Trick or Treat: GRESSA Pumpkin Peel Clarifying Mask

Let me state first that this product is sadly a limited edition and probably will only be available again sometime in this year’s fall season (got mine in October 2015).

I didn’t expect to receive this as a complementary gift at all when I made an order at Gressa‘s website. Once I found out, I was more than ecstatic because apparently there were many good feedback from customers who have tried them in the previous year.

It may be pointless to make a review but I’m hoping it’ll make a comeback.

GRESSA Skin Pumpkin Peel Clarifying Masque.



GRESSA Pumpkin Peel Mask was an absolute delight from the first try!

It has licorice to help lighten up pigmentation. The enzymes and and minerals in fresh organic raw pumpkin will make the skin glow. Hyaluronic acid to reduce fine lines and plump the skin. Also sulfur to soothe inflammation, redness and reduces breakouts.

It has a strong scent. I caught the whiff the moment I open the pot. Some say sulfuric but all I smelled was pumpkin, cinnamon with a dash of nutmeg. Frankly, I find it to be addictive! It’s very delicious. It prepped my senses to “be ready and enjoy the ride“!

There are so many beautiful ingredients in one small pot and they work beautifully together, creating one powerful potion. I can see a difference right after I rinsed it off!


Aside from the strong scent, it also has a strong tingling sensation. I could almost feel the acid is eating away the dead skin cells and enzymes are doing their magic. The warmth from the cinnamon, nutmeg and turmeric (I suspect) was quite strong too. To be honest, I was a little uncomfortable that I was only able to use it for 5 minutes (the recommended time is 3 – 10 minutes).

The second time around was better. I was able to hold until the 10 minute mark, even going pass over it afterwards. I did notice, however that the tingling sensation wasn’t as intense as the product got fewer by the week. The production was hand mixed and freshly made, so it doesn’t have a long shelf time. That’s why we’re supposed to use it within 1 month after opening.

It has a texture of what I would describe a pulverized pumpkin smoothie. It’s quite smooth, no chunks, with the little black spots (I’m guessing it’s either cinnamon or nutmeg) that act as a physical exfoliant while applying it over the skin. It did left a slight burnt-orange residue, so I have to make sure I rinsed my face properly. A toner with a cotton pad will help too.

The proof is in the pudding a.k.a. my face. After I washed my face, I noticed right away that my skin looked tight and so soft. There’s also a visible radiance. There’s a bit of redness but still normal. This is how I looked the next morning after the first use: here. It may not be much but I did feel my skin was notably smoother and my makeup adhered so, so well. No need further explanation, the glow is the kind of glow that I love!

Even though GRESSA said the product can be used once or twice weekly, I restrained myself very hard and used it once a week. The concoction was TOO GOOD I didn’t want to run out too soon! I definitely cherished this to the very last bit. I used my finger and scraped both the pot and the cap until nothing was left.


Clearly, with the little amount I received, I couldn’t see whether it has helped fading pigmentation or not. But judging from the radiance and the glow, I’m almost certain it has the potentials to do so, provided a long term use.

I’m crossing my fingers that GRESSA will make this item permanent in their collection. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. It’s beautiful as a seasonal delicacy but I feel this will benefit the skin almost all year round (for me anyway). If not, then I pray I get another chance at getting this again when the time comes.

And in relation to the title, the Pumpkin Peel Mask is both a trick AND a treat! It’s a quick way to make my skin glow and oh-so-smooth and that alone is already a treat. But it doesn’t end there as the sweet exotic smelling scent with the tingling sensation made me feel I’m doing something extra special for my skin.

Oh, totally an instant gratification!

Any Thoughts or Comments?

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