My Japan Holiday Trip – Skincare Routine

I thought I should share what skincare products I brought and used during my recent Japan trip. This particular one is special because I’ve yet traveled in any winter weather since I started my skincare journey few years ago. So let’s just say this is sort of an educated experiment that turned successful.

Obviously, I researched and visualized the weather conditions and temperature. It was the end of winter, coming into spring. With that in mind, I had a general idea of a set of products that I want to bring with me. Of course, they have to fit into my skincare bag. I had to negotiate here and there to make sure the bag isn’t too heavy. The total weight overall came to around 1 – 1.5 kg, I think. Or probably more *HA*. The bag did feel heavy.

Another info you need to know is I got sick a couple days before my departure. Sore throat, fatigue, headache. All escalated into one nasty cold, congestion with frequent coughing within the first few days of my trip. Thank goodness, I was prepared.

Without further adieu, let’s get to it!


The flight from Jakarta to Tokyo, on the paper, took 7 hours 25 minutes. In reality though, between waiting and taxiing, I spend more than that inside the aircraft. I’m no stranger to long haul flights, my younger years traveling back and forth to Toronto usually took me 26 hours++. This CGK- HND was a piece of cake. But it wasn’t the duration I’m concerned about, it’s the dehydration part.

I intentionally picked a red-eye flight so I can catch up some sleep and feel refreshed in the morning. Because of that, I had the liberty to not wear any makeup when I departed. Just skincare loaded with hydrated products.

Two hours before landing, I double cleansed my skin with Menard Saranari products. Started off with its Refresh Massage (doubles as a cleansing cream) and Washing Cream. Patted the Lotion with a cotton pad. Then I scooped out TATCHA Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate* (that I depotted into a small jar) and massaged it over the skin. It absorbed into the skin easily. Once that’s done, I applied a little bit of Menard Saranari Emulsion before topping it all off with sunscreen.

After everything is well absorbed, which took about 20 minutes, I did a simple makeup. Just powder and fixed the brows.


Of course I still want to double cleanse. No slacking here. I brought NUDE Omega Cleansing Jelly as my first cleanser. This jelly-turn-balmy consistency never stripped my skin and the slim packaging saved a lot of space. For the second cleanser, I brought Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip and it also doubles as my morning cleanser. Once in every few nights I’d massage the skin with Menard Saranari Refresh Massage. So good.

Funny thing is, as it turned out, all of the hotels I stayed in actually gave out a minimum of double cleansing products as their amenities. And they’re not just mediocre products, they’re really good. Classic Japanese skincare. Had I known that, I’d probably left out mine.

Not pictured here is my forever love Bioré Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip to remove my eye makeup before I do anything else.


Now for toners. I only used Bravura Revitalizing Ginseng Toner once in every 2-3 nights. I was afraid I might dry out the skin so I am being careful about using an acid toner. Antipodes Ananda Gentle Toner* (from Benscrub) became a staple in my routine, day and night. Just spritz away and patted it in. It’s quick and does its job efficiently. I would use Menard Saranari Lotion if I was using the acid toner beforehand. I’m loving this and considering getting the full sized product even though the price might choke my neck.

I decided to take Bravura Salicylic Acid 2% with me as I came with a few blemishes right before my trip. I used it as a spot treatment on problematic areas and it helped greatly. I also brought this so my SO can use it to treat his acne.


I was lucky to try out TATCHA Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum* for about a couple of weeks prior the trip. Liking it a lot, this went straight into the travel bag. It’s hydrating and the cooling ceramic tip kept my under eye puffiness at bay.

NUXE Rêve de Miel Lip Balm became my one sole helper for my dry lips. This never fails me. Frankly, sometimes my lips still dried out and peeled a little during the day. The cold wind can be a challenge. But applying a thicker layer at nighttime helped to really nourish and restore the lips’ condition.


For the first few days, I knew I had to amp up the hydration and moisture level. I felt this is important to set the tone, to condition the skin in bracing the cold weather. I relied heavily on using TATCHA Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate* and Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream* (depotted as well). I used them pretty much for the first 5 days, PM and AM. The Serum Concentrate works wondrous at increasing the hydration level, making my skin plump and glow despite the cold (both the weather and my physical health). I’d also been using this for about a couple of weeks before my trip and I do believe it had prepped my skin for the drier weather. TATCHA magical blue cream is the next best thing. That nasty cold took a toll on the skin on my nose and on top of my mouth. These areas were very dry, flaked, to a point of cracking and to be honest painful from all the constant tissue-rubbing and nose blowing. This cream is the savior. I knew it’s the right move to bring it with me!

Now below is what I stick with for the rest into the trip, pretty much.

For morning routine, after toner, depending on how I feel, I may or may not apply Menard Saranari Emulsion before Leahlani Champagne Serum (mixed with Avène Eau Thermale for better absorption). I’ve been using the Champagne Serum for months now and I have confidence in it. It’s a beautiful all-rounder oil serum loaded with antioxidants. Sometimes I might add Aurelia serum before Leah Lani’s. Final sun protection is my favorite Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+ PA++++.

For nighttime routine, I can be a little more adventurous and indulgent. I have several options. Again after toning (or double toning), I can either do these:

  • Applied a micro emulsion out of Aurelia Revitalize & Glow Serum with KYPRIS Beauty Elixir II. Lush.
  • Aurelia Serum + TATCHA Serum Concentrate. Lush lush.
  • Micro emulsion (Aurelia + KYPRIS) + TATCHA Serum Concentrate. Lush lush lush.

Above everything (AM and PM), I might add TATCHA Indigo Soothing Cream all over or on drier areas -> my dying nose and around the mouth.


I was thinking of bringing Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask, but unfortunately that cost a space I can’t afford. I chose to bring TATCHA and Menard Exstretch sheet masks instead. But, in the end, I didn’t use them. I actually didn’t feel the need to use them! My skin was well hydrated and moisturized throughout the trip. It was exfoliated enough to keep things going. No new blemishes. No rash. No dry patches. Just my nose, which healed nicely thanks to TATCHA Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream.

The credit will also go to Japan’s clean, less-polluted air (cleaner than Jakarta’s obviously). Environment plays a big card in how my skin react. That being said, I feel my skin can handle colder weather better than tropical ones. I still remember the olden days where I always struggled with Toronto’s summer. Bali’s weather is problematic for my skin too. Ironic that I live in Jakarta now where it’s pretty much summer and humid all year. But hey, at least I’m coping with it. OK, enough of that.

Do note that I didn’t do any skincare during my return flight because.. I was exhausted and I still want to wear my makeup *HA*. Instead, I prepped the skin 2 nights before with TATCHA Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate.

Well, that’s it! My skincare routine during my Japan trip. I hope it can be helpful for those of you who are wondering how to lay down a skincare set with similar circumstances. Doesn’t always have to be the same products, but it’s the idea behind it.

OK, I think I deserve a pat on the back for this one ;)


Disclaimer: * denotes PR sample. As always, all opinions are mine. I wouldn’t take them with me if they don’t do good for my skin.


  1. Yay you’re back Tik!! How was the holiday? Nggak sabre liat haul nya nih xDD
    Btw, this post made me want to try Tatcha even more T-T , sayang banget Tatcha susah didapet nya outside US, huhu..


    1. The holiday was ever-so lovely! I wish I could stay longer *sobs*

      Iya yahh. Tatcha bisa international shipping kok Pam. Klo gak salah complimentary shipping with purchases over USD 250. Sounds a lot but it’s quite easy to get to that amount to be honest hehe.


        1. Hi Andina,

          Nooo I did not order them myself. Pernah dikirimin paket dari Tatcha dan ditahan gak bisa release klo gak punya BPOM. Akhirnya di return and the whole ordeal took three months sampai akhirnya paket balik lagi dan diterima oleh Tatcha. It was exhausting and time consuming. I will never want to go through that again, ever.

          Aku biasa pesan via IG @shoppinglust. Save yourself the hassle! :)


          1. That sounds like a nightmare indeed. Well, anything that involves customs is basically a donezo.

            Thanks Kak Kae, as always (^___^)


            1. Yes, it was :(

              I had to call the shipping courier (a very well-known one) many times, asked for updates and they weren’t being professional either. All I know I had to make sure the package gets back to the US safely.

              Oh well, lesson(s) learned :)


  2. Hi Tika,

    I’ve been following you on IG, blog, etc for about a year. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in beauty, especially skincare. I learn a lot about skincare layering game (the logical thinking behind it) and also came to know tons of products from different brands from you. Trully appreciate it :)

    Anyway, you put together such a thorough line up for your trip. I went to Japan too 2 weeks ago but i brought like only 1/10 of what you brought haha. No wonder you have a glowing skin.

    I hope you have a great day.



    1. Hi Neni,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. There’s nothing more rewarding to see people (you included) can gain something out of what I’ve shared so far 😊

      I guess I could cut some of the routine but I didn’t feel comfortable with it. I’d rather be safe than sorry to be honest, cos my skin can flip out in a matter of hours if I do something wrong.

      Once again, thank you very much and have a wonderful weekend 😊



  3. hi tika, how do you like the champagne serum so far? is it good as a single use serum?
    because ‘m searching for a lightweight serum for morning use. thankyou :)


      1. thankyou for your reply :)

        how about the texture? is it lightweight and non greasy? because my skin is combination type.. i’m afraid it will make my skin more oily if i apply in the morning..


        1. It’s lightweight which is why I love to use it in the morning, and I’ve been using it for months. It’s an oil, so there will be some shine after application. It’s not sticky, for my preference.

          However, mine is the old formula. Leah Lani has updated the Champagne Serum with few additional ingredients.

          It could be tricky when using oil in the morning. You can try 2-3 drops first or mix it with your moisturizer.


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