DiorShow Liner Waterproof Plum – Happy Accident

Once upon a time, I was waiting for a DiorShow Art Pen in Cruise Blue to come into my mail. I was really excited when I got my package. However, half-opening the package, I knew something wasn’t right. My guess was true, I was sent a wrong item. I was a little bit disappointed but that disappeared quickly because the mistakenly-sent item was actually on my list-to-get after the blue liner. So, is it a yay? YAY, indeed.

Meet my current favorite liner, DiorShow Liner Waterproof Plum/Prune.


Pictured together with Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Midnight Plum. Together, they have been my current staples for the past 2 months or so.

Let me tell you a little bit of background. I don’t really like to wear a black eyeliner. I find it to be rather harsh against my eyes. I have small eyes with sparse, thin lashes. Wearing a black eyeliner would just look too stark in contrast, as if there’s a gap I can’t fill. Which is why I opt for dark, blackened brown eyeliner on a daily basis. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Caviar Ink has been my go-to. I love the deep brown shade, it’s definitely not black, but it’s enough to give some definition to my lash line without going overboard. I have been using this for years.

However, after playing around with DiorShow Liner Waterproof Plum, I’ve been neglecting the Bobbi Brown. Not that I ditch it for eternity, it’s just that the urge to go plum is too strong!


The plum shade itself is gorgeous. It’s deep, slightly blackened, which is perfect for my no-black-liner preference. To my surprise, it’s pigmented from the get go. It’s matte and it doesn’t tug my eyes. The formula gives me just enough time to use an eyeliner brush and create a flick at the end. And boy, it sets and stays. The whole friggen day.

I like to apply Burberry Midnight Plum on top of it for a softer effect. And/or smudge it under the outer lower lash line for a more-obvious plum look.

The result? It’s addictive. It’s subtle but surprisingly noticeable to those meticulous, trained eyes. It gives the definition that I needed for my eyes, with something extra on the side.

*drum rolls*



Because I’m not experimental in eye makeup, I stick to my neutrals. In the photo above, I was wearing either Burberry Pale Barley or Rouge Bunny Rouge Bohemian Waxwing on my lid. Sorry, for some reason I couldn’t remember which one! But, those two are neutrals that I usually stick with.

On certain moods, I like to pair the Dior plum liner with a darker eyeshadow like Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicate Hummingbird. Here’s an FOTD I posted on Instagram a while ago. The eye shadow, a beautiful, rather complex shade that has a notably plum tone, matches so well with with the liner.

I personally think the plum liner look perfectly fine with a bright red lip too. As a matter of fact, DiorShow Liner Waterproof Plum seems to go with any lip color I pair it with. I’ve always considered dark purples/plums are neutrals. And I think I’m right.

It’s a happy accident indeed. It’s even better because I know for sure I won’t use the blue liner as often as this one *HA!* I have a feeling that I will finish this liner in no time soon. And that means a repurchase :)

Do you love plum liner as much as I do? Share your thoughts!


Any Thoughts or Comments?

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