LoTW: Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Crèmes

For Spring 2015 collection, Marc Jacobs Beauty released a new formula for his lipstick line named Le Marc Lip Crème. This line replaces the Lovemarc Lip Gel that was a part of the permanent line up when the brand debuted on August 2013.

I have here with me today, 6 out of the 20 shade offerings (that were named after iconic women that have inspired Marc throughout his life) from the collection that I’m excited to show you. Hang back, sit tight and relax. This is going to be a treat, for the eyes.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Crèmes.


Presentation wise, Le Marc Lip Crème is exactly the same as its predecessor, down to the bullet shape. Black oval tube with silver button and his namesake logo emblazoned on the surface. The black plastic is a fingerprint magnet, but honestly, I think it’s pretty much expected from material like this. The weight of the tube is fair, meaning it suits how it looks. I like how the cap and the bottom have a balanced weight when separated.

The lipsticks have a magnetic closure that locks in firmly and feels incredibly secure. Like seriously, it pinches a little if I accidentally slipped my finger in between. It doesn’t hurt, well sometimes it does when I play around with it *and who’s fault is that?*, but it just shows the the cap is eager to meet with its bottom.


I need to point out that the bullet probably has the cutest shape with its rounded top. It’s the first thing that I noticed from the lipstick. It’s very unique and gives a different vibe. It’s less intimidating than say, the usual super sharp, slick, pointy bullet. It’s a lot more inviting and has that easy-going attitude. Just grab and apply. I’m glad Marc Jacobs Beauty keep this design. It’s quite iconic.

To be honest, I am a lot more excited for Le Marc Lip Crème than Lovemarc Lip Gel. While the discontinued line has its certain charm, to me it lacks the oomph-kapow factor. The shade range was alright, run-of-the-mill selections with one or two that piqued my interest. The glossy sheen finish is fun and the formula looks nice and hydrating when swatched, but as a whole, the line fell a little short for me.


I think Marc Jacobs Beauty made the right move to turn the table around quickly and came up with something more of its alley. Something bolder, stirring. Something that pushes the edge. The new formula in Le Marc Lip Crème does just that. It boasts to be:

A rich, velvety, ultra-hydrating lipstick that delivers a dramatic punch of vivid pigment and endless hours of luxurious wear.

That’s 89% true. I’m saving the 11% just because. Believe me, I have reservations considering the previous line didn’t hit the mark. FYI, I hadn’t checked out any reviews before I tried them. So with that in mind, I swiped my first shade, Goddess, and I was… blown away. I DID NOT expect such pigmentation came out from this. At all. It’s not just about being pigmented, the color is rich and robust. It’s making its stand, strong and it’s making its point, loud and clear.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about. *fist bump, Marc*



Over the next few months, I’ve been trying the 6 shades that I received back and forth. I can say that they all share pretty much the same formula trait, with a tiny exception for Blow (explanation follows below). The texture is uniformed with the same creamy and smooth consistency that makes the lips look plumper and fuller. They have a semi matte finish, with slight sheen at the beginning but gradually become more velvety. Stunning color payoff with one pass. Full coverage that envelop the lips and stay put for long hours. They wear off beautifully and evenly too.

Usually, with such high saturated colors, I’d somewhat expect these to be drying. But they are actually more comfortable that I had originally presumed. They’re not ultra-hydrating, but they’re good at keeping the moisture inside the lips. I actually wore them sans lip balm underneath for a few times and they didn’t give me too much trouble. However, they can be a little drying especially when my lips are drier that day, and the way these lipsticks hug the lips, I have to make sure the inside is at its tip top condition. As always, prepping the lips properly will benefit the result, elevate the comfort level and improve the overall wear quality as well.

*click on the shade name to see my FOTD*

BLOW – a vamp, deep burgundy shade. Out of the 6, this has a slightly different formula. It’s not as opaque as its sisters. On the photo, it seems to swatched a little uneven, but on my lips, it applies smoothly. It covers my lips with little to no problem at all. It does require higher maintenance, but please, that’s expected from any vamp shade. The stain it leaves, GAH! It’s definitely one of my favorites 

CORE CORA – on Sephora’s website, it’s described as a brilliant coral while on the brand’s website, it’s touted as orange red. I personally think this shade sits in between. It shows up warmer and more orange on my lips than on the swatch. Nevertheless, it’s a lovely cheery shade that’s great to wear all year round.

GODDESS – a classic, medium red. Can’t get wrong with this.

MISS SCARLET – a deep ruby red, with a dash of brick tone. ERR-MAH-GERD. This is hands down, my favorite out of the 6. As a fan of red lipsticks, I surely have been missing a shade like this in my collection. It’s very sultry and sensual. This creates so much impact on how I look. The level of intensity is out of this world. I received so many compliments when I wore this. It photographs beautifully.

OH MILEY! – I think between the name and the actual shade, it matches. This bright cool strawberry red will catch anyone’s eyes. It’s bold, it’s adventurous and it’s daring.

REI OF LIGHT – a brick red. This came as a surprise because I didn’t know that I’d like it as much as I do. I’m usually not a fan for shades like this one because it tends to make me look more mature. Surprisingly, I find this one suits my complexion pretty well. It’s still a challenge finding the right outfit to go with this, but sticking with neutrals is always the best bet.


Overall, judging from what I have, Le Marc Lip Crème is a pretty fantastic line. I definitely didn’t see it coming. It has a quite extensive selection of reds to suit different skin tones and preferences which I always appreciate from any lipstick line. Great formula supported by vibrant pigment, strong saturation and long wear-time.

For us Indonesians, unfortunately the new line hasn’t hit the country yet, hopefully soon. Crossing my fingers here, because I’m interested to see how the rest of the shades fare.

I’m off for now and until next time in another LoTW series ;)


Disclaimer: I received these lipsticks as PR samples for review consideration. All opinions expressed are 100% mine, obviously, as always.


  1. Wow tik, they do look pretty intense! Core Cora and Goddess are my picks out of the bunch..
    You must have enough red lipsticks for the rest of your life, right? LOL I know I know , we will never get enough ^^
    I must say, I am not a fan of the discontinued MJ Lovemarc Lip gel. I tried 2 shades from the range and I was not impressed at all. I guess I just had different preferences and expectations. But this new line sounds very promising!
    Too bad ( or too good? :p ) the line has not reached Indonesia yet. But I will def keep my eyes on them, once I am back in Germany, I’ll put another Sephora order xD


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