Balance – KYPRIS Clearing Serum

Ah.. KYPRIS.. My newfound love.

Ever since I discovered the brand, reading through the inspiration, the story behind it, the philosophy, its efforts and support in sustainability, I’m sold. I’m infatuated with it deeply. Read all about it here and you’ll understand why. KYPRIS awakens my inner desire to come back to nature, to appreciate and cherish what it has to offer. To simplify. To give and to take. To compliment myself. To feel beautiful.

The founder, Chase Polan, is one charismatic being. Incredibly passionate in what she does in creating this luxurious holistic skincare line filled with organic, wild crafted, and sustainably grown botanicals. Listening to her, the way that she talks; fluent and articulate. Wow, she is truly a goddess of modern day.

To quote, KYPRIS is “Beauty with a Soul supported by Science”.

This review will be about its Clearing Serum.


Isn’t it perplexing on how the universe works? I’m bemused every single time it works its silent magic. The time couldn’t had been more perfect for me to try KYPRIS. I was battling a horrifying breakout on my skin and fate decided for me to stumble on this brand. Everything sounds so perfect that I didn’t even hesitate. I felt an instant chemistry.

The other reason I fall for this brand is the versatility. Currently, it offers three serums and three Beauty Elixirs. We can wear the serum alone, topped with the Beauty Elixir, or mixed them together creating a micro emulsion. Layering and customizing are something that I love to do in my skincare regimen so it’s only natural I’m drawn in to KYPRIS.

KYPRIS Clearing Serum was the first serum out of the three that I tried.

Sweet talk your fussy, blemished skin into balance. Clearing Serum enlists help from the immune system’s mineral friend, zinc and a combination of potent actives including refining botanical AHAs, inflammation-tamer, willow bark, healing essential oils of tea tree, niaouli, and lavender, and cosmic healer, Centella asiatica, for a more balanced, calm, happy complexion.

The first sentence of the description alone needs no further explanation. Balance + Heal. It was exactly what I needed back then. I didn’t know the extent potential of this serum but the more I use it, the more my skin loves it.


Let’s stop for a moment and adore that beautiful blue glass bottle with equally stunning botanical illustration.

I started out by using Clearing Serum day and night continuously for about two weeks. It has a translucent white, watery consistency. It gives out a herbal scent that is not too cloying for my preference. It leaves a slightly sticky finish once applied. The serum itself isn’t necessarily hydrating so I knew from the start that I would layer it with its sister, Antioxidant Dew. Then I took it further by creating a micro emulsion of Antioxidant Dew + Beauty Elixir (I love Beauty Elixir I and II). I haven’t tried layering Beauty Elixir alone because I only have samples and I don’t want to run out of them too soon. Layering a micro emulsion leaves a beautiful finish and feel on the skin. So soft, luminous satin and the skin just glows. It got me hooked on the first try that made me doing it to this date. It also adds a quenching, long lasting hydration on my skin.

As a final step, I like to layer Sunday Riley Artemis at the very last to boost up the healing process. With this combination, I was off to a great start because within that two weeks, I can see the smaller blemishes started to heal and faded away faster. It did it efficiently that the spots these blemishes left behind weren’t that irksome to deal with. They didn’t appear as dark. I do believe the serum has a hand in it. Clearing Serum didn’t do much for the larger, cystic acne though, I use another potent product to banish them.

Nowadays, I use Clearing Serum mainly on day time. It fits because I’ve been looking for a healing serum that’s suitable for morning and it’s not too drying or harsh. For the longest time, I reserve to use whitening skincare products in the morning; to lighten up the spots, NOT to increase my skin tone, mind you. But the downside of this set of regime is it’s not suitable when the skin is acting up. So when my skin had its breakout, I was left pretty much stranded and confused at what to wear. I was using other serums but they didn’t feel right. Thank goodness for Clearing Serum. The botanical AHAs in the formula helps to diminish some of the previous acne spots. In other words, it fills the spot in my need with whitening products.

Clearing Serum is a staple now. It has become an integral part of my morning skincare routine. It’s like an underwear for my other day serums. My current favorite combination is to prep the skin with Menard Beauness, Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, apply Clearing Serum, Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum, and seal everything with TATCHA Moisture Rich Silk Cream before applying SPF on top. I still like KYPRIS Antioxidant Dew + Beauty Elixir micro emulsion the best in place of Jurlique serum. But that combination is quite costly :p

Clearing Serum plays well with others. The more I use it, the more I gain the benefits. By adding it to the morning equation, my skin remains very balanced, more so than usual. I get little to no blemishes. By any means, I still do, maybe 1 or 2 but not as often and didn’t take as long to heal. A clearer skin overall, a happier skin throughout.


In the end, having a balanced skin is what I want. KYPRIS Clearing Serum gives me just that.

To be honest, at first, I thought I couldn’t use it as often as I saw it more like a specific, special occasion treatment. Albeit, the actual healing process took a while but with prolonged wear, I didn’t realize I was on my way to better complexion altogether. Until I see it. This one took me by surprise the most.

I can see myself finishing up this serum and repurchasing it again. For sure.


P.S. my Clearing Serum is the older version. KYPRIS has launched an updated formula. To know the difference, please check the website.


  1. Thanks for the thorough review! I’ve been looking for something to calm my skin down from breaking out and of course I stumbled upon this thanks to you :)
    Getting the clearing serum soon in my mail.. Let’s hope that this one works!!



    1. You’re welcome, Ambar!

      I love, love Clearing Serum! It heals blemishes without overly drying out the skin. More over, once the blemishes are gone, it keeps my complexion pretty much clear.

      I hope this one will work wonders for you too! :D


      1. I hope so too.. my skin has gotten soo confused from travelling between overly humid and overly dry places that it’s been breaking out like nobody’s business!

        Do me a favor emptying my wallet :P; would you recommend the Antioxidant Dew or Moonlight Catalyst? Also do you use the Clearing Serum all over the face or just as a spot treatment?

        Thanks for helping my clueless, confused skin :)


        1. I can help you with that :D

          It depends on what you need. Antioxidant Dew is great as a layering piece to add hydration into the skin. I like to layer or mix Antioxidant Dew with Clearing Serum or Moonlight Catalyst.
          Moonlight Catalyst is touted as a natural option for retinol and it’s definitely not harsh at all.

          I use Clearing Serum all over the face, sometimes layering extra on the problematic areas.

          Now if I may, you might want to consider getting the Beauty Elixir as well. Adding a few drops mixed with the serums will benefit the skin amazingly and leaves the skin looking lush.

          How’s that? :D


  2. hi kae!

    i’m a loyal reader of your review in fd, ig and your blog :)
    i love how you write review of any products, and i found it so helpful for me to finally find the right skincare :)

    a little question here, does a beauty elixir sample last a long time? and how do you get it? is it a bonus because you’ve bought the 3 of their serums? i’ve a plan to buy the serums, but the beauty elixir cost all the way too high for me at this moment :(


    1. Hi,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and support!

      The Beauty Elixir samples came with my order, complimentary. I haven’t finished one vial yet, still have a bit left of each. That’s also because I don’t use them everyday (day and night) either. Plus, I usually only use 2 drops each time.

      I think a sample should give you an idea of how the Beauty Elixir works on your skin before committing on a full-size purchase. Kypris also have a mini 14 ml size instead of the 47 ml.

      Hope that helps :)


      1. hi kae,
        thankyou for your suggestion, and i think maybe i try to get the sample first.

        umm, i want to ask since the moonlight catalyst is similar to SR luna, which one do you prefer? i’ve read it somewhere that moonlight is using natural ingredients but basicly it’s a overnight treatment like SR luna.. i’ve own luna, and i’m still confused should i get the moonlight catalyst or not..


        1. Hi,

          I haven’t used Moonlight Catalyst long enough. But so far I’m enjoying it.

          Moonlight Catalyst uses herbal alternative that gives results as if one’s using retinoid. I was indeed very curious by Moonlight Catalyst because of the description and cleaner ingredients, but I haven’t got to the stage where I want to compare it with Luna. Actually, I’m still on the fence if it’s even fair to compare the two of them side by side though. Because they have different ingredients and approach.

          I think it’s going to come down to personal preference, eventually. We’ll see.


  3. Kae,, im so happy and excited everytime i see you review,, i just want to know, Where did you get that kypris skincare? Is it available in indonesia? Where can i buy them?

    Thank you so much


  4. Hi! Its me again..

    So I’ve been getting a habit of reading your blog and checking out your IG posts everyday I feel as if you’re my go-to best friend to learn about skincare. Haha.

    I’ve been trying to educate myself since I have a new goal of taking better, extra special care of my skin. Your reviews are SO helpful in helping me understand what I should be doing to my skin to keep it happy. I wish I found you sooner.

    These past months I’ve been going for treatments at a certain skincare joint ever since my skincare routine with the same products (all of the same brand) I’ve been using since college days began to fail on me. I went there because I am (I want to say ‘I was’ soon hopefully..) the lazy, low maintenance type when it comes to taking care of my skin. This is also because my skin used to break out easily until I found the product brand that my skin was happy with. I thought that having easily break out skin means its sensitive to too many products or that it meant I should stick to just one brand to stay on the safe side. Now I understand thats not the case.
    I thought that going to a skincare joint would help me (quickly) solve my face problems. So oily, bumpy, blackheads, and so on. At first I only went for the procedures (microdermbrasions, laser whatevers and so on), but silly me got persuaded to use their skincare treatments. Now its got my skin purging (they said it supposed to do that) and slightly peeling and inflamed and itchy. I know its the process but I don’t think I want to endure this too much longer. Its been 3 weeks with already several procedures in between and my wallet is getting super cranky. Paying all that but feels (and looks) no better at all.

    Now with a event for husband’s office coming up I feel frustrated that my skin looks the way it is. So i’m thinking to slow down the harsh medications of the skin doctor, take a break from them for a few days to show some love for my skin and bringing it to a calmer state.
    If I’ve learnt anything at all from stalking your social media everyday (sometimes I feel so overwhelmed about where I should start that i really wish you were my actual best friend :P) my guess would be to hydrate hydrate hydrate. So I purchased Kypris antioxident dew todayy. (such a long post just to boast about sorry..)

    But most of all I just want to say thank you for sharing the things you do with your skin. You’re helping me A LOT. Much love! xx


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