Peach Eyes with Purple Glitter Liner

I’m getting more and more encouraged to be more playful with my eye makeup lately. First and foremost, I’m not that skilled with it and secondly, I’m just too comfortable with my neutrals. Both combined, I’m stuck with one (or two) neutral eye shadows during a makeup routine. That being said, I can’t get my eyes off of the beautiful eye shadow offerings in multitude of shades. So, I (kinda) promised at myself that I will at least give a little more effort every now and then (more on the now), so I can justify the purchases of these more colorful items.

And here’s one of those efforts..

peach eyes-purple-liner-1

The concoctions include a couple of Burberry Sheer Eye Shadows in Almond and Porcelain, Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen in Peach Pavé, Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Iridescent Iris and Anastasia Brow Duality in Camille/Sand.

I had been using Burberry Almond and Porcelain for a while now. I really like the pale peach tone of Porcelain, it’s quite brightening on the eyes but it doesn’t scream loud. Then, I started to use DiorShow Plum Liner to go with it and I think it’s doable and still doesn’t look too much.

When I saw Pixi showed up on Hautelook, I found a lot of great stuff (at great cut-off prices, of course) and it didn’t take long for me to pick out several items. Two of them are included in today’s look. I knew right away that I wanted Peach Pavé because I instantly thought this would be a wonderful with Burberry Porcelain. I also picked up the popular eyeliner in Iridescent Iris and darn it, I should’ve gotten a back up or two, because the formula is heavenly!

peach eyes-purple-liner-2

When swatched like this, it’s obvious that Pixi Peach Pavé is more of a true peach compared to Burberry Porcelain. But the two, in my eyes, works together beautifully.

The rundown is pretty easy. I apply Pixi Peach Pavé all over my eyelid and lower lash line, then apply Burberry Porcelain on top. I use a little bit of Burberry Almond on the crease and outer lower lash line. For the inner corners, swipe a little bit of Anastasia Brow Duality Camille/Sand (I use the shimmer end). I also apply this just a bit on my brow bone and blend it.

I line my upper lash line with Pixi Irisdescent Iris, taking it in between the lashes as well for a fuller look. Applying it slightly up and outwards, then taking an eyeliner brush and make a flick. The beautiful soft formula allows me to do this before it finally dries and stays put for the rest of the day. Curl my lashes, apply mascara, loads of them because my lashes are non-existent. Then, as a final touch, tightlining. This is one step that I never forget because it makes a huge difference.

Keep in mind that I am still learning the whole world of eye makeup, so be kind :)


For the lip pairing, I choose Givenchy Le Rouge Beige Plume, a peachy beige nude.

For the cheeks, I opt for my favorite nude blush layering-game featuring the no-brainer, my go-to Burberry Light Glow Tangerine, Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush 5, and Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicata. This video shows how I do this.

peach eyes-purple-liner-5

In all honesty, while I appreciate the softness of the look, I feel plain. Something is missing and I know I’m itching for my bold lip.

And so I did.

peach eyes-purple-liner-6

The lip is from By Terry Rouge Terrybly Pink Party, a HAWT neon pink.
*sigh* I feel more at home now.

I personally love this pairing a lot more. It’s super fun! Even though the eyes are quite colorful, the lighter (read: novice) application definitely helps the final look to be not as if I have Mardi Gras on my face :D

Until my next effort~


  1. very pretty!! I stumbled upon your instagram and then found your blog. I instantly fell in love.. <3
    Burberry eye shadows have one of the best formulation on the market, imo :)


    1. Thank you, Pamela! Are you by any chance Indonesian? Stalked your blog a little bit just now and noticed your last name sounds Indonesian hehe.

      I totally agree, I love them! I still have a few on my wishlist :p


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