Welcome, Marc Jacobs Beauty!

It’s finally here!

Marc Jacobs Beauty finally arrives at Sephora Indonesia. It’s quite unexpected that it didn’t take that long for the brand to come here since it just launched on Sephora US on August 2013. As you might know, we usually get things late here in almost everything, or didn’t get any at all. There’s a good reason for that, Marc Jacobs Beauty is produced by the beauty mecca retailer. Logically, the brand naturally is one step ahead with a clearer, easier path in expanding to different countries.

I’m honored to be invited to the brand’s official launch last week. I got to understand a little bit better about the beauty line while having some hands-on experience with some of the offerings.


I got to admit, I wasn’t sure about the packaging and even had doubts back then. But after playing around with the products, I’m happy to say that the products have a nice feel to them. They have enough weight to carry themselves. I was right about the glossy black plastic being a fingerprint magnet-nightmare though.

“I see beauty in many things and I am attracted to all sorts of imperfection, to style, to confidence or experimentation. It’s unexpected and surprises you.” -Marc Jacobs

In a nut shell, Marc Jacobs Beauty is all about being imperfectly perfect. The no-rule principle allows us to push the boundaries and go beyond the extent. The makeup line is considerably colorful, much to my surprise. Such a contrast with the usually almost bare-faced models who walked on his runways. But we’re talking about Marc Jacobs here, the man who had created some of the most memorable designs in the fashion history.


The offerings are pretty much the same like when the brand’s first launched. The newer products like Kiss Pop Lip Color Stick, Twinkle Pop Eye Stick, or Marvelous Mousse Foundation aren’t here yet. That being said, when the brand came out, it went all out and unabashed. You will find almost everything that you need to enhance your face, eyes and lips.

There are a few products that caught my eye such as the Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation (IDR 727,000; beautiful, lightweight texture), Remedy Concealer Pen (IDR 426,000; one of those great quick fix products), Highliner Gel Eye Crayon (IDR 349,000; I tried Th(ink) and it wouldn’t come off!) and Magic Marc’er (IDR 378,000; I almost never use liquid eyeliners, but I imagine the precision and the pigmentation on this product will be a hit among those who love this type of product).

Another item that gets me giddy, other than the Lovemarc Lip Gel (IDR 407,000), is the O!Mega Bronze (IDR 581,000). It was oh-ah at first swipe. I ended up buying it two days later, with the Lip Gel (obviously).



After playing a bit with the Shameless Bold Blush (IDR 543,000; the name is inspired by Marc’s tattoo), in my opinion, the blushes aren’t for people who likes ‘bold’ on their cheeks. Albeit, I only swatched them with my fingers and not with a brush, so I won’t know for sure. The initial swatch with my fingers told me that they don’t have the greatest pigmentation (some are actually very sheer), but they’re not patchy by any means. I personally like these because I love layering blushes, whenever possible. I currently have three on my list *sigh*

I didn’t really play with the Style Eye-Con No.3 (IDR 581,000) or Style Eye-Con No. 7 (IDR 872,000) palettes, sorry. I recently purchased quite a few new eye shadows and was telling myself to stay away or I might get into troubles :p They are really pretty to look at though.

Didn’t pay too much attention to the Lust for Lacquers (IDR 378,000) as well because I’m not a gloss person. Marc Jacobs Beauty carries two version on this product (differing in pigmentation), sheer and full ones.

The rest of the products on the lineups are Re(marc)able Full Cover Concealer (IDR 349,000), Lash Lifter (IDR 388,000), Lip Lock (IDR 310,000), Brow Tamer (IDR 310,000), Perfection Powder Finishing Powder (IDR 727,000) and not forgetting the makeup brushes too (ranging from IDR 397,000-940,000). A little heads up about the powder, I saw one tester and the product completely detached from the compact. I read quite a few of reviews from customers on Sephora.com saying the same thing :/

event-marc-jacobs-beauty-launch-1Yummy Lovemarc Lip Gel

I had an opportunity to have a little chat with Tiana Lukette, Marc Jacobs Beauty Education Specialist. She shared some of her favorite products such as Genius Gel Foundation, Remedy Concealer Pen, Highliner Gel Eye Crayon (she carries 3 in her pouch), Magic Marc’er, and Lust for Lip Lacquers in Kissability which she said goes with a lot of skin tones.

event-marc-jacobs-beauty-launch-6When I asked her, she said there isn’t a definite Marc Jacobs Beauty signature look, because the brand is all about getting dressed up, trying something new, creating your own style and not being afraid at taking chances and risks.

She is one fierce lipstick fiend too (I LOVE HER!) and she shared her favorite shades for Lovemarc Lip Gel which includes All The Way (a pop of orange), Neo-Noir (a cherry red), Understudy (a gorgeous nude that I’m actually contemplating hard to get for myself).

In the photo, she’s wearing the hot-out-of-the-oven Le Marc Lip Crème in Scandal, if you’re wondering :) She was being hush-hush about this newest product and I personally can’t wait to see these in person.

If there’s one thing that’s missing from the current launch, that would be the Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer. I hope Sephora Indonesia will bring them in soon so I can paint my talons in some gorgeous polishes.

I’m excited to see Marc Jacobs Beauty being added into the Sephora Indonesia‘s ever-growing résumé. It’s like a huge stamp of upgrade, I don’t feel we’re so left behind anymore. I had a lot of fun swatching these and most likely will be getting more products in the near future.

With open arms I say, welcome, Marc Jacobs Beauty :)


  1. Waaah lucky you!! Seneng banget nih Marc Jacobs beauty udh mask Sephora Indo.. Aku liburan ke Jakarta bulan Februari nanti, jadi udh excited sama Sephora nya as we don’t have Sephora here in Germany..
    Thanks for the review :) Love the fact that you included the price too ^^


    1. Hihi you’re welcome! Glad I could help! The brand offerings on the Sephora here are obviously still nowhere as exciting as Singapore’s or Malaysia’s (siap2 kecewa), but Marc Jacobs Beauty sure does add a lot more excitement. Makes me wanna go there every week :D


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