LoTW: TATCHA Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick

More than a year ago, TATCHA posted a photo of Chloë Sevigny wearing a red lipstick and saying they’re coming out with one. I was head over heels and immediately put it on my wishlist.

How can I not?

The brand, as we know, is heavily inspired by the ancient geisha beauty rituals and their skincare line is built around the precious ancient book that Victoria Tsai, TATCHA‘s founder, came across on her travels to Japan. It was a brilliant move from TATCHA creating this piece because geisha and their signature red pouts are unquestionably inseparable.

TATCHA aptly named it Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick.


As usual, TATCHA does not skimp on presentations. I expect nothing less beautiful than this. The lipstick comes in the ebony wood-printed box just like everything else in the line (check out the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist review). But the box is just the tip of the iceberg.

What’s inside is something of an exquisite piece of art.

Once I hold the lipstick in my hand, I immediately felt the substantial weight it has. It almost felt that it’s even heavier than Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope (check out Private Party and Star System). And guess what, it actually does! Velvet Rope weighs in at 58 grams, TATCHA Kyoto Red wins at 62 grams! I hope brands will not compete on making the heaviest lipstick. That will be just a strain on our hands and shoulder. But if we look at the brighter side, it’s a workout bonus.

That being said, this lipstick is not just a piece of block. The material feels solid and expensive. The black tube has the brand’s name engraved on the surface. Paired with gold detailing; a faux button and an emblem on the top of the tube, showcasing the brand’s logo. Black, gold and red. The perfect, timeless combination.


TATCHA Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick came out as a limited edition piece in the beginning. I got it in the nick of time because soon afterwards, it was sold out. A breath of relieve. I believe that it has now come back as a permanent article. However, at the time that I’m writing this, the current state is out of stock.

I took my time appreciating the little details. The tube closes with a click. But, it’s not just any click. The way that it closes, it’s gentle yet firm. I thought it was a magnet closure before realizing the little dots on the side. The top cap is flushed to the tube itself, meeting with the faux gold button, ensuring a secure lock. Upon opening, I also notice that the bullet itself has its own locking mechanism. There’s a noticeable click when I turn the tube. Usually, with other lipsticks I own, I just felt a soft impression on my fingers. But none of the obvious “clink” sound.

Two elegantly designed secure system, making us feel safe putting this in our purse.

Well, it’s only justice to show you the beauty of the immaculate faceted red bullet. There’s no other way. I’m sorry I have to eat your bandwidth. Or not. No, I’m most certainly not :D




TATCHA Kyoto Red has an ideal formula, combining two personalities. It glides over the lips effortlessly, not to slippery, like one would apply a satin lipstick. I almost don’t want to say that it’s creamy, because it doesn’t feel quite like so. Even though it says the finish is matte, I’d say it’s more of a semi matte with a slight sheen. It feels incredibly lightweight when worn. TATCHA didn’t just named this Silk Lipstick for no reason. It does contain Silk Extract, not to mention other familiar ingredients that can be found in TATCHA skincare products such as Rice Bran Oil, Green Tea Leaf and Algae Extract.

It could be just my feeling, but I can somewhat relate the silkiness and the smooth texture to its Moisture Rich Silk Cream. The way that it smooths the skin and encapsulates the moisture in. They all feel very familiar when I apply and wear the lipstick. The lightweight formula makes it very comfortable on my lips for hours and hours.

As far as pigmentation, I did underestimate it a little. I did a hand swatch and it was alright. It’s a different story when the object is the actual lip though. It delivers just the right amount of pigment, meaning it’s not too much that I have to be extra cautious. It gives more than enough of a strong base color for me to continue on layering it to achieve that perfection that I like to have when I’m donning a red lip.

Wear time speaking, again, I didn’t expect it to last as long as it did. I tested it with several different meals on different occasions, leaving the lip still looking presentable afterwards. The inner rim fades but that’s normal. It’s not the most long wearing obviously, but I’m being sensible here. I never expect my lipsticks to stay all day, because I do like the idea of reapplying. That feminine gesture that I always adore.

The bullet, despite the fancy shape, actually aids to the neatness of the application as well. I can use the top edge to perfect the outer lip line. Because the bullet itself is not too soft (it feels rather solid to be honest), I was able to do this easily.



TATCHA Kyoto Red.

I will not say that this is the red to end all the reds. That would be a stretch, not to mention confine the beauty of the color itself. But I will say that it is one stunning red. To decide on one shade out of the million possibilities. To find the one that speaks to the inspiration the most and be the front face. To root out the one that will flatter the majority. I’d say right on.

I knew the moment I wore Kyoto Red, this will be a quite a hit for red-lip connoisseurs. It was proven again and again every time I have this on, queries and inquisitions will come my way. From physical eye glances and glares to a direct verbal “what do you have on?” question.

I have tried plenty of reds throughout the past few years. Although I am more drawn into the blue reds, I am always open to the other side of the spectrum. This vermilion red re-sparks my interest in that classic rouge shade. It has this innate ability to stand out in different lighting, even the dimmer ones. This particular characteristic reminds me of my beloved ADDICTION Lip Crayon in Red Lantern. Kyoto Red is quite the photogenic chameleon. Its nature is warm, but it has what I call “cherry coolness” that likes to show through on certain situations. The brightness and vibrancy are what draw me in the most.

Do I expect more colors coming out? No.

Let Kyoto Red be an iconic piece. A novelty almost.


  1. this looks amazing!! it’s like the ultimate red :D you look gorgeous with it on too <3
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


  2. OMG Tik!!! So pretty! *_____* It compliments your complexion. *swoon*

    Kmrn aku iseng buka web Tatcha, ini udh back in stock, tapi international shipping nya mahal banget huhu ditambah di Jerman nya aku hrs bayar custom selangit :'(
    Tapi Tatcha blotting paper udh masuk net a porter. I hope hope hope they will gradually stock the complete range. Dulu di sephora juga cuma blotting paper nya for awhile, then they gradually added other products. *fingercrossed*


    1. Thank you Pam!! *kissessss*

      Eh udah in stock lagi ya? Barusan aku buka udah sold out lagi haha cepet banget ya berarti. Ah I feel you with the shipping and customs. Ntar tunggu aja, fingers crossed bisa segera masuk ke NAP yaa. I think Kyoto Red will go well with your skin tone too <3


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