Shiseido Ibuki Gentle and Purifying Cleansers – Good Basics

A while ago, I was looking for a face cleanser, yeah, like I need another one. I was looking for something simple, no fuss-type of cleanser. Shiseido Ibuki came to mind. I’ve been wanting to try this line for quite some time anyway. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect when that day I received an invitation to a Shiseido bazaar. The sale offered a very good deal, all products were all for 25% off, makeup and skincare. And 40% off for discontinued products. I honestly didn’t expect to see the Ibuki line over there, considering it’s still fairly new in town.

But whaddya know, they were there. I was this close to go unrestrained and buy so many different things. But, I was there for one thing only. Well, OK, I ended with two: Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser and Ibuki Purifying Cleanser.


I couldn’t decide which one to choose, I have my own considerations. I figured the Gentle Cleanser would be a safe bet. But then, the Purifying Cleanser sounded like something that I could use too. The word “purifying”, come on, who doesn’t fall for that. I’m glad I got both!

After trying them out several times, I came up with a schedule. The Gentle Cleanser is used as a second cleanser in my (night time) double cleansing routine, while Purifying Cleanser earns its spot as my morning face cleanser. They both lather up nicely, but not the stripping kind, although they both feel slightly squeaky clean on my skin. But again, nothing uncomfortable. They both have creamy texture but Purifying Cleanser has micro granules (photo below). They are really small and sparse throughout the product. I don’t feel I’m scrapping my face off when I’m using this and if any, I enjoy using it in the morning to really wash off and start a clean slate for my morning skincare routine.


While they both lather up, I personally love making a good quality, firm foam out of Gentle Cleanser with the help of a foaming net. Menard Lisciare Washing Cream inspired me to do this and it has changed the way I look at face cleansing. So, why not go to the extent and do the same with Gentle Cleanser. It doesn’t hurt and I actually reap more benefits that way. Sometimes, I also like to use it in conjunction with Clarisonic too.
On the other hand, I prefer to just lather up Purifying Cleanser with my hands and enjoy the soft, mild strokes of micro granules. This feels exceptionally good when I’m in the shower! I like to bring it down to my neck and chest as well.

Without a doubt, these two cleansers are exactly what I am looking for. They’re both good basics. Nothing gimmicky or exaggerated and get the job done: cleanse the face. No mumbo jumbo. I could see many people will enjoy using them. Price point is good and a pea-sized product is all that you need for the whole face. They’re efficient, both at the performance and the cost-per-use.

That being said, if I have to repurchase one, I’d probably go for the Purifying Cleanser (UPDATE: I won’t be repurchasing it because of the polyethylene ingredient. I’m trying to avoid this as much as I can). The thing is, they both feel kind of the same and because of that, the one with the micro granules wins. I wished Gentle Cleanser is a little richer though, so I could justify purchasing it again :p

Have you tried any of them before? What are your thoughts? Or, if you have that good, all-rounder face cleanser, do share it in the comment box below!



  1. Sadly i missed the bazaar.. because i heard no news about it until recently!
    Eventhough i really2 wanna try the white lucent series… when are they going to hold another bazaar?

    Actually i was thinking of either trying shiseido or menard’s lisciare.. they are both a bit pricey, and at last i heard about the bazaar, but dang i missed it!

    I tried googling about shiseido’s bazaar event but found nothing, n apparently their fb’s page was updated only until 2012.. how am i supposed to know about it?

    im desparate to try shiseido’s white lucent or menard’s lisciare since i haven’t find the correct skincare that suits me best…


    1. I got the invitation from being a member at Shiseido counter. The Beauty Assistant will usually notify me if there’s any promotion or new products coming in.

      Shiseido White Lucent and Menard Lisciare are two completely different skincare lines though. You should definitely figure out your skin type first and what kind of treatment you’re looking for. You can either do this by yourself a.k.a lots of reading or go to the counter and consult with the BA to help you with your skin type and goals.

      Hope that helps :)


      1. well lisciare was recommended by menard when i asked for advice, but for shiseido i took skincare test on their US website..

        guess i’ll probably try some of shiseido’s white lucent, hope this is the ONE for my skin..

        Do you mind informing me any bazaar events by shiseido?


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