THREE Cosmetics, A Total Charm!

Well, well, well. Whaddya know, Indonesia, Jakarta specifically, is making some more improvements by adding two numbers in the beauty brand portfolio. Those two are THREE and Illamasqua. In this post, I’ll be only covering the one that I’m most interested in, which is THREE.

Ever since I read this news, I’ve been anxiously waiting for the brand to launch. There’s a story, after I read that article, I went to Central the next day. And to my disappointment, the brand was nowhere to be found. What irked me the most was the fact that the Information people pointed me the direction and I ended up walking up and down trying to find the counter. After asking them again, finally they told me that the counter will be open by February/March 2015. Oh well.. So much for my excitement.

Anyway, that’s old story. What matters the most is that the brand is here. Are you ready? I know I am!


The official launch date was set. Call me neurotic, I did visit Central the weekend before and to my pleasure, the space is still being set up. It was all still empty, but I can just tell it’s going to look really nice. I even took the liberty of touching the counters. The material feels really nice. Anyway, long story short, with courtesy to Grazia Indonesia, I attended the event with my good friend Jess. We had LOADS of FUN swatching the products. Went “ooh-aah”-ing over some of the products. And eventually purchased some (loot here) :D

THREE‘s motto is Natural, Honest and Creative. The products, both skincare and makeup, have a lot of natural, even certified organic ingredients in them. And I find this to be very unique and uncommon, as I’ve never encountered a Japanese brand with such philosophy (or maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough). If you want to know more about the brand, products and ingredients, I suggest you to read the catalog. I have a lot of fun reading some of the descriptions. Some are corny and cheesy but I can definitely get a better sense of the brand’s vision and direction :)

More photos…


Some of the Base Makeup products, such as Ultimate Protective Pristine Primer (IDR 507,000) available in Translucent and Glow, Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation (IDR 618,000), Flawless Cream Foundation (IDR 680,000), Shimmering Glow Duo (IDR 620,000) and Ultimate Diaphanous Loose Powder (IDR 618,000) available in Glow and Translucent. I played around with the primer and fluid foundation and they felt really nice when blended on my hands.


Some of the Point Makeup products. I wanted the Velvet Lust Lipstick #12 (IDR 380,000) but it was sold out! I’m going to go back and get other shade(s) as I really like the texture of these; they remind me of SUQQU’s. To my own surprise, I didn’t check out the Color Veil for Cheeks (IDR 390,000). The counter carries some bright shades here, too bad I’m (sort of) in a (soon-to-be-lifted) blush-ban. For the eyes, there are 4D Eye Palette (IDR 750,000) Pressed Eye Color Palette Duo (IDR 480,000) with some interesting color combos, eyeliners, mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow mascara and the infamous, incredibly irresistible Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils (IDR 364,000).


The beautiful, glimmering fairy dusts (as Jess refers them) a.k.a. Shimmering Color Veils (IDR 440,000). The counter carries a lot of shades for this product. I swatched one in a pink peach shade with multicolored shimmers and I was spellbound by the flickering bits. Darn it, they make me want to learn how to use loose pigments!

event-THREE-cosmetics-launch-central-department-store-jakarta-8The model during the makeup demo. Radiant complexion, lush smoky eyes with sheeny berry lips. Everything looked very well-put together.


Skincare, YES, skincare! Of course, I’m double as ecstatic that the skincare range is also available. As someone who swears by double-cleansing, I had to get the Balancing Cleansing Oil (IDR 570,000) and Balancing Foam (IDR 480,000). As part of the promotion, I got these two as a set for a special price of IDR 790,000 (I believe the promotion is still available for a certain limited of time). I’ve been using them for a few days now and I’m really liking them a lot. The spa-like calming scent brings me to good-night sleep every night since I started using them.

True to Japanese skincare regime, there are also Lotion, Essence, Emulsion and Cream. I’m actually interested in trying Purifying Clay Mask (IDR 730,000) and Gentle Nourishing Scrub (IDR 600,000). I played with the Conditioning SQ Oil (IDR 1,490,000) and yeah, that’s another spa-at-home experience there *sigh* The counter also carries body care products.

I’m pretty sure most of the skincare products have that similar scent to them and quite prominent. If you are sensitive to scents, be sure to check the list of ingredients first, or better yet, visit the counter in person.


I personally love and appreciate that there are just not one, but three dedicated dressing table (with 3 dedicated lights) available for customers who wants to try THREE products, including the makeup brushes (yes, they are for sale as well).

I would say the product offerings are nearly complete, with some missing such as the Balancing UV Protector, Shimmering Lip Jam and a few others. I’m hopeful that in time, more products will come in. The pricing is good too, quite comparable to Japan’s prices. At the very least, it makes sense and doesn’t make me cringe at the difference.

THREE is available at Central Department Store (Grand Indonesia) and is the only counter in Jakarta/Indonesia. The set up and the ambiance in THREE counter had made me stayed there for a good couple of hours and still leave me wanting more. You can bet I will make frequent rounds to this place ;)


P.S. there might be some discrepancies with the prices mentioned above.


  1. hi tikaa, kalo dibanding sama menard kamu lebih suka yang mana cleansing oil sama balancing foamnya? masi menimbang2 mulai double cleansing nih hehehe


    1. Hi!

      Menard Lisciare Washing Cream menurutku lebih bagus sih, tapi ya harus rajin bikin foam-nya. It works the best that way. Klo THREE Balancing Foam gak harus bikin foam. I do like it because it cleanses well and has a calming spa-like scent.

      Menard gak ada cleansing oil as far as I know, adanya Cleansing Cream. I didn’t like it as much. I stick to cleansing oils and cleansing balms.

      Sebenarnya sih gak susah kok double cleansing, it has done wonderful things for my skin. Tapi klo gak rajin a.k.a. males ya lain cerita hehe.


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