THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil and Foam – Clean and Relaxing

I can’t, for the life of me, going to bed without having some kind of skincare ritual, even if it’s something as simple as cleansing. Double cleansing. I think it’s just embedded in me now.

A healthy complexion starts with proper cleansing. Once I realized the good difference a double-cleansing can do to my skin, I never looked back. It is simply crucial because it’s not just about getting a clean face, but the skincare that we applied afterwards will absorb better.

Meet my new favorite double cleansing duo: THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil and Balancing Foam.


I purchased them during the brand’s launching event back in February 2015. There was a promotion going on and I got this set for IDR 790,000 (super awesome deal!). It only took me about 30 seconds to commit to the purchase because everything about these products are absolutely entrancing!

Let’s discuss about the first one, Balancing Cleansing Oil. The liquid gold is encased in a minimalistic translucent box bottle with a pump. The texture of the oil is quite runny and less viscous. It feels lightweight on the skin, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m stuffed with oil on my face. I usually use 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 of a pump for every use depending on how my makeup and how ‘filthy’ I feel that day. I use one pump if I was just wearing sunscreen alone that day.

The protocol is the same. Massage the cleansing oil on dry face. I really take my time with this step because that way the oil can seep into the makeup and break the whole thing apart. Plus, massaging is good for the skin (I might share my thoughts on this on a different post). Wet my hands, grab a puddle of water than splash it on my face to emulsify the oil. I can already see that the makeup melts so easily – because the white emulsion turns into an undesirable shade right away. Once I rinse emulsion, I am left with nothing but a good, calmed soul, and a makeup-free face.

Calmed soul? Yes, the best part about the cleansing oil is I get to INHALE THAT GOODNESS.

THREE-balancing-cleansing-oil-balancing-foam-review-swatch-photos-2Less than one pump of Balancing Cleansing Oil.

THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil is made out of 88% naturally derived ingredients. It has botanical oils such as jojoba, tea seed, argan and rosehip. It also has essential oils like frankincense, bergamot fruit, rosemary, marjoram and sweet orange. All of these oils help to balance the skin’s natural oil, maintain the skin’s moisture and add to the suppleness.

I do not kid you. This stuff SMELLS AMAZE-BOMB.

I feel like I’m in a spa or something. FYI, I’ve never been into a spa before, but I guess this is how it feels. The tranquilizing herbal-citrus scent from the cleansing oil soothes my senses in an instant! I just want to keep massage and massage and massage my face. It’s incredibly therapeutic.


Step 2, of the double cleansing routine that is. Balancing Foam is the shiz.

As with the name, the cleanser creates a nice, thick lather that can really help cleanse the skin. I can use it two ways, the tedious way or the quick way. The tedious way includes me using a foaming net (mine’s from Menard) and making a fluffy yet dense, well-formed foam out of it. It’s tedious, but it’s worth it. The motion making a foam while inhaling the very-same spa-like therapeutic scent is precious. Rolling the foam over the skin, making sure those tiny bubbles glide on every part of the skin AND inhaling the scent is a luxury.

Easiest way is just make a quick lather out of wet hands and softly massage on the skin. I still take the time to smell the aromatic scent.

Either way, the Balancing Foam does the job beautifully.

THREE-balancing-cleansing-oil-balancing-foam-review-swatch-photos-4That tiny bit creates foam this much.

It has 90% naturally derived ingredients, with similar essential and botanical oils used in the Balancing Cleansing Oil. It also contains botanical water from apple, striped bamboo, rose geranium, and laurel leaf. Other interesting extracts such as kagabuto cucumber, ripped bitter melon and soapwart. The cleanser also uses fossilized coral powder as the cleansing ingredient.

The cleanser left my face looking clean and fresh. Even though it’s foam, it doesn’t stripped the moisture out of my skin. If any, it makes my skin feel comfortable and soft. I can use this night and day and I have no problems with it.

Another best part about the THREE Balancing Foam is how efficient it is. I only need a little for the whole face. See pictures. Anymore than that will be a waste in my book. This cleanser is going to last me for a long time.


In a nutshell, THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil pair up with Balancing Foam makes double cleansing a piece of cake. It doesn’t get any easier than this, seriously! Plus I get to indulge and have a spa-at-home experience, every single time.

THREE skincare’s philosophy is all about achieving a balance on the mind, body and skin. The way they create the formula with the beautiful plants and essential oils will not only help to support the skin’s health, it will also bring a sense of peace. To feel good inside out. I remember very well that I slept so soundly during my first time using the combo. I thought, could it be the calming scent?

It MUST be it.


And this is just the cleansing step.


  1. Tikkkk aku setuju dua produk ini juara! Aku jarang jerawatan gara-gara sering bersihin pakai Three (padahal kadang kalau udah capek suka males2an kan) hahaha. Yippie yay!


    1. Hi,

      Double cleansing means to cleanse the skin twice. Klo saya step pertama prefer oil based (cleansing oil or cleansing balm) to dissolve sunscreen and remove makeup. Lalu step kedua dengan face cleanser untuk membersihkan kulit.


    1. Hi,

      Sorry, aku gak hitung cos I switch around my cleansers pretty often.

      I’m guessing if you use them continuously everyday, you can get three months for the Cleansing Oil and even longer for the Balancing Foam cos you only need very little.

      Hope that helps!


  2. mau tanya mba.. klo harga satuannya (bukan promo) itu di kisaran berapa ya? for each yang cleansing oil sama cleansing foam.. soalnya tertarik nih..


    1. Hi there,

      Kalau harga belum naik, they are IDR 570,000 and IDR 480,000 respectively.

      Untuk pastinya bisa langsung check ke counternya ya. You can also try to call Central Department Store and ask for the BA.

      Hope that helps.


  3. Where can you buy it in London? Is there also a similar oil to leave over night, rather than just the cleanser? I tried it and I almost finished it. Need a new one…


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