Marc Jacobs Daisy-Inspired Nails

While I don’t own the actual Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, for sure I can try to emulate the look! The nail art based on the eau de parfum is inspired by the ever-so-lovely Elle & ish. I love her tutorials! And this one turned to be pretty easy to do. Not to mention, the overall result is so pretty!


What I used:
– Essie Topless & Barefoot (base)
– Essie Blanc (for the flower petals)
– Cirque Helios (for the center of the flower and accent finger)
– Medium-sized dotting tool

It’s quite straight forward. Just paint the base color, two coats. Then take Essie Blanc, drop a few drops of it on a piece of plastic or foil, take the dotting tool and start making flowers. I took the liberty of making several tryouts before putting them onto my nails. They’re still not perfect. But once I added the gold glitter in the middle, there you go, flowers!

Add a topcoat (Seche Vite) and I was done. I added another coat on the ring finger so that the gold glitter polish would really shine.


A side note, I LOVE Cirque Helios! The glitters are really dense and I can reach opacity in just two coats. How about that. It’s a topcoat eater though, so at least two to three coats are needed to get that full glittery, sparkly finish.

Because of the nude base and light colors, they are actually quite low-key yet, when you look closer, you’d be like “Aw, so cute!”.

I will certainly recreate these again someday, using different colorways (possibly with navy). They are beyond adorable!


Any Thoughts or Comments?

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