Wine-soaked Nails

I had an idea of doing gradient nails where the colors are contrasting. But then, any common contrast combination won’t be that much of a fun either, don’t you think? So I thought, why not mix a nude shade with something really dark :)


– Essie Sand Tropez (base)
– Essie Shearling Darling
– Cirque French Roast
– a kitchen sponge (hey, whatever works, right?)

As usual, paint the base first, two coats. Apply Essie Sand Tropez and Shearling Darling on the sponge, quite heavily. Dab on the nails. I added a little bit more of Shearling Darling on the tips, just to make them really dark. Then, add Cirque French Roast using the sponge on the tips. Apply top coat. I use Seche Vite (two coats) because seriously, this top coat rocks at making glitters POP!


For this look, I like it when the sponge is a little bit more wet than usual. I wanted the result to have that effect when you mix coffee and creamer. In this case, wine and cream. OK, that sounds weird though. But, you get the point.

I intentionally used Cirque French Roast, a gorgeous polish consists of different tones of brown, copper, and gold glitters. Too pretty! It’s quite subtle when it’s not under direct light. The result is almost like having a speckled espresso goodness on the bottom of the glass :)


Any Thoughts or Comments?

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