Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek Kiichigo Cream – Flushed Cheeks, anyone?


Can you believe it, it’s December! I know time flies fast, but it always astounds me every time it shows its speed. December means Christmas and festivities. My ideal Christmas would be snow and the whole winter wonderland. But, since I don’t have such here in Indonesia, I guess I just have to make do and play pretend, with makeup and clothes.

Anyway, set that aside, let’s get back to this. I’ve been wanting to do this look for.. as long as I could remember. That flushed cheeks with red lips. Not necessary winter-like, but it’s mostly inspired by little Asian, in particular Japanese babies with their plump red cheeks I want to chew on (kidding on the chewing part, obviously).

So, I went around and found this, Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek RD 411 Kiichigo Cream.



The bottle has one of the cutest designs I’ve seen in a while. The product is encased in a frosted decorative glass bottle with a black cap and a gold emblem on the top.

And yesssss. It looks like a nail polish!

It has a brush as the applicator and we have to shake the bottle before we use it. Give it a good shake though, as the liquid will be separated when it’s not used.

In a hindsight, it’s a ringer of my favorite ADDICTION Cheek Polish.


Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek is surprisingly very small with only 5.4 ml. It’s less than half the amount of my ADDICTION Cheek Polishes (12 ml). Not that I’m saying I will use this up fast, but it’s worth noting. I was taken aback by how tiny it is!

By default, the bottle is not fully filled. There’s a gap as if it has been used, but rest assured, it’s the way it is. I’ve checked different blogs, asked my friends and even saw the new, boxed up ones sold in the stores and they were all like that.


The shade that I chose, “KiichigoCream which means Raspberry Cream, is such a fitting name. This creamy red shade is delectable, to say the least. It’s exactly how I pictured it to be.

It’s very pigmented and it’s rather easy to go overboard. This is tricky for me, I have redness on my face and if I over-apply it even by just a little, the redness and spots will be emphasized, magnified. Applying this little by little is the way to go. What I like to do is use the brush and dab a tiny bit on my finger, make several dots on my cheek and then blend them in. The same thing that I do with ADDICTION Cheek Polish, when blending, I don’t swipe it, but rather doing a small, multiple tapping motion.

The liquid’s texture is also similar to ADDICTION’s. It dries down to a matte, dry finish and it’s not sticky. And I reckon it has a good lasting power. The red might not be as bright at the end of day, but I still look flushed, not muddy.


In the above photo, the amount that I use in the blended swatch is about less than half of the left swatch.

And this is what happens when I blended that one:


I’m telling you, this stuff is WHOA. A light hand is in order.

And here’s how I look with Cream de Cheek Kiichigo Cream and the attempt on that flushed-cheeks-with-red-lips look:

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

Pretty darn good, eh? *pat myself on the back*

The lip is Dior Addict Fluid Stick Pandore, if you’re wondering. I thought about using other finishes (satin or matte), but I was aiming for something fresh and more playful, so glossy-jelly finish it is.

I’m hesitant comparing this to ADDICTION Cheek Polish because the latter has slightly different viscosity within different shades, and I only have one of the Cream de Cheek (out of 4 shades). As a quick comparison, they are quite similar. Kiichigo Cream is more watery and the result when blended in is not as even and smooth. It’s quite visible in the arm swatch photos. The pigment in the liquid is not as refined. And in general, it’s easier to blend Cheek Polish in. But, this is just a crazy, meticulous observation by me. Others might not even see any difference.

For the price, this is a wonderful, great-working product. It sells for ¥ 850 which is very affordable compared to the high-end version ¥ 2,800 ADDICTION Cheek Polish. I might get the Cheek Polish in Revenge, which is in my wishlist anyway, and compare this to Kiichigo Cream.

Until then, I’m just going to enjoy this raspberry goodness :)


  1. As expected from Majolica Majorca, the packaging is so cute and tiny :’) btw this Kiichigo reminds me of Benetint, my fav cheek tint.. Based on your review, I can say that they’re quite similiar actually.. both give natural flushed cheeks look, watery texture, pigmented, kalau pakai kebanyakan is a big no no, also they have same way to use ;) Perhaps the only difference is Kiichigo is matte finish while Benetint .. not really, at first it is matte but lama-lama agak mengkilap di pipi aku (but maybe this is because I have oily skin). Oh and also Benetint has rosy scent. I’ll add this Majolica Majorca to my next shopping list. I’m thinking to do review to compare this one and benetint ^_^


    1. I’d say they’re totally different. Benetint is indeed a true a cheek tint, the liquid is a lot more watery and more transparent too, like tinted water. It get absorbed into the skin as opposed to just giving a super thin layer on the skin. I do not like Benetint (and her friends) to be honest, it’s just hard to work with! It’s hard to control the amount of product that I need and it almost doesn’t give me any time to blend it out. And I’m left with spots on my skin and there’s nothing I can do about it :/

      On the other hand, both MM Kiichigo Cream and Addiction Cheek Polish give me plenty of time to manipulate and blend the product. They are a lot more forgiving. I don’t have to worry about having random dots on my cheeks. And the finish result favors my liking, by miles :)


      1. Hmm I see.. So for you Benetint is more tricky to use than MM Kiichigo Cream and Addiction Cheek Polish. Aah, now I’m really curious with MM ;)

        Btw, kalau di kurs-in harga si MM sekitar 145rb-an kah?


        1. Harga 850 yen (before/after tax, I don’t know) itu aku dapat dari web-nya MM, give or take kursnya 110, so you can do the math. I paid for more than that though, forgot the exact number. I think the price varies in different places/countries :)


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