Burberry Warm Glow Natural Bronzer No.01 – A Warm Veil for The Complexion

If you follow me on Female Daily, you would know that I have a deep affinity to Burberry Beauty. The UK brand remains to be one of my favorite beauty brands of all time. In my opinion, Burberry is one of the few fashion brands that managed to do a beauty line successfully. The collection and the execution is truly in line with Burberry’s image of effortless and timeless beauty.

Quite a while ago, I managed to do a bit of Burberry haul (here and there). I was ecstatic that I got a free GWP of a full-sized Burberry Warm Glow. It’s the one product I’ve been meaning to try ever since I landed on my first Burberry products a couple of years ago. YAY!

Burberry Beauty Warm Glow Natural Bronzer No. 01


Without a doubt, I think most people would agree that Burberry Beauty has one of the the best packaging in the beauty industry. With such a saturated market, the brand manages to stand out from the rest with its signature polished gunmetal casing and check print embossing (on the case and on the products).

And the MAGNET CLOSURE! It’s incredibly handy. That “clap” noise it makes every time I close the compact and that powdery rose scent… Oh, pure indulgence.


The compact size is the same as Light Glow blushes, except this one has 10 grams of product and the blush has 7 grams. No brush is provided, which is fine because I always choose to use my own brushes anyway.

The texture is just what I expected from Burberry. I can just tell from the pan. That buttery, smooth powder. It feels like creamy silk upon touching it. Good heavens. I could play with this all day long. For those of you who love Burberry blushes, you will know what I’m talking about.

Here’s a little swatch:


It is quite light (not sheer) in pigmentation but it’s easy to build it up. True to its name, it gives a very natural warmth to the skin, and it does have that ‘glow’ effect to the complexion. I’d say it’s matte with light reflective particles here and there to make the finish not so flat. It blends effortlessly into the skin. The shade is quite warm, so I don’t think this would be suitable for those of you who likes to contour with your bronzers.

I’m actually very attached to my Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow, in fact, it’s hitting pan now. When I first tried Warm Glow, I wasn’t sure because the shade is very different and apparent. Dior has a pink-peach tone which comes out even subtler than Burberry‘s. If I’m not careful, Warm Glow No. 01 could make me look just a smidgen orange, not that Barbie-orange though, so no worries here. It just needs a different application technique, that’s all.

Burberry-Warm-Glow-Natural-Bronzer-01-4Wearing Burberry Beauty Warm Glow No. 01 on the areas where the sun would naturally hit. The lip is ADDICTION by Ayako Lip Crayon Red Lantern.

After a few tries, I finally found a soft spot for it. I love using this when I’m wearing a red lip! It lends just the right amount of sun-kissed effect. FYI, instead of a tan, I get sunburn, easily. So, this gives a believable/balanced result when I’m actually under the sun during the day. In the photo, I was actually flushing (it was really hot outside). The color of Warm Glow didn’t clash with the slight redness I’ve got going a little bit there. Instead, it melds beautifully with my skin tone. Nice.

Now, as far as I know, Warm Glow has 4 shades. Here’s the mystery, I couldn’t find it anymore on Burberry’s website! I’ve searched through different regions; US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, even Malaysia’s website and nada. It’s still available on several retailers like Nordstrom.com and Net-a-porter.com. Even so, the color selection is not complete anymore.

I don’t know, is it possible that Burberry Beauty is discontinuing Warm Glow? Or perhaps, the brand is just phasing this out and replacing it with something new? If anyone can give me an information on this, I’d very much appreciate it!


  1. MY MY DANGEROUS! The Nude Radiance powder is my favorite highlighter of all time!! :) I am itching now more than ever to get this Warm Glow powder. And I know what you mean about the “CLAP” – God, I love the sound of that too!!


      1. It’s a bit too brightening to be an all-over powder, I believe. So for me, It’s a straight-up highlighter :) Maybe with a fluffy brush, it can work as an all-over powder – I shall try!


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