Wishlist: Loose Powders

I have been a loyal fan of Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre for as long as I can remember. I trust this to set any foundation that I use. Even though now I rarely wear foundations, I still use this before my pressed powder (I use MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural nowadays) and after makeup base/primer. It sets and holds the makeup beautifully. It has a rather matte finish. I don’t mind it because I prefer to go matte rather than going dewy from the get go. I like my face smooth to the touch, not tacky.

I’d say the price is very reasonable for a high end brand. At USD 52, it contains 30 grams of product. Huge amount and it lasts for a really long time, at least 1.5 years or so for me. Bottom line, it’s perfect.

That being said though, I’ve grown rather bored of it. It’s still a great powder. I’m just trying to expand my wings on the powder field. After looking around, I’ve come up with several products in the consideration box.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Diaphanous Impalpable Finishing Powder

Ah, the bunnies are back. Rouge Bunny Rouge has an impeccable skill of story telling every product it sells in the most enchanting way. This powder is no exception. The term “vaporous silk” in the description practically sold me. I’ve read and heard great things about this product and I personally can’t wait to try this myself. The major drawback? It’s sold for USD 41 with only 7 grams of product. OUCH.

THREE Ultimate Diaphanous Loose Powder

It seems we have a trend over here with the word “diaphanous”, which simply means light, delicate and translucent. Go over the thesaurus and you’ll find all sorts of fluffiness *sigh* There are two types of this powder, Glow and Translucent. As much as I like my face to glow, I prefer the Translucent version because I have Guerlain Météorites Perles in the glow department already. The price feels better on my wallet too at ¥5,400 (including 8% tax) for 17 grams.

La Mer The Powder

It’s another cult favorite. I’ve heard many people sworn by this. I somewhat expect this to perform just as good as Chanel’s. The biggest attraction for me is that gigantic frosted tub. Price is definitely on the higher side at USD 65, but once I checked the description that it comes with 25 grams of powder, yeah, another in the bucket list.

addiction lp ADDICTION by Ayako Loose Powder

This product has just been released and I don’t know anything about it. But I want it anyway because it’s ADDICTION. Enough said. Priced at ¥4,860 for 20 grams.

Actually, I wanted to put SUQQU Nuancing Loose Powder as well. But as I was searching for the stock photo, guess what, the brand apparently releases two new loose powders: Glow Loose Powder (¥6,480 for 15 grams) and Chiffon Feel Loose Powder (¥6,480 for 19 grams). Haven’t found any reviews on the new ones. That “chiffon” word is stimulating though, to say the least.

Alright. Decision-making time.

Images (consecutively) from: blush.com, threecosmetics.com, barneys.com, addiction-beauty.com


  1. Hallo :-)
    have you considered Koh Gen Do loose powder? I have been enjoying it lamely. It is so silky and almost creamy to touch..

    I have the pressed powder from RbR but I am not entirely happy with it, that’s why I didn’t get the loose powder one ( it was on my list as well :-D )

    Love your blog btw, I wish I found it earlier ^^


    1. Hi! Thank you for the kind words :)

      Which KGD powder do you use? I was looking around and decided that I couldn’t choose which one that I want, the Maifanshi or the Face Powder. The names sometimes confuse me too :p

      The RBR loose powder is very new, and the fact that THREE uses the same “Diaphanous” word got me really interested! If only RBR put more product though, 7 gram is too little!


  2. That RBR loose powder.. with that price and the amount of the product.. pelit banget haha. Btw have you considered Kate loose powder and Innisfree no sebum powder? Those two are very good too :)


    1. Ah ok, will check out that Kate later! I don’t have much interest in Korean beauty brands, to be honest. Call me skeptical, but I’m just not convinced. Innisfree is probably the only brand that I’ll touch though.

      Anyway, I ended up getting the ADDICTION powder :p


  3. Dear kak kae, any suggestion for another loose powder with affordable price? I heard about ultima, is it good enough? I have an oily skin, I usually use MAC studio fix, but my for a daily use my face just like getting oily. I have looking for a good loose powder, any suggestion :(


    1. Hi,

      I’ve heard and read people fancying Ultima powder, although I haven’t tried it personally.

      If you are a Female Daily forum member (if you’re not you can join), you can check out this thread: http://bit.ly/1xBBB4b There are a lot of members sharing makeup products catered for oily skin and you can read from there.

      Sorry, not much of a help here :(


  4. Kak kalo untuk loose powder sama compact powder yg harga bersahabat buat kantong mahasiswa brand apa ya? Yg kurang dr 300rban makasi


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