Tutorial: Distressed Nail Art

It all started when I hauled a few nail polishes. I had a lot of ideas but I finally settled on one that I’ve been itching to do for a while. It’s called Distressed Nail Art and it’s inspired by none other, Chalkboard Nails.

I grabbed a few of my nail polishes and started to experiment a little bit on the nail wheel.

I had a lot of fun doing these. It’s very easy to do and it’s so addictive! I had to restrain myself from keep doing these, otherwise I’d finish up a bunch of nail wheels in no time! There are endless possibilities and outcomes, and every one of them is unique.

None of them will be the same, which makes this nail art great for anyone who gets annoyed (or clumsy) when doing things in symmetrical manner. Or, for those of us who gets intimidated by nail art, in general :D

Without further adieu, let me show you what I (finally) decided to do on my actual nails!

Nail polishes used for Distressed Nail #1:
– China Glaze Hanging in The Balance
– China Glaze Grass is Lime Greener
– China Glaze Escaping Reality
– NCLA Mulholland Maneater
– Essie Blanc

Nail polishes used for Distressed Nail #2:
– China Glaze Escaping Reality
– China Glaze Shore Enuff
– China Glaze Sunshine Worshipper
– Zoya Audrina
– Essie Blanc
– Essie Licorice

Is this easy or what?! It’s a complete no-brainer. Well, might need a little brainstorming on the color combination, but other than that, just freestyle it! Did I mention that it doesn’t take much time to do it either? Perfect when I’m in a bit of a rush and I need to jazz up my talons.

Also, because of its effortless-ness, I don’t feel so bad or hesitated that much at changing my nails every few days and do another distressed nail design :D

Did you enjoy the video? Would you want to see more of these? Got any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!


Music in the video is Lisa Ekdahl – Rivers of Love

Any Thoughts or Comments?

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