Temper The Skin with TATCHA Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream

My heart sang when TATCHA came out with a moisturizer as a part of their Indigo line. I love the Hand Cream and Body Butter. They’re a savior for dry and parched limbs. My sister had used them when she suffered a sunburn a few times and to treat her irritated cracked hands. They healed these conditions quickly.

By then, I thought it’d be brilliant if the brand could make a version that’s suitable for the face, because I know I could benefit from it greatly. They answered my prayers!

TATCHA Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream.



What it is (from the website):

Formulated for sensitive skin, this anti-aging moisturizer is rich in Indigo extract, Colloidal Oatmeal and Sophora Japonica extract, which calm, comfort, and restore skin’s natural resiliency.

The formula has 3% Colloidal Oatmeal, which is said to be the highest percentage currently available for a moisturizer in over-the-counter market. It’s targeted for sensitive skin with signs of rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or allergies. This moisturizer is awarded National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™ (read the details here).

Packaging wise, it’s housed in a deep purple tub with gold detailing. Very simple, hefty and feels luxurious. The only thing is, I wish TATCHA would’ve include a spatula to scoop the product out, just like its other moisturizer. I feel uneasy dipping my finger in it. That being said, I do use a separate spatula.

Looking at the tub, it looks like a thick cream. When I pick it up, it surprisingly feels more lightweight than I imagined, like it’s been whipped. It melts rather easily once I massage into the skin, not too much slip though. It has a soft indigo blue shade (comes from the Japanese Indigo), but fret not, it will not turn our skin blue once blended. It disappears into the skin. No Blue Man situation here. It has a unique scent, I think it’s the oatmeal. Smells lovely, if you’re into it.


Set aside the claim on being an anti-aging moisturizer, let’s explore why I absolutely adore this product.

Long time ago, I had hoped to find a face cream that would be able to deal with my redness. Alas I found none. Years later, obviously, I realize there are many factors and steps I have to do. And that I can’t rely on just one product.

Enter TATCHA Soothing Triple Recovery Cream. First time using this, I knew this would be a staple. I remember very well the weather was hot and rather excruciating for my skin. So throughout the day I developed small blemishes here and there. My face was just red, itchy and uncomfortable. NOT GOOD. Without a second thought, I applied this cream at the very end of my night skincare routine and voilà, I woke up with a much calmer, soothed complexion. From there on, every time I felt my skin is acting up, I would take this as a first aid. Please note that it doesn’t necessarily treat blemishes/acne, but it helps the angry skin to tone down and make the healing process heaps more comfortable and slightly faster.

It soothes the skin within minutes of application, I can feel it cools down the temperature of the skin. I do not know what sort of blue magic going around here, but I’m hooked! I don’t even need a lot to cover the whole face. I have a huge tub of this and discover the many ways I can use this for. This is great for sudden rash and parched skin too. Say, if I was spot treating acne with Benzolac or OXY 10 (contains Benzoyl Peroxide and dries the heck out of my skin), I’d apply this on the top to counter it. I also love to use this around my lips and mouth where I often suffer dryness from my toothpaste after brushing my teeth.

The most stretched by far is to treat mosquito and bug bites. I have a sweet blood (or so they say), so I’m prone to get mosquito bites practically anywhere. Some bites are itchier and last longer than others, we’re talking days here. I’d just take a little bit of the cream and in a few days, those will be gone.

Whether I’d been out in the sun for a prolong time, or simply get sensitized because of the dust and pollution, this blue cream will come to the rescue.


It is a no wonder that TATCHA Soothing Triple Recovery Cream is a constant occupant in my travel pouch. I’m more than willing to lug this heavy tub around just to make sure my skin is protected. It’s the safety net. Having this product in my arsenal, I imagine this will be a dream cream to wear on winter weather. Oh how I wish it was there to save my skin on my cold uni days back in Toronto. But seeing how well it fared treating my skin after scorching hot Bali days, this is indeed one versatile, powerful product.

Still, the blue shade is quite an alarming sight. But as I said, it’s blended to colorless. I actually like to wear this on daytime as well. Just a thin layer after my serum and before sunscreen. It’s also quite doable when mixed with a face oil. My favorite combo is to wear this after Sunday Riley Luna Oil. Dayum, that will send my skin straight to zen-mode!

When one talks about anti-aging (not that I believe in the term itself), one might relate to improvements in texture, softer-looking wrinkles, plumpness, firmness, etc. I don’t feel this product does any of that. I get those from my acid products, serums and face oils. But with a skin that’s calmed, I can see a smoother texture. And I believe when the vessel (the skin) is in a good state, products that I use will work better and yield better results too.

By any means, I’m already ecstatic that I finally have a product that can actually help with my redness and reduce its sensitivity. Big time.


Disclaimer: the product was sent as a PR sample. All opinions and thoughts, good and bad, are 100% mine, as always.


  1. Hi Kae,

    This cream seems quite thick. After the application, does it feel tacky or heavy on your skin? And do you recommend to use it daily or just in case the skin is acting up? Thank you! :)


    1. Hi Felice,

      Just like I wrote above, it’s definitely more lightweight than I had guessed. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. It does leave a slight tacky finish, but it’s still within my normal standard of “tackiness level” :p

      I can definitely use it everyday whether it’s for daytime or nighttime, but I prefer to use it when my skin is acting up. I also like to use it on certain areas such as around my mouth where it can be drier and flaky at times, or on any inflamed areas.


  2. Hi Kae,

    Sorry mao tny, do u know where i can buy this? I search online but i cant find anyone who sell this in indonesia.. Can you give me some direction as to where i can buy this?

    Thank you


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