Icing The Body with Evete Naturals Body Butters

I rarely use body lotion/butters/creams, or any body care products for that matter. I was simply being, negligent, or rather, I didn’t think I need it.

For real? NO, I’m just LAZY.

I’ve bought quite a few in the past, only to let them prettify the vanity desk. But, seeing my mom quite religiously put hers every night and her skin is always soft and moisturized (obviously), I thought that I should try to get myself on that bandwagon.

I was generously sent by Evete Naturals four out of the five variants in their Body Butter collection. To know about the brand more, you can read my review on the Lip Balms here


They come in with simple white plastic tubs. Again, with the beautiful individual illustrations to represent each scents. They do feel relatively lightweight with 50 grams of product inside, which makes it easy to lug one around while traveling; although making sure not to forget bringing one is a completely different story :p

The four variants that I received are:

  • calming Green Tea
  • relaxing Lavender
  • fresh Lemon
  • classic Vanilla

Each of the Evete Naturals Body Butters has almost the same ingredients with the exception of the essential oils/fragrance that give each its specific scent. The body butters contain unrefined shea butter, virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, corn starch, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, and vitamin E.

The ones that use essential oils have extra benefits. For example, Green Tea is a natural moisturizer and has antioxidant and anti-fungal properties. Lemon is an effective antiseptic and antibiotic. Then, Lavender seems to be the all-rounder here with the soothing scent to relieve tension and stress and with the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used for sunburns, insect bites, stings, etc.


The texture of these Body Butters is on the thicker side. They don’t spread like the usual slippery butter. I’d say these resemble more like a (thick) butter cream. Because they don’t get absorbed into the skin that quickly, the formula gives me a little more of me-time with some massaging action. It’s perfect because I can actually really get into those elbows, heels and all corners. I don’t need that much per use actually, because the massaging motion will really help spread the product and make sure I get all the moisturization that I need without going overboard.

I won’t lie that they do feel slightly sticky. But hey, let’s be real here. Most body butters are probably like that and it’s the one reason why I didn’t like to use them. I live in a tropical, humid country and when anything sticky mixes with sweat, the combo is just not attractive in all ways possible. OK, perhaps it will attract the shower head. I only use them at night time though, so I’m more lenient about it.

Because I have four variants and I have four limbs, I tried the Body Butters on each of those limbs every time to see if there’s any difference. I’m confident to say that they deliver more or less the same moisturizing results. They manage to smooth out the dry patches that I have on my upper arms and lower legs. My elbows have become softer. My heels, well almost the entire two feet, are dry, and I’ve been using these Body Butters and they seem to reverse the condition quite well. I don’t use them every night though because I don’t like waking up with sticky feet and smear all the grease on the floor. Or because I simply forgot to :p

Since I am often in an air-conditioned environment on a daily basis, Evete Naturals Body Butters have helped in bettering up my skin. I can just nib a little and slather it on my elbows and everywhere else every time I need it. That being said, even though it’s moisturizing, if the skin is very dehydrated, I’d need something more potent before layering these body butters on top when necessary. Also, since they are ‘butter’, I keep them in a cool room temperature and away from the sun. I don’t want to have a melting situation here.


Because they perform the same duties, it comes down to, yet again, the scents. My favorite one has got to be the Green Tea! It sits on my nose just right and calms my senses. The second one is Lemon which is perfect when I need a little bit of a pick-me-up. My least favorite is the Vanilla one. Unfortunately it smells a little too much. Its too-sweet of a scent just affirms the illusion that it’s like an actual butter cream, for cakes.

Bottom line, aside from the sticky aspect, I do appreciate what these Body Butters can do to my skin. They are also affordable at IDR 80,000 each, so picking up two or more at once still sounds reasonable. Today, I have placed these in several different spots; on the vanity desk, side table beside the sofa and next to my bed. The multiple placements are there to haunt remind me to start caring for my body skin more :)


Disclaimer: products were sent for review. All opinions are mine, as usual.

Any Thoughts or Comments?

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