LoTW: Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope – Star System

Lo and behold.

I fall into the nude lip, deeply.

Who knew, the girl who wears the brights and bold on a daily basis could fall for something that’s “flat”? I think it’s ought to change. It’s surprisingly inevitable.

Because deep inside, I was longing for the other spectrum.

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope in Star System.


So there I was, standing in front of the Velvet Rope lineup. Five shades. One down, four more to go. But which one I should go for next was truly a challenge (or apparently not). The usual me would be “go for the reds”. But dang it, once I swatched Star System, I knew I had to get this. There’s a spark of chemistry between us.

Without a single doubt, I asked the Beauty Assistant for a new one and marched to the cash register with my other goodies (hint: Diptyque).

lipstick-queen-velvet-rope-star-system-review-swatch-photos-1That block of gold.

There’s no need to reiterate the glorious-ness of Velvet Rope‘s presentation. You can see it all or relive it in my Private Party review, where I dwell about its box and packaging in at least two hundred words.

Despite wanting to try it right away, I hesitated a little. I just had to take my time with it. Enjoying its glamorous beauty. Savoring the brand-spanking-new-ness until the very last bit because I can’t get it back once I use it. I can enjoy the pictures, but the feeling will not be quite the same.

It’s nothing short of indulgence.


Star System is very possibly everything that I’ve always wanted in a nude lipstick. There, I said it.

To make it easy, here are the things that made me stayed away from nudes:

  • didn’t cover my pigmented lips.
  • applied streaky, or patchy. It’s almost impossible to get it even.
  • sinks to my lip lines in the worst way possible. I’m more lenient about this because my lips do have a lot of vertical lines.
  • the overall result made my lips look pasty and inescapably pale-to-dead.
  • because of the dominant white base, it’s drying. Or worse, peeled my lips.
  • didn’t wear off nicely. It’s either patchy, or simply gone.
  • what’s supposed the be “light”, actually felt heavy on my lips

Star System unchecks all of that.

I couldn’t believe that it really does cover my lips in one swipe. OK, two for perfection and most likely reflex. But this is by far, the first nude lipstick I have that applies with no issues.

lipstick-queen-velvet-rope-star-system-review-swatch-photos-4Peachy nude goodness.

As far as formula goes, I find Star System to be pretty much identical with Private Party. The way that it glides on the lips. The right amount of slip to blanket the lips effortlessly. That creamy, emollient texture yet it doesn’t feel wet (if you know what I mean). The incredible pigmentation while retains the very same feather-lightweight feel. The peppermint scent and slight cooling sensation. Velvety soft matte finish. All of these characteristics combined are what I can now only associate with Velvet Rope formula. It is incomparable.

The bullet itself is on the softer side. When applying, it can touch the sides of the tube, making marks. The tube itself is quite narrow, so it’s bound to happen I suppose. For safety precaution, I make sure to keep it in a cool place, and this applies to all of my lipsticks.

While it may not last through certain meals, surprisingly, I find that Star System stays put most of the time. I think the silicone in it prevents the lipstick to slip off of the lips too easily. I’m actually very impressed considering this is a nude shade. It collects another plus point for staying up well through drinks. I love how it wears down so gracefully. Thin layer at a time. To be honest, it’s like a nude lipstick goes to a my-lips-but-better shade as the day progresses (if I don’t touch up). No unsightly patches, though there might be some but I can use my finger to blend it out. It’s considered normal with matte silicone-y lipsticks, I suppose. It doesn’t simply vanishes into thin air. The very last fact is true because when I wipe off my lips at the end of the day, I can still see quite a bit of the lipstick on the cotton pad.

Depending on my natural lip color that day, the final color could look differently: Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2. Rest assured, it still looks beautiful either way.

Did I mention it’s friggin’ comfortable to wear?



I can wear a nude lip.

Sure, I look paler than usual. But nothing a stronger blush or stronger eye makeup couldn’t fix. Most importantly, my lips look appropriately presentable.

Star System has become the instigator of all of my other nude lipstick purchases. Not that I bought that many, but I am more open into it. Stopping by into different makeup counters and play with the nudes more often than the usual brights. The newer technologies have improved the quality and wear of the nudes, apparently. Which is great, of course.

That being said, I’ve yet to find its rival though, in terms of paleness combined with easy-going formula.

Star System will always have a place in my heart, how can it not?

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