The Anti Fleek Highlighter – ADDICTION Cheek Polish Reflection

Hopefully, the title won’t offend anyone who likes the super shiny, right-in-your-face highlighters. There’s nothing wrong. It’s just not my thing and I prefer the understated, low-key makeup look in general.

Just so it’s clear, I rarely wear highlighters. I know for sure I do not master the art of highlighting. So for me to get a highlighter, in no less of a liquid formula, that’s like being obnoxious. But when I saw it on Noodles’ Instagram, I knew I can pull this off.

ADDICTION by Ayako Cheek Polish Reflection 08.



The Effortless ADDICTION Cheek Stick Rose Bar

This is clearly an overdue review. I should’ve reviewed this long ago but managed to being ignorant about it. That alone should tell you how much I love this product. However, realizing that I only have half of this left, it’s about time to do the deets :D

Long time followers would know that I’m obsessed with ADDICTION by Ayako (here and here). The Japanese brand has an extensive, yet still well curated selection of products. It oozes simplicity with a modern edge. Its biggest charm for me are the cheek items. I find them to be very unique and incredibly versatile. Obviously, they left me wanting more. And more.

Meet the one product that has been in my constant makeup routine for months, ADDICTION by Ayako Cheek Stick in Rose Bar.



On The Go – Touch Ups and Essentials

Carrying a small bag is a challenge. I used to carry a LOT of stuff in my bag. The bags alone can weigh quite substantially. Adding a wallet, keys, charger, myriad of lipsticks.. I got myself a potato sack.

Earlier this year, I change things up by getting a small bag, Céline Trio. For the better, because I didn’t regret it at all and actually should’ve done it sooner. Alas, I was picky about which bag to choose. A smaller bag means downsizing and prioritizing, something that I was very excited about.

This post will cover beauty products I carry on a daily basis and when I go to a special occasion.



ADDICTION Tokyo Story – Red Liner Revival

If you remember, I did this Red on Red Tonal Look utilizing red lipstick as an eyeliner. That wasn’t a good move because my eyes ended up being uncomfortable after several hours. Of course, that was just a pure, albeit high-risk experiment. I did say I will get an actual red eyeliner though.

And I did. *whoop whoop*

ADDICTION by Ayako Liquid Eyeliner in Tokyo Story.



7 Best Holiday Red Lipsticks 2014

It all started when @caroleinne tagged me to do a #redlipstickweek on Instagram. Basically, just choose and post 7 best red lipsticks that we have. Because it was done in December 2014, I thought it’s quite appropriate to have a holiday theme in mind.

This post will be a recap of all the 7 lipsticks that I chose. I am aware it’s probably counter-productive; it’s been more than 2 months ago since I did the tag. But, hopefully this post will help people who are looking for some good reds for their lips.



ADDICTION Cheek Polish 01 Chic – The Underdog

My first venture with ADDICTION Cheek Polish in Tadzio has led me into getting another one. I contemplated between the shade Revenge, Fresh and Chic. I ultimately, well, almost instantly went for the latter because I was in a nude blush state at that time. I still am though, nude blushes are fantastic, to say the least.

Without further adieu, ADDICTION by Ayako Cheek Polish 01 Chic,



Wishlist: Loose Powders

I have been a loyal fan of Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre for as long as I can remember. I trust this to set any foundation that I use. Even though now I rarely wear foundations, I still use this before my pressed powder (I use MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural nowadays) and after makeup base/primer. It sets and holds the makeup beautifully. It has a rather matte finish. I don’t mind it because I prefer to go matte rather than going dewy from the get go. I like my face smooth to the touch, not tacky.

I’d say the price is very reasonable for a high end brand. At USD 52, it contains 30 grams of product. Huge amount and it lasts for a really long time, at least 1.5 years or so for me. Bottom line, it’s perfect.

That being said though, I’ve grown rather bored of it. It’s still a great powder. I’m just trying to expand my wings on the powder field. After looking around, I’ve come up with several products in the consideration box.