Skin Dewi Organic Skincare Workshop – The Before

Not too long ago, I was beginning to feel that my routine (in general) has started to get stagnant and it tickles me slowly but sure. Work is consuming my mental health more than ever (FYI, The Fruit Compote is my channel to de-stress). Beauty world-wise, I’m, as always, ecstatic that I’m discovering more and more new brands with different perspectives and approaches coming into the market. I’m delighted that even more local brands are popping out one after another, though I have some reservations about the redundancy in terms of product offerings. Regardless, full support here for the effort. But some days, it seemingly feels like it’s just another day at work, so to say.

It’s not that I’m not thankful or excited of the launches. Believe me I do, most likely more than ordinary consumers. I would still have lemmings and wishlist here and there. But I don’t think I can escape this little knock in my consciousness, not for longer. In the back of my mind, it started to dawn on me that no matter what it is, the level of suspense is more less the same. Some highs and some lows. And that’s pretty much it. I almost have seen it before. However, let me get this straight. It’s not the offerings, it’s me.

I need a refreshment. A change.

It’s funny how the world works. I’m sure we all know that by now. I had to acknowledge (read: come out of my denial) this rut of mine when I found out about Skin Dewi‘s workshop. Dewi, the founder, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in joining her organic skincare formulation workshop. Such an unusual request.

So, let me just start by reading her email alone instantly made me think we’d get along well. Here’s an excerpt:

It is very crucial for me that you understand why I focus so much on my workshops instead of just simply selling my products. First of all, being in this field is perhaps a calling for me. Everything started when my second baby had atopic dermatitis. The rest is history.

Having such difficulty finding the right skin care for her brings it to the second crucial reason. Everyone’s skin is unique. There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. And also, our skin is always changing and evolving with time, health factor, age, hormones level and many more. It is simply impossible to have a product to fit your needs forever and ever. Because of this calling, I am inspired to be a tool, and to provide people with information, education so that we all can help ourselves. We know our skin best, and we would be the best person to be able to create THE perfect product for ourselves. Of course you need the tools and the know-how to be able to do it well.

I squealed. There’s a common thread between me and Dewi, though on different circumstances.
I love sharing and that’s the core of The Fruit Compote. It started because I had a problem with my skin and I decided to take matters into my own. It wasn’t just about product reviews. Every review I made is based on my own experience on my own skin – it doesn’t translate universally to other people’s skin. Definitely not about answering what’s “the best product for you”, rather, trying to show to people who wants to take care of their skin by themselves – that it’s possible. To enlighten that there is a product out there bound to suit your skin, even when you have sensitive skin (which is the most commonly used reason/excuse). It’s not just about applying products on the skin and expect results right away. There is so much more behind it. There is the process of learning and understanding; which could only be achieved by actually putting in the effort. Not just simply by asking for easy answers or wanting swift solutions. Feel free to read my thoughts about this.


The initial hiccup was, the workshop itself will run for 3 intensive days with intensive hours (from 9-6). I do have a full time job. While I work from home and I’m pretty flexible with my work hours (thanks to the Internet, I can do things mobile), 3 days away from work was going to be a challenge. I spent a few days giving it a real good thought. I asked her next workshop schedule (which would be after Eid) and see if I’d be more free on those dates. She really hoped I could attend and actually said I could just come for 1 or 2 days or half day, even.

Let’s go back to the first two paragraphs. This opportunity might be a good break for me. I had an intuition and my heart was telling me I have to follow it. So without further indecisiveness, in my hotel room (I was on a work trip – what a coincidence) I said to Dewi, “OK, sign me up!”. I was just going to juggle and make-do. Take the risk. But I knew for sure that I need this. There’s no point of curbing the excitement because I was feeling guilty of neglecting my job. I was already searching the different ways of getting out of work! – and this alone is a sign for me.

I asked what I should bring and she said just bring myself and my enthusiasm – HA! That’s a given! Well, I did bring stationery. I also warned her that she should bear with me since I got a D in Chemistry during high school. She ensured me that I’d do just fine and that I might know more a lot already.

During the first few hours into the workshop, I think she’s right.

To be continued…


  1. NOOOO HOW COULD YOU JUST SUDDENLY STOP RIGHT THERE. Don’t leave us hanging! Gosh, the suspense during the wait….. 😬😬😂😂


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