A 10-minute read on Brandon Truaxe

In the continuation of DECIEM‘s office visit in Toronto, I was also able to do an interview with none other than Brandon Truaxe, the company’s founder. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see him in person as he is very busy (obviously!). So no selfies here :( But, email is the next best thing.

Let me be honest. Compiling the questions were easy. Sure. I had a lot to ask. Editing and sorting them out however, is a whole other story. After reading different interviews and articles, including his informative replies on Caroline Hirons‘ blog post, I knew the man is a genius. He is very different (hence, the “abnormal” reference) and that is a breath of fresh air in the beauty industry that can get a little too dictating, confining and repetitive at times. At least that’s how I feel more than a few times lately.

I just want to know his opinions and insights on almost everything! But, I can’t ask him to spend the entire day answering my questions, right? Hopefully, the ones I picked will feed your curiosity too, at least some.

Let’s get to it!


DECIEM – The Monkey Business

If it wasn’t for Puche, I wouldn’t have known DECIEM in the first place. Thanks to her, I got to know one of the brands under its umbrella, NIOD, sometime last year and eventually the marvelous work of Brandon Truaxe, the company’s founder. From there on, my curiosities peaked and found out that DECIEM is from Canada. What’s even better, it’s from Toronto no less; the city where I went to college and a witness to some of the most important events in my life.

It truly is wondrous how the universe works. I knew DECIEM just opened their first retail store in Toronto sometime ago and at the time I had already purchased a flight ticket to the city for my brother’s wedding. I was really excited to finally get to see the products in real life. I have every intention to visit the store and this is where it gets even more interesting.

A completely harmless conversation occurred:

B (Bro)  : You know, I have a friend who works in a skincare lab. If you want, I can introduce you to her so you can check it out.

K (me)  : (hearing the word “lab”, I instantly asked) DECIEM?!?!?!?!

The rest is history, written on this post. Through this friend, I was able take a tour inside DECIEM‘s spacious headquarter and really, living the dream like a child in a candy store. This is to me, like watching How It’s Made live, without the LCD screen.

Warning, this is a picture-heavy post.

deciem-the-abnormal-beauty-company-toronto-office-visit-19As soon as I saw the building, my heart palpitated.