Leahlani Masks – Even Ants Love Them!

So, this is the review that so many people have been waiting for.

I first came across Leahlani Skincare through Nic from Organic Obsessions. sometime last year. She’s always praising (and wearing) Mermaid Mask and from there on I get to know more about Leah and her work. I knew something is very special here. I have to try it for myself and boy, I certainly get more than just a skincare.

Leahlani Skincare is a mix of organic botanicals and clays, delicious tropical fruits, and pure organic Hawaiian nectars blended in intimate, aloha-infused batches on the lush north shore of Kauai.

There is a reason why it took very long for me to write the review. I have used her products for a year now and I enjoy it very much. Maybe too much that I don’t feel I have the capability on describing the way they make my skin look and the whole experience. I want to express and do her products justice. Somehow I didn’t feel I was able to. It’s like I am out of the league here.

But let me just try.


There were three products that I purchased from Leahlani. Back then, she was still using Etsy as her way of selling and the products were sold in very simple packaging. I love the ones that I picked so much and obviously many others think the same. The brand did well, gained more and more cult followers. It’s no surprise when I found out she’s revamping the brand with its own website, redesigned packaging and new magical offerings. I was ecstatic because she absolutely deserves it!

And so it came the time to repurchase. I didn’t even have to think twice and I got the very same three items I had before, plus a few new others (here). Trust me, it was very hard for me not to get everything from the line. Leahlani is one of the few skincare brands out there that I’d love to own every single piece. And I don’t say that lightly.

As you see from the picture above, I am going talk about the masks. Heads up, all of these three products have a delicious scent and good enough to eat! They do taste very scrumptious (trust me, I taste them every single time) and makes me want to lick everything off of my face, instead of rinsing it away.



Leahlani Honey Love 3-in-1.

This is hands down, my favorite morning cleanser. If it wasn’t for the price and the effort to get it, I’d be more than willing to use it every single day. Such a beautiful product. It’s a cleanser, exfoliator and mask in one and it can be used at the same time. The base ingredient is Organic Hawaiian Raw Honey with antioxidants (from Maqui Berry and Noni fruit), hibiscus and rose clay for mild exfoliation, lavender and chamomile among others. Raw Honey on its own is antibacterial and can help to heal blemishes without drawing moisture out due to its humectant quality. Stunning ingredients and my skin loves it!

There are corundum crystals at the bottom that needs to be stirred first in order to use it as an exfoliator. The crystals act as the physical polisher. I don’t use it as an exfoliator that often because the crystals aren’t the most fine and it can be a little too much at times, especially since I use it in the morning. Honey Love’s consistency on its own already has some grit to it, so I find it’s enough for a light exfoliation. Depending on the weather and temperature, the consistency can change a little. Sometimes it’s harder, sometimes it’s softer. It’s normal.

There are two ways to use Honey Love. First, I’d wet the face then take a dollop on the hand and spread it over the skin in circular motion. The second way is to apply it on dry skin and add few drops of water into the product until I reach a gooey yet spreadable consistency then onto the skin. I don’t do both, wet the skin and add water into the product because it will be too runny and slips off the skin too easily. I want it to stay put until I’m ready to take it off. The only good side is, I get to lick whatever is dripping down onto my lips.

It’s always one lush shower session in the morning whenever I use it. I’d apply Honey Love first then step into the shower, wash my hair and body and rinse the face at the very last. This way, I get to experience it as a cleanser and mask every time. The heat from my body will melt the product and it will infuse the skin with its goodness, making my skin soft and ready for my morning skincare. That’s the only way I want to use it because it’s so precious I don’t want to waste it. Saves the time with little effort and maximum impact. How about that.



Leahlani Meli Glow.

The jam-like mask is one of the new offerings and it’s jam-packed with enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants from wild-crafted fruits (such as rosehip, strawberry, starfruit, grapefruit, banana, guava) and different oils (argan, avocado, apricot kernel, sea buckthorn, olive squalane) to moisturize the skin. To add to that there’s also Vitamin C ester and Hyaluronic Acid. The base of Meli Glow is also Organic Hawaiian Raw Honey which is already so good on its own. THIS, I want to have whole thing as dessert. The sweet-smelling scent is paradise in a jar.

To apply, I take about 3/4 of a teaspoon and start massaging it gently on clean and just ever so slightly damp face, or add few drops of water into the mask. Because it is more runny, it tends to drip. I cringe when it happens because I’m wasting it. So I make sure I take just enough on the fingertip and apply while making sure my other hand is alert to catch any droplet. The mask is rather sticky so it may take time to spread it over but the more you work it in, the easier it gets. Don’t do anything too active that can leave your hair sticking on the face. I can leave it up to an hour or more. I tend to forget really. It rinses off quite easily, but I use a face cloth just to be sure. I hope Leah will consider making this in the size of large Honey Love jar because this runs out fast!

Don’t expect this to work like regular AHA products because the concentration is different. Meli Glow increases blood circulation, creating a healthy, almost rosy glow in the morning. As if I’ve been lightly kissed by the sun. The glow (here) looks more obvious once I put my makeup on. There’s an illuminating quality underneath the makeup and it’s something that makeup can’t replicate. Healthy, radiant skin.

To continue the experience and complete the routine, after rinsing the mask off, I like to top it with a hydrating toner or a lush face mist. Add a generous amount and the skin will absorb it even more. Then at the last step, I choose either Champagne Serum (another favorite of mine) or Bless Beauty Balm to round everything. The skin is now loaded with lavish, abundant nutrients and antioxidants and I reap the result by morning. Absolute joy.



Leahlani Mermaid Mask.

The one that started it all. The legendary Mermaid Mask. This deep emerald green mask has gained a cult following in the green beauty world and it’s the one must-try from Leahlani, in my opinion. I can’t tell you enough how beautiful this mask is. It helps to purify, cleanse and moisturize the skin, gently, but very effective. All elements are very well balanced. Leah is an absolute genius. This one holds a special place in my heart since I received my first jar one year ago.

It’s a powerhouse full of superfoods thanks to Organic Hawaiian Spirulina and Organic Chlorella in it; they also the ones that make this mask green in color. Spirulina and Chlorella are fantastic sources of antioxidants, proteins and minerals, if not the best out there. Then there’s French Green Clay and Sea Clay that help to draw out impurities and excess oils. There are also different essential oils with different purposes to moisturize, soften, clarify, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, soothing, anti-bacterial, so many more. All of this goodness are carried in yet again, Organic Hawaiian Raw Honey. It smells like honey and oranges! Lickety good~

To use, mix the jar first as the mask can harden a little on the top. It’s normal because of the temperature changes. Take a dollop and add about 2-3 drops of water, mix it then the paint the face. I don’t add water if I’m mixing it with Champagne Serum or Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. As an alternative, sometimes I’d spray my face with a face mist first then apply the mask. Then every 10 minutes, I’d spray it again to sort of activate the mask again. It’s a wonderful, aloha-magical feeling and I can go as far as two hours wearing it and my skin still feels soft, instead of tight.

Because this is currently only available in one size, I love to get creative to get the most use out of it. For one, to boost up the experience to another level, I love adding Champagne Serum into Mermaid Mask. The combo is a knockout! It makes my skin so nourished and soft afterwards. It’s perfect to use after a strong clarifying mask, such as May Lindstrom The Problem Solver. To stretch out the use, I love mixing Mermaid Mask with Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. The two creates such a creamy consistency with even more hydration and moisture into the skin. I also love to use the mask after a Bravura peel. The acid peel takes the dead skin cells and what’s left is a fresh layer, ready to be feed and comforted. Basically, anytime that I feel the skin needs nourishment, this is the one I go for.

Actually, it is very hard NOT to reach for this whenever I want to have a mask session. If I follow my heart then I would’ve gone through jars and jars of Mermaid Mask by now.

leah-lani-mermaid-mask-honey-love-meli-glow-review-swatch-photos-9I just wanna lick ’em all. I kinda did :p

I do not kid you when I write “even ants love them” because they do. There has been quite an issue with the ants lately in the house and Meli Glow was one of the victims. As much as I try to keep the side of the jar clean, there was some leftovers because of the runnier consistency and bizarrely, the ants were able to track the scent and munch on it. Mind you, I keep the masks inside the cabinet.

EW EW EW. That was my first reaction. I was in disgust and horror when I found out. I quickly let the tap water run on the jar (still closed) and made sure no ants coming out of it anymore. I prayed that they didn’t eat the whole thing and luckily they only managed to get on the sides inside the cap. I wiped off everything and closed the cap tightly. I ended up cleaning out the whole cabinet just to make sure there were no ants at sight. Then I went berserk and outlined the whole skincare cabinet with ant chalk.

Few days later, I found out Honey Love (left it in the bathroom for a day) got attacked. I did the same thing and outline the bathroom and seal any holes that I thought could be the ants’ point of entries. The bright side is, I believe these masks are really made from natural ingredients, the best that the mother earth can provide. To the point these little creatures can found their way making these their own source of provision.


Leahlani masks are the kind of look-good-feel-good products. The common thread I find is each of the masks is well balanced. The ingredients in each product work and complement each other very nicely. Every ingredient is meticulously chosen and has a purpose, whether is a main character or an underlying feature. The concoction is never too much but the result is optimum.

I can wear any of them in almost any situation. Let it be a crappy or happy skin day, I can just pick one or two and I feel better instantly. Multi mask and use three at one go. Honey Love as a second cleanser, Mermaid Mask then Meli Glow. I did that once and feel completely guilty about it though because I’m wasting so much. I’d rather use one and enjoy it fully on its own. But whichever I choose, it’s always a good decision.

The magic starts as soon as opening the jar. Leah put a lot of passion, thoughts and heart into her products and this is reflected in the products. Holistically speaking, I feel her positivity is infused deeply in the precious potions and affect me as the wearer. As a result, I always, always feel happy and at peace whenever I use her products. It is contagious and addictive. I get to learn to appreciate myself and others better, and reflect on life in general. In return, I want to share the newfound joy and continue the spirit by simply being positive every day. It sounds preposterous because to some people, this is just a skincare. But after having a few conversations with Leah, it wasn’t just a hallucination or an exaggeration.

It’s a genuine feeling.


P.S. I got the products hand carried from the US (thanks to family and friends). For local Indonesians, if you’re interested in trying the magic of Leahlani Skincare, you can purchase the goods via Instagram @shoppinglust and Benscrub now.


Any Thoughts or Comments?

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