The Molten Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum

It’s probably a little too late to talk about this product, or, rather pointless. Because the product is part of Tom Ford Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection and it’s a limited edition *boo*

But I’m going to post it anyway because hey, who knows it’s going to make a comeback, yet again.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in 01 Platinum.


A little recap, Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes was first introduced back in Spring 2012 Collection. The shade Platinum, was part of the collection and it was limited edition. It was brought back on last 2014 holiday’s collection and it’s still a limited edition *sigh* I’m perplexed. Like, WHY?

Anyway, I was piqued by this because of the seemingly unique texture and I couldn’t wait to experience it myself. I had the chance to grab it so I did.

Packaging-wise, it’s simple. A rather hefty glass pot closed by deep bronze cap with TF logo on it. Nothing groundbreaking. It’s about the same size/diameter as Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill, except a little bit taller.


When I opened it for the first time, there was this “ooh” response. I immediately tapped the peaked surface just a little bit, only to find a tiny bit of the product got stuck on my finger, easily. I swiped it on the back of my hand and noticed the potential right away.

It has that creamy, whipped, mousse-y texture. But it still looks and feels very rich and ‘dense’. Not the solid type of dense, but it’s robust and packs a lot of pigment. It’s like a mocha chocolate cake batter. As the post title suggested, to me, it looks like molten metal, liquified and poured into this ‘blob’. I personally had never tried anything like this. It’s definitely unlike any other cream eye shadows I’ve come across, where it’s usually either a compact/solid cream or pressed pigments.


Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes Platinum has almost a ‘wet’ texture. I don’t even have to swirl the pot to get the product because that will be way too much. My eyelid space is small and hooded so I only need a small amount, a little goes a long way. Now, this is where the tricky part comes in. Sometimes when using my fingertip, I still tend to grab a little too much product so I figure I’m just going to use my trusty Hakuhodo brushes to help me with the application.

For the eyelid, I use Hakuhodo BJ125R which is a double fiber brush. It has goat hair and synthetic bristle that extends longer at the tip. It’s angled which is perfect not just for application, but also for blending. I use this brush for my Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill and this brush is a game changer. I was excited when I found out this brush works for Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes too!

For the lower lash line, I use Hakuhodo G5514, a small pencil brush with goat hair. Just dip it a little in the pot and slowly apply to the lower lash line. I can do a little bit of smudging too with this brush.


The cream shadow sticks better on goat hair than on the synthetic bristle. I have to dip the brush a little bit deeper and several times to get the product. If the brush happens to pick up a little too much, I can just swirl the brush a little on the back of the cap, removing some excess. In return, the synthetic bristle will do the majestic task in blending the cream shadow, effortlessly.

I’m not saying using fingertips is a no-go. With a little bit of practice and some time getting used to the texture, it works out quite alright. After all, it is a cream shadow. But at the end of the day, I find Hakuhodo BJ125R gives more precision, even results and diffused effect on the eyelids.




I am a little bit unsure in describing Platinum‘s shade. I don’t want to call it a taupe because in my mind, a taupe leans on the cooler, ashier, grey side of things. But I suppose if I call it a warm taupe, that might work. Or, a warm bronze that’s quite golden, but not yellow toned, but rather red toned. I do wish Platinum is a little more cool-toned though. It has a lot of shimmers that sparkle beautifully when the light hits them, especially after I blend the whole thing out. It’s not a full-on metallic, it’s quite soft and tamed. It’s glamorous.

The texture is just lo-ve-leeeh. It offers opaque pigmentation in one swipe. The emollient, easy-to-blend texture is like a gooey dream and the formula does give quite a bit of time for me to move the product around. It’s not drying on the eyelid, it still provides some flexibility, especially after I apply a second layer. It feels like a second skin when it’s blended out. In the beginning, I spent (and wasted) quite a little bit of product, swatching on my hands and admiring the peculiar texture and finish. It’s like playing with food, I just want to have at it before putting the real action on my eyes. And I still do it sometimes.

Once it sets, it’s good for the rest of the day. OK, perhaps some of the shimmers might migrate around if I swipe it a little, but the actual pigment stays. But then again, you’re not suppose to rub your eyes anyway.


On my eyes, I use Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes Platinum on the whole lid, blend the crease with just a little bit of Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Almond and add a slightest touch of the same eyeshadow in the shade Taupe Brown on the outer corner. The majority of the work here is covered by Platinum. It’s quite multidimensional and it seems to have a life on its own when looked from different angles and placed at different lighting. This is also an awesome single-fighter eyeshadow.

I will not lie at USD 42, this stuff is expensive. Even with 6 grams of molten goodness, this is still the most expensive I’ve ever spent on a single eyeshadow. I’m sure I can find a dupe for this shade, but as far as the gooey texture, I don’t think it’s that easy to find.

Because of the mousse formula, I have a feeling Platinum will maintain its texture a lot longer than others and will take years before it dries out. This is an important advantage because who gets annoyed by cream shadows that dry out (or cracked) not long after you opened it? *raises hand*

Plus, it’s considered as neutrals, so naturally, Platinum will get more use from me :)


  1. You should try max factor’s cream shadows! I havent got my hands on the tomford ones but reading ur reviews, I think they both have the same moussy texture. They apply so heavenly without tugging your eyelids :D


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