Oh Juliet, Take My Sorrow Away

I know, the title’s cheesy. But you’ll understand why in a few minutes.

After Hallelujah, this will be my second product review from Antipodes and hey you guessed it, it’s another facial cleanser!

Antipodes Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser.


It was only a matter of time before I decided to get another cleanser from Antipodes, really. A while ago, Benscrub approached me and he let me choose a few products I’m interested in trying. Naturally, the Juliet Cleanser is in the basket.

Reveal clean, clear and blemish-free skin thanks to the action of exfoliating extracts from the New Zealand kiwi superfruit and vibrant hibiscus bloom. New Zealand antibacterial manuka honey Active 20+ and antioxidant-packed Vinanza Performance Plus® form the perfect union to help reduce and balance oil production, helping grant your healthiest glow ever (taken from the web).

First things first, let me mention how scrumptious the scent is. It’s fresh green apple with cardamom. All I know is, I want to have a taste at it. It’s fruity and sweet. It could be a sauce for a dessert. In fact, the deep amber shade sure makes it even more convincing.


The watery gel consistency flows out quite easily from the dispenser; just squeeze the bottle gently and a dollop will come out. I usually use about a little more than a dime-sized amount. It lathers up nicely with a small amount of water. My wet hands are usually enough. I don’t like it when it’s too lathered up though, I prefer it to be on the ‘creamier’ side. Massage it gently on a damp skin. Enjoy the delicious scent and the invigorating sensation.

I use Juliet as a second cleanser and quite a constant morning cleanser in my routine. I can almost feel how it’s drawing out impurities in my skin as I massage it. There’s quite a substantial difference if I use it on different skin conditions. I feel my skin is ‘cleaner’ after cleansing when my skin is drier. By any means, not to the point where it’s squeaky clean, but I can tell it’s more stripping. But it doesn’t feel that tight either. I hope you get what I mean.

There are days when the ‘dark cloud’ seemed to circle above me all day, rendered my skin looking grubby and more often than not, spotty. Choosing Juliet is the right choice for these occasions. It will remove excess oil and purifies the skin from unwanted dirt. After rinsing it off, I’m left with clearer, refreshed skin, but not too stripped like when the skin is drier. The claim on this cleanser suiting combination to oilier skin type is on point.


I tend to use it in the morning especially if I layered quite a bit of skincare the night before. With this, I will have a clean canvas for my morning routine. Because of the characteristics, naturally I prefer to use this when my skin is more challenging. Meaning, it could either be problematic or simply when I feel my skin is extra ‘filthy’.

When I develop blemishes during the day, Juliet works like a first aid at night. NO, it will not banish the blemishes, I will need other products obviously. But I do feel it plays a hand with the exfoliating kiwi extracts and manuka honey which has great antibacterial properties. So it’s working to create a sterile zone for the skin.

Bottom line, Juliet is another great, not-your-average cleanser from Antipodes. Good stuff!


Disclaimer: the product was sent from Benscrub for review consideration. All opinions, thoughts and ramble expressed are 100% purely mine.


Any Thoughts or Comments?

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