Wishlist: Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipsticks

I think I knew that I’m going to have a serious addiction with red lipsticks the moment I bought my first. There are just tons of reasons why I love these red pouts. That being said though, I do not just buy all the reds that I see. I handpicked them carefully. It’s a curated collection. Well, it applies to all of my lipsticks really, but I’m more selective when it comes to reds. Extra selective.

Comes in Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipsticks, my latest lemming.


Check out the video slash short clip about this beautiful piece. That RED. That pigmentation.

Poppy King, is truly the queen of lipsticks. I can just tell her passion from the way that she talks about her brand and products. There’s an ingenuity, such endearment and yet she remains low-profile. The woman knows exactly what she’s talking about. She knows the history well, did her research and makes these inspirations come to life.

The website almost has an introduction video of every product created. The videos explain every bit of detail why a certain lipstick line is special among others. And I love this about her. I, for one, have always tried to be fair with my reds. They are all special and have their own strong point, otherwise I wouldn’t picked them. To just choose my one favorite, that’s just.. cruel.

From all her lipstick lines, I’m most interested in the Velvet Rope collection.

A pigment-rich yet feather-light lipstick that delivers the drama and intensity of matte without compromising on comfort.

This sounds like the perfect, dream formula for matte-lipstick lovers out there, don’t you think? Feather-light? Count me in! From what I’ve read through reviews, a lot of them said that this has a very unique texture, very different from other matte lipsticks. Something that I can’t wait to experience myself.

Being the nature that I am, I also happen to pick the most expensive lipstick from her entire collection. At $50 a pop, this is not a game. It’s always a dilemma of choosing the first shade to try, in this case I’m actually contemplating between Black Tie, Entourage or go for the pink red in Private Party. It’s even a bigger dilemma because if I like this, there’s going to be a larger hole in my pocket.


Has anyone of you tried Velvet Rope? Mind leaving me comments and possibly be an enabler for me? ;)


  1. If there is an ULTA near you they have four different shades you can try, but beware. It is instant love!!!! Not only does it feel like you are wearing nothing at all, the color lasts forever. Even after eating lunch it still looked amazing.


    1. I live in Indonesia, unfortunately. I don’t have the privilege of trying many of beauty brands I keen to try out there. I usually just read lots of reviews before getting them online :D


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