Never Forget – Inner Corner Highlight!

One of the most-asked questions I got from people on my Instagram, emails and in real life is what I use on my inner corners in my eye makeup. Well, before I sound like a broken record, I think it’s wise to just make a post about it!

Inner corner highlight is an integral part of my eye makeup. It’s highly crucial that I never missed this step. The one time that I did forget, I felt something big was missing. My makeup didn’t feel complete without it.

See, the thing is, highlighting the inner corners does so many good things to my eyes and overall makeup look. It gives more definition to my eyes and creates an illusion of a bigger, wider set of eyes. I also think it makes the sides of my nose appear slimmer when paired with a nose contour.

And of course, it makes me look AWAKE.



ADDICTION Tokyo Story – Red Liner Revival

If you remember, I did this Red on Red Tonal Look utilizing red lipstick as an eyeliner. That wasn’t a good move because my eyes ended up being uncomfortable after several hours. Of course, that was just a pure, albeit high-risk experiment. I did say I will get an actual red eyeliner though.

And I did. *whoop whoop*

ADDICTION by Ayako Liquid Eyeliner in Tokyo Story.