please be kind, I’m not the best at eye makeup, obviously. Otherwise I won’t be making these efforts..


On the photo above, I wore the cream shade as an allover base, the peachy copper on the eyelid + lower lash line and add a touch of the warm bronze on the crease.

I had a little too much fun and experimented a little by doing a slight gradation eyeliner with Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssinian Catbird on the inner half lash line and Burberry Effortless Kohl Eyeliner in Pale Grape on the outer half lash line. The inner corners are highlighted by Anastasia Brow Duality Camille/Sand (the shimmer end).

Because the eyes were (surprisingly) very warm, I decided to balance the whole thing out by wearing a cool tone berry red lip, this one is by BECCA Ultimate Matte Lip Colour in Adele (I have a review of Antoinette). Here’s the photo of me when my eyes are open. On the cheeks, I opted for something neutral and that is my go-to Burberry Light Glow in Tangerine.

I’ve paired Style Eye Con No.3 – 108 The Glam with a teal eyeliner (Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in True Teal or Stila Smudge Stick Eye Liner in Peacock) previously and the combo looked really awesome too!

Until next time..


Disclaimer: the product might be a gift, but worry not, all opinions are 100% mine. Honesty and integrity are the two things that I uphold the most in my writings.

Any Thoughts or Comments?

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