Red on Red Tonal Look

I’m seeing a lot of red this season. A lot of red on the eyes. I’ve even mentioned the uncanny resemblance here and I had an idea of my interpretation. The inspiration, first and foremost, was by ADDICTION by Ayako. The brand released a Fall Winter 2014 Collection called Tokyo Story. And at almost the same time, the brand releases a limited-edition eyeshadow palette to celebrate its 5th Anniversary.

addiction 5th anniv copyAddiction by Ayako 5th Anniversary Red Addiction Palette (source)

I mean, come on, how can I not resist that?! Well, I did resist buying it because the neutrals look way too similar to my ADDICTION Sugar Rusk palette and I can’t be bothered by buying something so similar, even if it’s limited edition. Lipsticks, however, are a completely different matter, though :p

I am not ready for an eye-searing red eyeshadow. I am, however, ready for red eyeliners. Now, I should underline it first that you should never try this at home*.

What I used:

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

I don’t have one on hand at the moment so, I got creative. I used my ADDICTION Lip Crayon in Red Lantern as an eyeliner. Applying the “red eyeliner” was easy although it’s quite tedious. Because of the Lip Crayon lovely nature, I was actually able to apply it directly on my lash line. The flick was created with the help of a synthetic brush. To prolong the wear, I patted on a bit of loose powder on top of it.


On the lips is ADDICTION Lipstick in Monroe Walk. I could’ve used the same Red Lantern on the lips, but I wanted to see the tonal difference. It’s very interesting, I actually fancy it a lot!

One more…

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Now, I’m aiming to get that ADDICTION Liquid Eyeliner in Tokyo Story (which I did!) which looks amazing based on So Lonely in Gorgeous’ swatch. If only this brand is easier to get.. *sigh* My other alternative was Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner #9 but it wasn’t available yet in Indonesia *boo*

If you have any recommendations, I’m all ears!

* I told you not to try this lipstick-for-eyeliner for good reasons. After a few hours, my eyes started to get uncomfortable. I’m sure as hell that was the Red Lantern’s doing. Of course, what’s meant for the lips, should stay on the lips. This look was done purely to satiate my curiosity. I will only redo it until I get an actual red eyeliner.


    1. I think red eye shadow is rather tricky to pull off, it could easily go wrong if not applied right. My eye makeup skill is far from there. Which is why I opt for the red liner-look first LOL.


Any Thoughts or Comments?

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