Dancing in Waters – Beloved Combo

This combo that I cheekily named Dancing in Water was quite a favorite of mine in 2016 and it was discovered by surprise. I received each of the products at a different time. I had used them separately and suddenly had an inkling to layer them together. Then the magic happens.

The major keyword in this post will be hydration. The two products in the spotlight are TATCHA Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate and Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream. I will individually review them and hopefully it’ll explain why the combo got its name ;)


TATCHA Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate was a new addition in the brand’s Luminous line in early 2016 (OK, this review is obviously way overdue). I was very intrigued when I heard about the news. The first reason is the unusual texture of the serum. It’s white in color and reminds me of panna cotta, except it’s more gel-ish. It jiggles when I shake the jar. Just like the “Memory” name suggests, once we scoop some out, the surface will come back to its original state instead of messy with lots of holes. I have a hypothesis as to why they make the texture the way it is. It could be to preserve the hydration and moisture longer. It breaks up during blending but the little molecules revert back as a unity, bonding a thin layer in the skin. IDK, do I make any sense here?

I only need about a little over pea-sized amount to cover the entire face. A little goes a long way. Add a little bit more for the neck area as well. The jelly texture melts upon blending it into the (warm) skin. Such a peculiar, yet LUSH texture. Depending on the amount, I may take a little more time making sure everything is well absorbed. Once blended, the skin will look slightly shiny at first (not that I mind) and then I’ll wake up with a dewy complexion the next morning. It makes a huge difference especially when my skin is dry and dull.

Because of the friendly watery texture, this serum plays relatively great with other products. I can apply another serum beforehand and then layer this over for a juice of hydration. Even though there’s a little bit of film in the final finish to seal in the product, I still use either a face oil or moisturizer over the serum to prevent the hydration leaving my skin.

This is a great pre-, in- and post-flight treatment, whether it’s short or long haul. I relied heavily on TATCHA Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate during my Japan trip last year. It saved me from suffering any dehydration during and after the trip. My skin didn’t dread from the fairly harsh winter. It’s not convenient to carry the whole jar, so I depotted it into a small pot. Because of the ease and effectiveness, this small pot becomes one of the must-haves in my travel pouch now because you never know, I might experience sudden dehydration. Better be ready.

Despite the “overnight” name, this serum can be applicable for daytime use, providing that I don’t use too much; half of what I usually use at nighttime. The serum will add a glow underneath the makeup. Whenever my skin is a wee bit drier, applying this underneath will also help makeup to stick and look better.

Feeling a little indulgent? Spread some over the arms for that lovely glow on the skin!


Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream is also a product that’s launched a couple of months or so after Tatcha’s. Yet another long-overdue review, but better late than never. The term “water cream” here definitely peaked my curiosity as I can totally visualize the texture right away. I think this type of consistency is perfect for someone like me who has combination, dehydrated-prone skin. It’s not the most lightweight, but not too heavy where I’d feel I want to wash off my face during the day. Yep, the cream is doable for Jakarta’s humid weather as well.

The cream consists of two types of hyaluronic acid for binding hydration into the skin, Alpha Arbutin for hyperpigmentation, tamarind extract for added moisture and my favorite, papaya enzyme. WEE! My skin loves papaya enzyme and has benefited so much from it. (Read also: Odacité Pa+G, another product I love with papaya enzyme). The enzyme exfoliates and smooths my skin but doesn’t dry up the skin in the process or sensitizes it. I’ve heard some people are complaining about the scent. The ingredient list does say it has fragrance, though it wasn’t disclosed in details. To me, the scent simply reminds me of other products I’ve tried that have papaya enzyme. There’s this basic, similar note and I’m assuming that’s just how papaya enzyme smells like.

The one thing that I didn’t like is probably the packaging. It could’ve been done better. Less bulky, less widely-opened. Providing a spatula would’ve also helped. I always have a spare spatula somewhere so it’s not a problem for me. But there are many out there who still love dipping their fingers into the cream; that’s just not hygienic. By inserting a spatula, you’re indirectly educating the customers as well. Also, after a while, the product tends to separate, so I need to mix it around. Having a spatula sure is handy in this situation.


Will I say this cream does everything it promises, especially brightening hyperpigmentation? No. Not entirely anyway. First off, this is a moisturizer that’s meant to be used at the very last, after serum. I can’t say that the product will absorb better than the serum (which meant to be the most potent of any other skincare product). However, I do think it has a hand in the process. It’s not something that I would notice right away because then again, I still use different products that will aid in fading my PIH. But what I can see is how my skin looked more even than usual when I used this AM and PM for approximately two weeks. Less red, less spotty.

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream gives the right amount of hydration with just enough emollients as the sealant. The slight cooling effect is just the cherry on the top. If you have drier skin, it might not be enough for nighttime use. I always imagine this sort of texture is most suitable for combination skin and summer time. It’s quite lovely for daytime use too, despite the papaya enzyme in it. It doesn’t exfoliate as harsh as AHA does. Still, SPF is an absolute must during the day.

I actually ended up giving this to my SO to use because he lacked moisturizer in his routine. I had to forced him a little into it. He works in an air-conditioned environment most of the time so not having a moisturizer isn’t wise and it’s clearly showing on his skin. Also, I thought he could use a little bit more “kick” in his brightening/resurfacing routine without compromising hydration and/or moisture. He loved it and he finished the tub. I can see his skin looked much more “complete” and healthier once he used Tidal diligently.


When layered together in the same routine, it’s some kind of haven for my skin. Plump, cushiony skin, smooth and GLOW. Very hydrated. That’s when the words “Dancing in Waters” came instinctively. They represent the experience. Drenched in water and moisture. It’s even more apparent when my skin was dehydrated. My skin would drink up TATCHA Overnight Serum and Sunday Riley Tidal like a sponge would. I’d do this combo for a few days and the skin will get back to its normal state.

I suppose there are other products I can use and layer to achieve similar, hydrated results. But, to find a combination that would give such a lush experience, that would transport my mind into a different world, as if something just clicked inside of me and I tell myself “that’s it!”.
Now that’s quite a rarity.


Disclaimer: both products were sent to me as PR samples. Rest assured, all opinions and thoughts are still my very own. I tell it the way it is, as always.


Any Thoughts or Comments?

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