Glitter Gradient with Cirque

My first encounter with Cirque polishes was around last year. Well actually, I’ve never even heard of indie polishes before, nor dabbed around with glitters. I’ve always thought they were a pain to remove, until I read the foil technique (I was itching to try this!). Based on the gorgeous swatches across the nail blogs, I decided to go ahead and purchased 6 of them, at once. Boy, Cirque really changed my mind about glitters. Soon enough, my collection is now twice the size.

This particular nail art was one of my first ventures dabbling with gradients. And to date, this is still one of my favorite looks.


What I used:
– Cirque Cape Liz (base)
– Cirque Hellebore
– Cirque Lapis
– makeup sponge (optional)

At the beginning, I used makeup sponge to dab on the glitters. Hellebore first, then Lapis. However, I decided to try this one with just the brush. I scraped off most of the glitters from the brush, then dab on. I add two layers of Lapis on the tip. Two to three coats of top coat to seal this one smoothly.

I must say, I like this brush technique version better!


This is one nail art that I have done over and over again. I love the color combination, it’s very hazy and calming but the dark blue keeps it on the ground.

On a side note, Hellebore is a mesmerizing light green glitters with hot pink flecks that’s just almost impossible to catch on photos. It’s a match made in heaven when paired with Cape Liz. Wear it on its own, wow, you’ve got yourself a sparkly mani.

Bottom line, I love Cirque glitter polishes and looking forward to collect more of them!


Any Thoughts or Comments?

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