Never Forget – Inner Corner Highlight!

One of the most-asked questions I got from people on my Instagram, emails and in real life is what I use on my inner corners in my eye makeup. Well, before I sound like a broken record, I think it’s wise to just make a post about it!

Inner corner highlight is an integral part of my eye makeup. It’s highly crucial that I never missed this step. The one time that I did forget, I felt something big was missing. My makeup didn’t feel complete without it.

See, the thing is, highlighting the inner corners does so many good things to my eyes and overall makeup look. It gives more definition to my eyes and creates an illusion of a bigger, wider set of eyes. I also think it makes the sides of my nose appear slimmer when paired with a nose contour.

And of course, it makes me look AWAKE.


Over the years, I had been experimenting with different products and techniques on how to achieve my current look. Once I figured out the type of color and finish that suit my coloring (and preference) best, I stick to it. Everything becomes easier, especially when trying to find something new.

Here are the current eye shadows that I use:

  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin
  • Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill #8 Champagne
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Eye Shadow in Angelic Cockatiels
  • Burberry Beauty Wet & Dry Glow Shadow in 003 Shell
  • Chanel Ombre Unique Shadowlights in 07 Déclic (discontinued)

My preference for inner corner highlight, regardless of the shade, is that it has to be shimmery. The more obvious, the better. The shimmers will reflect the light and that’s where the magic happens.

As a short description, Urbay Decay Sin and Giorgio Armani ETK #8 have a similar pink champagne trait, while Rouge Bunny Rouge Angelic Cockatiels and Burberry Beauty Shell are peachier in tone. Chanel Déclic is an ivory with yellow gold micro shimmers.


To apply the powder eye shadows, I use MAC 219 and Hakuhodo G5514. The pointy pencil brushes will help a precise application of the shadows, since I do run the color on the lower lash line as well. MAC 219 isn’t the softest brush, it’s actually prickly. BUT, it gets the job done. And considering I don’t need to cover a lot of area, I can live with it. Actually, I have for years as this is my most used brush for inner corner highlight. I don’t use Hakuhodo G5514 as often as I want to because I also use this to apply eyeshadow (e.g Tom Ford Platinum) on the lower lash line. I’d like to get another pencil brush in the future but that’s for later.

For Giorgio Armani ETK #8, I like to use a sponge tip applicator because the pigment doesn’t get picked up that well with a brush. With the sponge, I can really get the full, head-on effect from this product. For Burberry Beauty Shell, my current favorite way is just to apply it with my pinky finger. I tried it with the pencil brushes but apparently it sticks to my finger better than on the brushes!


Now this is where it gets serious. I use Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Shadow Pencil in Sin (discontinued) and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duality in Sand Shimmer as well. I use these pencils as a base for the eye shadows to stick on, to prolong the wear and evidently to make the eye shadow pops out more. Urbay Decay Shadow Pencil Sin is pink champagne, Anastasia Brow Duality Sand Shimmer is a light nude. Both of these pencils are also shimmery.

I think you get the gist by now: shimmer, shimmer, shimmer!

My favorite pencil to use is the Urban Decay Sin *doh* It’s obvious, judging from the small-stub condition. I will use this until the end (read: can’t sharpen it anymore) before opening a new one. It is discontinued, err WHY. When I got the chance to stock up, I took it in a heartbeat.

The Anastasia Brow Duality Sand Shimmer is a great new, unexpected addition. As the name suggests, the product itself is meant to highlight the brows. But, I find the shimmery end works so well for the inner corners!


Now, because I use a pencil/base before hand, there ought to be some variations in how the final result looks like. On the photo above, on the first top row, I use all Urban Decay Shadow Pencil Sin as a base for all the eye shadows. Second row, Anastasia Brow Duality Sand Shimmer. The last row consists of just the plain eye shadows with no base.

To summarize it, Urban Decay Shadow Pencil Sin will produce the most bling when paired with the eye shadows. Anastasia Brow Duality Sand Shimmer will create softer shades, also lighten them up a little.

Feel free to click on the swatch photos for the full, detailed effect. You know what, I urge you to.

More shots:



One might wonder, why do I need this many and how do I choose which to go with what. Simple, I’m obsessed with inner corner highlight. As far as color-coordinating, I don’t necessary have a fixed rule, but as a general idea, I usually pair the cooler highlights with cool-toned eye shadows, warmer highlights with warm-toned eye shadows. Of course I like to mix the cool and the warm as well.

Most of these combinations are actually versatile. I can pair them with mostly anything. Some of my favorite combinations are:

  • Urban Decay Shadow Pencil Sin + Urban Decay Sin (first combo that I found and still is my most-used to this date)
  • ABH Sand Shimmer + Urban Decay Sin (softer)
  • Urban Decay Shadow Pencil Sin + Giorgio Armani ETK #8 (full on BANG)
  • ABH Sand Shimmer + Rouge Bunny Rouge Angelic Cockatiels (prettiest peach)
  • Both pencils with Burberry Beauty Shell -> my latest obsession. They sparkle so beautifully!

Note that in real life, the shimmers reflect the light anyway so they can look similar to one another. The slight variation in the undertones couldn’t be necessarily captured in photographs, because the shimmers outshine the actual pigments.

inner-corner-highlight-eyeshadow-comparison-swatch-6Taken from my Instagram photo.
I was wearing Urban Decay Shadow Pencil Sin + Burberry Beauty Shell

Imagine if I didn’t wear any inner corner highlight, I’d look.. plain. There’s no contrast. The final makeup look will not have the same effect. There’s a saying that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, not to mention that when we talk face to face with someone, we’re bound to see each others’ eyes. So, why not make it worth their while ;)

That little shimmery thing is truly a miracle worker <3


  1. Hi kak Tika! Nice to know you :) thank you for sharing, this inspired me! Anyway, you can try NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yoghurt as a substitute for your UD Sin Eyeliner. I think it’s quite identical, and of course in a very cheaper price :)


    1. Hi Syabrina!

      Thank you for the recommendation :)
      I’ll look into it when my UD Sin runs out. I have a few backups and it’s going to take years and years before I need a new one LOL!


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